Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Battle lines are drawn and Jake pops the question.

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When Damon isn't allowed in the casino, he gets in a fight with the bouncer as Colby stands nearby. Jesse breaks it up and tells Damon his act is getting old. After getting a call from Jesse, Tad and Liza come to the casino and Tad convinces Jesse to let Damon's latest incident go. As Tad ushers Damon out, they overhear Liza tell Colby Damon is a loser and didn't deserve to be a father. Tad stands up for him, but Damon tells Tad he should just forget about him because he is a waste. Damon and Colby walk off and Tad lashes out at Liza telling her to stay away from him. Tad then gets a call and says he will be right over.

Colby and Damon go to BJ's where Krystal tells Damon he should consider himself lucky to have a dad like Tad.


Amanda talks to Trevor at home and worries Jake thinks she's going crazy. Angie comes to the door and asks her to come to the Yacht Club for a drink. Amanda knows she and Jake are plotting something and insists she's not crazy. She orders Angie out, but Angie says she can't leave without her.


Jake comes to the Yacht Club with a lot of bags and talking to the florist on his cell phone. Opal sees him and learns what Jake is planning. She helps him decorate the place so he can pop the question in front of all the people Amanda loves and respects. Tad and Jesse show up and inform Jake they don’t have the camera or the balloons he asked them to bring. Jake gets more stressed out and then Angie shows up saying she has Amanda there. Jake says he's not ready yet and as they talk, Amanda sees them and assumes they are planning an intervention.

Angie finds Amanda in the park and tells her Jake has a surprise planned for her, assuring her Jake has more faith in her than she knows. Amanda knows she's right and thinks she needs to show him how much she loves him.


Tad and Jake go back to Jake's place looking for Amanda. Tad goes out in the hall and runs into Liza who tries to make up for what she said about Damon. Tad doesn’t have time and says he won't let another family moment be ruined by a fight with her. Jake comes out in the hall and tells them Angie found Amanda and they are moving the party to the loft. Damon, Krystal and Colby show up and Tad is surprised to see his son. Damon says he might as well be there since this is the only family he has left. Jake tells everyone to hide and then Amanda walks in wearing a trench coat. She says she wants to celebrate their love and Jake slams the door behind her, which is the cue for everyone to jump out. An unknowing Amanda takes off her coat, revealing that she's naked, and everyone yells, "Surprise!" Amanda is mortified, but Jake gets on one knee and pops the question. He explains how she deserves a great wedding and that he wants her to know how loved she is. She tears up and says she will marry him. On the other side of the room, Tad thanks Krystal for getting Damon to come to the party with a hug, as Liza sullenly watches. Jesse and Angie come out with champagne for a toast, but realize Jake and Amanda have disappeared. Out in the hall, Jake tells Amanda the only thing crazy about her is the way he feels about her and they kiss.


Jack and Erica wake up in bed together at the hotel. While happy to be with him, she says she has to get back to Pine Valley, but he has plans for them first. He gets up to take a shower and Erica sees a text from Greenlee on Jack's phone asking how long they plan to be out of town. When Jack gets out of the shower, Erica accuses him of seducing her so Greenlee could plan her counterattack and they argue.


Greenlee and David finalize their plans to bring Erica down and gloat about their impending victory. David tells Greenlee to say goodbye to her old problems and friends because the old her will be gone. She asks David what he meant by that and he tells her it was high praise, but she likes the old her. He says they are a couple now and a whole new force to be reckoned with. She has to get the books back to Fusion and leaves.


Greenlee goes to the office and Erica taunts her about not having a life. Erica calls their competition a game of chicken to see who lets go first. Greenlee doesn’t back down and the women trade snarky comments. Erica gets a call from a Doc Waller about Palmer who wanted her to pick up some items in Pigeon Hollow. After Erica leaves, Jack visits his daughter and tells her life is too short and she deserves to be happy. He doesn’t want her to settle for less.

Greenlee goes home and learns from David Erica is leaving town again and he's got a way to keep her there until the scandal hits.


Outside of BJ's, Erica calls Opal to tell her about the call from Doc Waller. She says she can't go because she has to fight Greenlee. Opal wonders, when she dies, if she wants her tombstone to read, "I fought, I won and made it all about me." Erica waits for Jack to meet her at BJ's so she can apologize for accusing him of working with Greenlee. She knows he would never do something like that, but she needs some time to think, so she's going to Pigeon Hollow. She tells him New York was wonderful and she won't forget it. He says he will be waiting for her, but she already knows that.

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Erica gets on a plane that hasn't been inspected.

The scandal breaks.

Scott shares his plan with Annie.

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