Babe tells Josh goodbye

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Dixie tells Tad he's the father of baby Charlotte.

Zach and Kendall come to Fusion to celebrate the purchase of their new house.

Bianca tells an ardent Zarf that she is a lesbian.

Babe tells Josh goodbye.

Babe tells Josh "it just can't be."

Josh gives Babe the scrapbook her created and tells Babe he loves her more than she'll ever know. He says she's unhappy and he'll help her leave. But he doesn't understandshe's not leaving JR, says Babe. She has to remain with her son and husband, and she has to find a way to let Josh go.

Josh says she's just trying to punish herself, and begs her to reconsider. She says she has to rebuild her family, and asks him to help her. "It just can't beI'm sorry," she says, and he leaves.

Dixie tells Tad that Krystal insists her baby is Adam's. Tad agrees and says that this is just David trying to cause more problems. Dixie believes Davidespecially since David was unaware that Tad and Krystal were intimate.

Tad says that Dixie may need professional help, and is doing this because of her pain over Emma not being Kate. Dixie says he's wrongand walks out.

At the hospital, Adam threatens Dr. Joe about JR's use of acupuncture and threatens legal action. Krystal sides with Joe, and says that JR is brave to face his addiction.

Krystal starts feeling contractions and is seen by her ob/gyn. They are Braxton-Hicks contractions; she's not in labor. She and Adam apologize for their harsh words; he says he'd die if she left him. As Dixie waits in the hospital lobby for Adam to get the car, Tad enters and tells her about his conversation with Dixie.

Ryan and Annie are at conFusion, her "first date in ages." He has concert tickets and a helicopter waiting to whisk them there.

Zach and Kendall come to the Fusion office and invite the staff to join them downstairs to celebrate their new house. Kendall finds Zarf and Bianca together and invites him to celebrate with them, but he declines, claiming his "aura needs cleansing." Simone stays in the office while the rest of them go down to the club to celebrate. She's working at her desk when she's startled by Zarf, who tells her she's "spectacularly beautiful," and asks her out. No thanks, says Simone, and asks him to leave.

At the conFusion bar, while ordering, Zach keeps having visions of a beautiful, long-haired womanthe same visions he had at the new house.

Annie and Ryan are sitting with Kendall, who is bummed when Ryan shows her the photo of him, Spike and Annie with Santa that they had taken at the mallshe wanted to take Spike to see Santa herself.

Babe returns to the Fusion office and finds Simone on the floor, lifeless.


Tad confronts Dixie.

Simone is gone.

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