No Coming Back.

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Angie stands firm, Liza tracks the kids, and Annie and Scott decide to elope.

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Jesse and Angie meet with the doctor who reiterates that she might get her sight back if she continues to take the meds, but if she does, it could hurt the baby.

Jesse takes Angie to the hospital after her vision goes out again. He urges her to take the medication, but she thinks there are other ways to diagnose patients and treat them without her vision. She says she can still lead a happy, productive life. She wants to go home when her vision returns.


Angie and Jesse go home where they debate her taking the medication. She doesn't want to endanger the baby, but Jesse thinks they can get pregnant again. Angie declares she won't terminate the pregnancy. She says as long as she is carrying the baby in her body she will decide how to care for it. She thinks God has a plan and there is a reason for this. Jesse wonders what kind of plan that could possibly be and reminds her there's no coming back from the decision she's making. Angie insists she's having this baby and she won't change her mind. Jesse leaves to get some air.

Liza runs into Tad at Krystal's worried she can't find the kids. Tad doesn’t want to talk to her but she wants to make things right.


Damon apologizes to Colby for everything with her mom as they stroll through the park. Colby asks if he's really sure he wants to leave. Damon says no one matters to him except her. They discuss going to Ohio to pick up his guitar and she says she wants to meet his mother. He isn't interested in seeing his mother and says they will live in a parent-free zone until they get to San Francisco. Damon gets a call from Tad but he ignores it and they leave.

Liza goes to Colby's room at the mansion and finds an address for a hotel in Ohio.


In a hotel room in Ohio, Colby runs out to the drugstore for makeup she forgot at home. After she's gone, Liza comes to the door and gives Damon his real meds. She admits she switched his medication with placebos a few weeks ago. She asks him not to hurt Colby and to not blame Tad for any of this. She wants him to give Tad a chance to show him what a great father he is. Damon listens to his messages and hears Tad tell him he's holding the man cave for him and that he'd do anything for him. Colby returns and learns about Liza's latest stunt and calls the police to have her arrested.


After Tad tries to call Damon from the hospital, he runs into Jake. They talk about what happened with Damon and Liza. Tad's worried about Damon not being on his medication, but Jake thinks he will be fine and suggests Tad just let him go because being part of the Martin family isn't always easy to live up to. He thinks Damon might have to find himself before he's ready to accept all the love from the family. When he's ready, the whole family will be there with open arms.


Tad and Jesse meet at Krystal's and they catch each other up on what's happening in their lives.


After Marissa and JR fight about her working for Caleb downstairs in the mansion, she leaves the room. Annie enters and tells JR to support his wife because he needs to make it work for all of them. She thinks they both need to do whatever it takes to make their relationships work. He vows he's committed to Marissa and then Scott walks in with the minister for his and Annie's wedding. Scott and Annie sit with the minister who talks about faithfulness in body and thought. Annie flashes to her night with JR and then blurts out she loves Scott and no one else. The minister leaves and Annie thinks he judged her for her past mistakes and marriages. Scott tries to reassure her, but she's not sure if she can do the big lavish wedding and suggests they elope. Scott doesn't like that idea, because he's proud to have her as his wife and doesn’t care what other people think. She doesn't care about the pomp and circumstance, she just wants to be his wife. He eventually caves.


JR goes to Marissa's room and tells her to take the job if it makes her happy. He knows they've come along way and he doesn’t want to jeopardize what they have. However, he thinks Caleb is offering her the job because she's married to him. Marissa gets offended, but JR thinks they need to focus on what they are trying to build. He wonders, what if they want a baby? Marissa thinks they should fix their relationship before they are in a place where they can raise a child together.

JR comes back downstairs and Annie tells him she and Scott are eloping. He feigns enthusiasm, as he says it's good news for all of them. He says it would be hard for him to watch her walk down the aisle to another man.


Marissa sees Scott at the Yacht Club as he cancels the wedding plans. He tells her he and Annie are eloping, but he doesn’t sound so thrilled. She asks him what he wants and Scott says all he wants is Annie. She thinks he's one of the most amazing men she's ever met and he deserves every bit of happiness that comes his way.

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