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Spoilers for the Week of July 15, 2013

07/15/2013 12:00am

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Dixie's gift. (TOLN/Hulu)

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Read all about AMC and OLTL's migration to online viewing.

All My Children & One Life to Live headed back to TV.

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Week of July 1:

Monday July 1: Part 1:

Beginning on July 1 will post both All My Children recaps on Mondays after they air on Hulu.

AMC Recap: A Little Extra Juice.

Zach and Lea chase a lead to learn more about the Koslov family, but will they find the answers they need to prove Zach’s innocence?

Can Dixie uncover the mysteries of Dr. Anders’ past?

Miranda and AJ find themselves tangled up together in a fraught moment.

Jesse crosses the line with Uri - will he survive?

Monday July 1: Part 2:

AMC Recap: Reminders Of My Dark Past.

Will David be able to win over Pine Valley when he tells his side of the story on "Talk Tempo?"

Cassandra learns devastating news from Angie that will change her life forever.

Will Cara be able to play by her own rules once JR expresses how he feels?

Week of July 8:

Monday July 8: Part 1:

AMC Recap: So Hot, So Fast.

Zach and Lea receive the missing piece of the puzzle in the mysterious 'death' of Uri.

Will it be enough to clear Zach of murder or further incriminate him?

Colby baits Celia into helping her plan a gala for Chandler Media, but what’s her ulterior motive?

Heather moves in on AJ and Miranda, but will she be able to accept their close friendship?

Monday July 8: Part 2:

AMC Recap: Lurking For Any Opportunity.

Kendall returns, but does she come back to Pine Valley?

JR gives Cara a surprise she won’t forget.

Jesse tells Uri their partnership is over but is it the end or does Jesse bring more danger to his family?

You won't believe what happens to Hanna in the July 9th episode of "PLL." Read the Pretty Little Liars recap: Gamma Zeta Die.

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Jesse crosses the line. (TOLN/Hulu)

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