Why did Simone die?

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Simone is mourned.

JR returns home.

Bianca deals with Zarf.

Why did Simone die? image

Adam is caught between love for Krystal and love for JR.

JR is planning to check out of the hospital, but refuses to leave until he's certain Babe is gone. He's angry when Adam says that she's still thereand JR accuses him of siding with Krystal and Babe over him.


"Everyone changes, everyone dies," said Zarf.

The Fusion gals and Bianca are in the office, discussing Simone's deaththey can't believe she'd kill herself. They all drink Bloody Mary's [Simone's favorite drink] in her honor, laugh and reminisce about her. Zarf enters, and sensing the darkness of their auras, asks "who died?"

Zarf waxes philosophical and says that Simone has fulfilled her destinyand that there is no reason to mourn. He and Bianca go to the roof to chat and she chides him for lack of compassion, and asks if he's ever grieved for someone. "For myself," he responds.

"Do you think I've always been Zarf the rock star? There's been many changes along the way. Everyone changes, everyone dies."

Bianca comes back into the office and Kendall asks her if she's gotten rid of Zarf. She says she didn't, and that he's a unique person.

Krystal tells Dixie she told Adam "the truth" about the baby. At first Dixie is happy, until Krystal informs her that she told Adam he is definitely Charlotte's father. "everyone makes mistakes, Dixie," she says"everyone. You have to look at the bigger picture and the greater good."

Tad is shocked by Simone's death, and talks to Zach about how she was "a beautiful woman inside and out." Zach asks if Tad knows of anyone who had something against Simone. Tad wonders if this means Simone was murdered?

Zach says it's "curiosity"; Tad doesn't buy it, and want to know the whole story. Zach says he has no evidencejust a feeling.

Tad interrupts the porter taking Simone's body to the morgue, and asks for a moment alone with her. He tells her how much he already misses her, and how happy she made him.

Sean tells Colby he's leaving Pine Valley, since he wants to avoid all the drama beyween Erica and his Uncle Jack. Does she want to come? She can'tsince this is the day JR comes home.

Jack comes to see Erica at her office. They both apologize for their tempers and outbursts on Thanksgiving. He tells her he's consulted Livia, and a shocked Erica says she never wanted a divorce! They bicker again about the presence of Jeff and Brooke at dinner.

"You're the one who left," says Jack. "Why is it so hard for you to say you're wrong?" continues Jack. Erica tells him she'll let him know who her lawyer is.

JR and Adam arrive home to a happy reunionuntil Babe appears. If looks could kill, she'd be dead from the look JR gives her. He demands she get out.


Zach knows what killed Simone.

It's pointed out that Zarf was the last person to see Simone alive.

Sean kisses Erica.

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