A new beginning for Babe and JR?

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Zach and Kendall are at home, discussing the tragedy of Simone's death.

Jeff is surprised to hear that Erica and Jeff are considering divorce.

JR tells Babe to "get the he** out of his life."

A new beginning for Babe and JR? image

Can they try--for the sake of their son?

Babe's response to JR's request: "No." She locks the door and demands his attention. Did he mean it when they took their vows? And does he believe in "for better or for worse?" And can they try to get back to the "better?"

She explains that his turning to alcohol again, after promising her to be sober, was also a kind of betrayal of her and Little A. What's the one thing keeping her in Pine Valley; what's the one thing she wants most? That's JR. And while he may think he doesn't need her anymorethat's wrong.

JR claims that Babe is protecting herself from what people would say if she abandoned him while he's "busted up," but she laughs that off. Stuart pops into the room, alogn with Little A, who's come to kiss his daddy.

Can't they at least try, asks Babe, at least for their son? She asks if they can depend on each other, especially if they know they're not together just for themselves, but for their family?

Erin and Di are at conFusion, discussing the events of the day. Is Di "giving" Aidan to Erin?

Aidan comes up to Zarf, and asks if he's "Freddie Luper" from Indiana. "She's dead," replies Zarf. Zarf point out Erin and Di, and asks "which one is mine?"

Zarf runs into Erin and asks her a series of questions about what she hopes and long for.Josh is at the gym, taking out his frustrations on a punching bag, and shooting the breeze with Amanda. She tells him that he doesn't understand how difficult it is to live in a town where one has to see some you love but can't have.

Later that evening, Josh goes up to the roof, where he find Erin--dead!


His work in Africa has given Dr. Jeff Martin malaria.

Jeff asks Erica is she's sure that Jack isn't simply upset and over-reacting, rather than actually wanting a divorce. Does he know that Jeff living across the hall is merely a coincidence? After all, she's never let a man tell her what to do!

Erica doesn't take this advice well and accuses him of egotism. Jeff reminds her that he's been quite vocal about his attraction to Erica, who claims the kisses they shared were "innocent."

Suddenly, Jeff begins to feel unwell and says he has to go back to him room. As he's leaving, he stumbles. Erica finds his medicine bottle and demands he tell her what's wrong. It's a malaria reoccurrence. She's concerned, but Jeff insists he doesn't want his family to be upset.

Erica agrees, but insists he stay in her room, where she can take care of him. He begins to get delirious, and speaks as if it's years ago, when they were married.

Zach lets Kendall know that he's checking out everyone who came into Fusionincluding Zarf. Kendall tells Zach how safe she feels with him, and says he can do anything to discover Simone's killer.

They make love, and while Zach is sleeping, he has another dream about the dark-haired woman.

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Jonathan and Ryan learn of their sister's death.

Zach makes sure Kendall is safe.

Zarf goes to Bianca.

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