Asking for forgiveness

Friday, December 8th, 2006

JR wants Babe "gone."

Sean grabs Erica, kisses her and says it means "goodbye."

"There's nothing natural about the way Simone died."

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Dixie's relationship with her son JR is finally healthy.

Julia tells JR that if he doesn't relax and get his blood pressure down, it's back to the hospital. Jamie reminds him that his pain was brought on by his own actionsso shape up and listen to them. "You want to get rid of my pain?" says JR. "Get Babe Carey out of here."

Babe's presence is upping JR's stress level and increasing his pain. Babe wonders if maybe it wouldn't be best of she left. Dixie asks to talk to Babe in private. Julia tells him to relax; the rest is up to him. She also tells him to "shut up and be grateful."

Adam comes in and asks if JR still loves Babe. JR says that love only causes problems. Adam tells him that a woman who loves him as much as Babe does deserves a second chance. An angry JR suggests that Adam has sold his manhood to Krystal. Would Adam forgive Krystal is she slept with another man?

No, admits Adam. Dixie comes in and says it's because JR has her heartnot Adam's. That's why it's possible for him to be so hurt by Babe's actions. JR insists he still wants Babe gone. Adam took him away from herdoes he remember that, asks Dixie.

It was a kick in the gut, recalls JR. But Little A will get over Babe if she leaves now, he says. Not so, counters Dixie, and begs him not to break his son's heart. Little A needs his father and his mother. Listen to your mother, says Adam.

Dixie assures JR that she'll be there for him, and JR says he's glad to have her around. Dixie says that if JR has the forgiveness to allow her back in his life, what else is he capable of?

Colby goes to see Babe and tells her that for JR's sake, she willing to bury the hatchet.

Babe says if she leaves now, JR might never trust anyone else again. Dixie insists that the only reason she should stay is for love.

Krystal is able to convince Colby to tone down the sarcasm for the good of her family.

Zach comes to the Fusion office, and announces that the coroner's report says that Simone died of a drug overdose, taking a "party drug." Nobody can believe it, and Kendall is sure that someone killed her.

Zarf breezes in and suddenly says "I'm sorry." Zach wants to know if Zarf is the one who gave Simone the drug that killed her. Bianca intercedes and tells them not to misunderstand. Zarf doesn't mean his apology to imply that he's sorry for Simone's death.

Zarf says that Simone might still be alive if Simone had accepted his proposition. Zach and Ryan again ask if Zarf gave Simone the drug. "What has Miss Kendall been lying about," replies Zarf. An angry Kendall demands that Zarf leave now!

Zach calls some of his contacts and asks them to check out Zarf.

A grief-stricken Erin asks Jonathan to help her find the person who sold/gave Simone the drugs that killed her.

Erica asks Sean why he's not in school, and he replies he's doing what she wanted: leaving town. He believes that Jack will lose Erica because of himso he has to leave. She assures him that it is not his fault, and at that moment, Jeff enters with lunch, and Sean invites himself, and tucks into lunch. Erica finally gets him to leave.

Erica announces to Jeff that she and Jack are divorcing.


Babe is telling JR she's not going!

Babe walks into JR's bedroom and tells him that she "not leaving."


Kendall asks Zach what he's keeping from her.

Aidan finds out the truth about Zarf.

Babe tells JR that he's the one thing she wants.

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