Goodbye, Simone

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Was Simone's death a murder?

Jonathan encounters Lily waiting outside his home.

Krystal insists to Tad he's not the father of her baby!

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Tad assures Dixie that he believes her.

At the hospital, Dixie is surprised when Tad tells her that he believes hernot David. He suggests that Dixie is motivated by her guilt about Kate, and trying to replace the daughter they lost.

Adam enters and is already upset and wants to know what's on David's disc that's so upsetting to Krystal and Dixie. Tad says David claimed he was having an affair with Krystaland it's obviously true that Adam and Krystal's marriage is solid.

Tad goes all out to apologize and make certain that Adam believes him.

Babe rushes down to conFusion to get help for Simone. 911 is called, and while they wait, Josh examines Simone and delivers the terrible news that she's dead. Everyone is shocked; Zach once again has a vision of the young, long-haired woman. He tells everyone not to move Simonesuspecting foul play.

Chief Frye arrives and asks why Zach says "Simone was killed." No sign of struggle, no trauma, no weapon.

Derek takes everyone from the alleged crime scene to the roof to be questioned. Derek suggests that Simone's death might be suicidean accusation to which Kendall reacts vehemently.


Jonathan and Lily say goodbye.

Lily says she now only thinks of Jonathan "22% of the time." There are things she wants to tell himbut doesn't know if she has the right words. She doesn't "think about his face as much" and she no longer feels sad when thinking about him. She says she's getting better and there are lots of reasons to thank him.

Jonathan tells Lily he'll never forget her; she's "99.5% sure" she'll never forget him.

Amanda, Del, Di, Jamie and Julia are hanging out, and discussing Amanda moving in with Julia. She agrees to.

After the other leave, Jamie and Julia sit by the fire and discuss the future of their relationship. His lease is about to expireand they decide his new home will be with Julia.

The scene shifts to Aiden and Di, making love. She suggests they also live together. They check with Julia and she agrees "group living" is fine.

Back at conFusion, Jonathan overhears Amanda and Del talking about her moving into Wildwood. He's concerned about her being so close to Del, but she says not to worry.


Zach asks to see Simone's autopsy report.

Josh asks Babe if he can help her deal with Simone's death.

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