Miss Me?

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Erica is filled in, Marissa is ready for change, Jack lashes out at Greenlee, and David is up to his old tricks.

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Ryan and Emma come to the hospital to visit Erica, who is in her room with Jack. Erica fills them in on her adventure, as well as her engagement. After Ryan brings up Greenlee's name, Jack pulls him out in the hall to tell him Erica doesn’t know Greenlee and David might be behind her plane crash. Bianca comes to the hospital and tells Jack Greenlee is planning on pushing Erica out of the company tonight. Jack doesn't want Erica to know yet. Erica sees them talking in the hall and comes out to find out what's going on. They get her back in bed and Jack leaves to let the women catch up. Erica demands to know what everyone is talking about behind her back and Bianca tells her the reporters are hounding them about the scandal. She says they can wait, but Erica thinks the longer she waits the worse things could get. Bianca runs into Madison in the hall at the hospital and gets filled in on her history and connection to Erica. Bianca tells her Erica doesn't know about Greenlee and David's involvement in her crash so she asks her to come back to visit another time. Erica sees them talking and calls Madison on her cell phone knowing Bianca is trying to talk her out of visiting. She asks her to pretend to leave, but then to come back to her room. Madison follows her instructions and fesses up to Erica that David and Greenlee could be responsible for her crash and they are throwing a party tonight. Erica thanks her and asks her to help her get ready.


Marissa brings AJ to Krystal's. She tells her mother AJ got a bee sting so she pulled him out of camp, but Krystal knows she did it to get JR's attention. Ryan and Emma come to Krystal's, as Marissa and AJ leave. They see Madison and Ryan asks if she's seen Annie because she's supposed to pick up Emma, but she hasn't. Ryan apologizes to Madison for going off on David in front of her and vows that's not who he is. He tries to assure her he's not a violent person, but she already knows that based on how he is with Emma.

JR and Annie make out in the park, but Annie puts a stop to it. She tells him they will never happen again because she wants someone she can build a real future with. He tells her about his friend who died and how he needs to be there for his family. Annie asks if he thinks things could ever be real between them. He adamantly says no and she agrees. She badmouths Marissa, but JR defends her and calls Annie a walking disaster. Annie slaps him and they argue as JR gets a call from Marissa who tells him about the bee sting. She says AJ could use his dad and JR leaves after he and Annie angrily agree this will never happen again.

Annie calls and tells Ryan she's on her way and Madison leaves Krystal's to visit Erica. Annie finally shows up to get her daughter and Ryan asks where she's been. As he grills her, Scott shows up to defend her and lets Ryan know Annie is now living with him.


Scott and Annie take Emma to the park and she thanks him for sticking up for her with Ryan. He was happy to do it, but wonders why she didn't just tell Ryan the truth about where she was.

Back at the mansion, Marissa tells JR she thinks it's time to make a change. She says their marriage doesn’t stand a chance unless they start sleeping in the same bed and they are really together. JR is happy about it and embraces her.


Bianca overhears Greenlee and David talking about the party at the Yacht Club and lashes out at their behavior towards Erica. Greenlee says her mother will never allow this, but David says there's nothing anyone can do but watch it happen. Bianca warns they won't get away with this and leaves.


Jack goes to Fusion to plead with Greenlee to do the right thing. He can't believe she's risking people's lives for a business. David defends his wife and when Greenlee finds out Jack and Erica are engaged, she accuses Jack of choosing sides. They exchange more heated words and Jack leaves. Greenlee sends David ahead of her to the party saying she has phone calls to make first. As Greenlee is about to leave, the elevator doors open to Erica asking if Greenlee missed her.


Bianca shows up at the party at the Yacht Club and warns David she will make a scene tonight and tell everyone the truth. When she steps away, David puts something in her drink, which makes her dizzy. David helps a wobbly Bianca out of the room.

Madison finds Ryan at the casino and tells him she told Erica about the party and David and Greenlee's possible involvement in the crash. She assumes he's mad, but he says he doesn’t have time to be mad because he has to get to the Yacht Club.

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Bianca warns David.

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