Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Pine Valley is reeling from Simone's sudden, unexplained death.

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Kendall and Bianca watch their children sleep while they lament Simone's sudden death. Zach tells Rachael that Simone died tonight and asks her to take care of the children while they deal with this news. "It's so wrong, someone you love so much, just gone" Kendall muses.


Julia and the gang continue their celebration at ConFusion, laughing and toasting their new living arrangements as Erin enters looking distraught.

Josh asks Babe to let him take care of her "one last time. She tells him it's not fair to him - we need to let each other go, she says. Josh can't leave her alone tonight, not after what happened to Simone. Babe tells him she can no longer keep him around, she needs to learn to deal with things on her own. Simone wouldn't want her to be alone tonight, he insists.

Annie and Ryan run into ConFusion behind Erin and excitedly tell of their trip before Erin can speak. Jonathon takes her aside and asks what's wrong - nothing you can do anything about she replies. She decides to stay silent for the moment.

Kendall worries aloud that she might find a note from Simone at the office. She and Bianca continue to remember Simone's special personality and discuss how unfair they feel it is for someone so young to die. They wonder if things might have turned out differently if Simone had come down to celebrate with them. Zach, listening, sees another vision of the long-haired woman in white; "why did Simone have that white ribbon in her hand?" he asks suddenly.

Bianca remembers that they had white ribbons tied around the glasses at the bar. Kendall says that white ribbons were also part of their gift-wrapping at Fusion - perhaps she was brainstorming, she says. Zach tells them he must leave to try and get some answers.

Josh encounters Danielle at the boathouse. She says she credits Simone with her career and with giving her great life advice. She was a 'total original', Josh agrees. 'A total star', Danielle smiles. She then changes the subject to ask Josh about the mess with JR and Babe.

Babe goes to the hospital and stands in the doorway of JR's room - he stops counting when he realizes she's there.

At ConFusion, Erin is drinking heavily. Jon notices and asks again if she is alright. Del loudly declares that life "at the big W" will be a non-stop party. Julia teasingly reminds him that some of them have real jobs. As they share yet another toast, Erin drops her glass and cries out.

Babe tells JR that since nothing seems real until she shares it with him, she had to come and share some upsetting news. "Is it Little A?", he asks panicked. No, she assures him, he's fine, but Simone died.

Josh tells Danielle to stop harping on his love life and deal with what happened to Simone. They are my sisters - even Babe sometimes- she says. I love going to work everyday, and Simone was a large part of that. Josh tells her to look to her 'sisters' for support right now - you can have both of my sisters he jokes.

Kendall swears that Simone wasn't sick. She ate really well this morning, she tells Bianca, there were no complaints of a stomachache or anything They speculate about whether it was her heart or an aneurism. "When did she last mention Ethan?" asks Bianca. "No", Kendall shouts, it wasn't that.

At the morgue, Zach finds Derek and asks to see Simone's autopsy report. Derek wants to know why Zach is so interested in Simone's death.

Simone was not depressed, Kendall insists. But Bianca points out that it is less than a year since her fiancs death and she was dressed as a bride. If she were suicidal I would've known Kendall cries.

Zach says he wants to know how Simone died because she is one of Kendall's best friends. There was a lot of fighting at Fusion, Derek says suggestively. Zach warns him not to go down that road because he's upset with Zach getting away with something. Zach reminds Derek that Simone was engaged to his son, and that he would like to see to it that they are buried together - you'd do the same thing he tells him. Derek backs off.

Erin breaks down sobbing. Ryan and Jonathon beg her to tell them what's wrong. "She's dead", she cries

In JR's hospital room Babe tells him that she has realized that all the fighting that the two of them have done has not taken away the love. If you had died in that fall, none of the arguments would have meant anything, only the love. If you had died my life would have ended, she sobs. "I'm sorry about your friend Simone", he answers coldly, "but I've got to get some sleep."

Derek tells Zach that he has no idea how Simone died. There is little to go on - no signs of struggle, no note , but he still feels that suicide is the most likely scenario.

Kendall breaks down on Bianca as she fears she may have missed the signs of Simone needing her and let her down. She may be responsible for her death, and she has to know for sure. Bianca suggests they go look through Simone's things. They leave the house.

Derek suggests that Simone was "dolled up" and the death looked staged, suggesting a suicide. He tells Zach that the autopsy results will be in by morning and leaves the morgue.

Erin tearfully describes a scene from the office where Zarf had stripped down and pitched an idea that all the girls should get naked as well. She remembers the look that gutsy Simone gave her - this is all so unreal she cries. Aiden and Jonathon want to know how she died. They don't know yet, Erin tells them. Jamie excuses himself to phone his Dad. Erin ominously says the she thought the bad times were over, but they never really are.

Jon, Ryan and Annie toast Simone at the bar, while Josh enters and sits by himself fondling a white ribbon on a glass. Meanwhile, Danielle enters Fusion and Erin follows her in - they embrace. As JR lies in his bed thinking of Babe, she too is arriving at the office and is quickly drawn into the arms of Dani and Erin. The elevator doors open and Kendall and Bianca stand looking at the other three. Soon they are all holding each other and crying. Back at the morgue, Zach settles in on a chair outside the door where Simone's body is laying.

Spoilers for AMC tomorrow!

Tad asks Zach if he thinks Simone was murdered.

Kendall throws Zarf out of Fusion.

Jack asks Erica what exactly it is that she wants, if not a divorce.

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