Unfavorable Reaction!

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

JR's transplant gets underway, Ryan tracks Greenlee, David says goodbye to Greenlee.

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In the hospital, Colby, Tad, Marissa, Krystal, and Scott are all thankful for the donor who is helping to save JR's life. Colby snipes about Annie being the only one who doesn't even care!


Down by Annie's room, Adam admits to Brooke that Annie is the donor and that they are keeping it quiet because JR didn't want Annie's bone marrow. Brooke is concerned about Adam - it's been a rough few days. She admits that she knows about his heart problem, and urges him not to pretend with her. Colby, Scott, and Marissa approach, and Adam tells them that JR is being prepped for the transplant. Behind Marissa, David lurks. He watches Marissa for a moment, then continues down to his old office, where he takes cash and a passport from a hidden section in a desk drawer!


Jesse stops to see Angie in the hospital and tells her that David Hayward may finally be going down! They wonder where David might be hiding - Jesse thinks he will now be busy covering his own butt, so he won't bother about the hospital anymore. Angie tells Jesse she has to go see about JR's transplant.


The doctor speaks to the Chandlers in the hallway of the hospital, explaining the procedure JR is about to undergo. Colby tells Adam she wants to see the donor, but he assures her he will take care of expressing their appreciation. Marissa and Krystal step aside together, and Marissa thanks her for her support and admires how steady she is at times like this. Krystal tells Marissa she is one of the strongest people she knows. They hug when Marissa says she knows she can count on her. They pull apart, and watch with the others as the bone marrow transplant is taken into JR's room. Adam stands watching through the glass as the IV is hooked up. Brooke asks if he needs anything - he asks her to check on Annie, then remembers a good talk he had with JR. Colby thinks about asking JR to move in and help get rid of Annie. Marissa thinks about when she married JR. Tad phones Liza to update her, then recalls a conversation with JR when they said they looked up to each other. Brooke returns to Adam and says that Annie is fine. They all gather around the window as the transplant begins. Adam and the others panic as JR reacts unfavorably to the transplant - appearing to have a seizure!


At Jake's house, Ryan and Jake track Greenlee on Ryan's gps device. They wonder what she's doing at Erica's house? They discuss whether they should go over there. Jake warns Ryan not to push Greenlee further away. Ryan decides to go, and Jake heads to the hospital.


Jake joins Angie in her office at the hospital. He's surprised at her subdued reaction to the news that David is gone. She says she has been thinking about how she got the Chief-of-Staff position - it was mainly to protect the hospital. Jake thinks she was best qualified, but she wonders about him. Jake reminds her how she told him not to give up once. She says she's not giving up, she just doesn't want to be like David. Jake points out that unless she's only out for herself, she's not like him! Angie receives flowers, and then the phone rings - she thanks Jesse. He offers her an ear if she needs someone to talk to - it seemed like something more than the job was bothering her earlier.


Greenlee stands in Erica's doorway laughing at the sight of Erica tied to a chair. Erica says they both know that somewhere in this room, David has left Greenlee a clue to his whereabouts. Erica says if she lets her loose, she'll help her find what she's looking for because she wants David to get away too! As they bicker about David and Fusion, Greenlee searches the house, stopping near a vase of roses. She finds a note and puts it in her pocket. Erica keeps talking, and Greenlee tells her it might be a shock, but not everyone likes the sound of her voice as much as she does! Greenlee dangles the keys to the handcuffs, then sets it down and leaves. Ryan comes in and sets Erica free, assuring Erica that he knows how to find Greenlee. He explains that he put his cellphone in Greenlee's purse and it has a tracking device on it. He suddenly says, "That's strange, Greenlee's at the hospital!" Erica says she's coming with him!


In the chapel at the hospital, David is dressed as a minister. Greenlee tries to tell him that they just have to lay low for awhile. David asks what for? She says the ring on her finger gives her a vote, but David says this isn't about 'we' - he's leaving town on his own! Greenlee thinks no one in this town can bring them down - she'll lie on the stand if she has to! David discounts her ideas - he says he married her to protect her, not bring her down with him. He asks her to let him go. A phone rings - Greenlee realizes that Ryan's phone is in her purse. David says he's tracking them - he knows where they are! They share a hug before David takes off - he tells her he'll be back - that's a promise!


Ryan and Erica arrive at the hospital and find Greenlee with Jake in the chapel, lecturing him on the finer points of being a friend. Greenlee remarks on Erica being out and about, and Erica says it's no thanks to her! They quiz Greenlee on David's whereabouts, but claims not to know. Greenlee hands Ryan back his cell phone before leaving. Outside the door, she suddenly looks deflated.


David is in a space with concrete walls, where he lights a match and looks discouraged.

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Adam refuses to believe that JR could die.

JR realizes what his future holds.

Annie wants Brooke out of the picture.

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