The Best Town in America!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

The residents of Pine Valley share their memories and experiences of the town for Hayley's documentary.

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Hayley begins her documentary talking about Pine Valley and its residents, who are going to give the audience the heartbeat behind the 'Best Town in America'! The documentary opens with Hayley discussing how she was a handful when she was a teen in Pine Valley. Adam then talks about coming to Pine Valley, not just because of his rivalry with Pete Cooney, but also due to Erica Kane being there shooting the film, "Raising Kane." He realized the town's potential, and has been told he put Pine Valley on the map!


Erica speaks next, saying she's been told she put Pine Valley on the map. Joe and Ruth Martin appear, describing how they settled in Pine Valley as did their sons and their families. Tad reflects on the Martins taking him in and how he grew up there. Brooke says she rode into Pine Valley to see her Aunt Phoebe - who was stunned to see her arrive on a motorcycle! Krystal and Ryan each reflect on how they didn't have real homes before coming to town - it changed their lives. Jesse found Pine Valley too uptight in the beginning, but he met the woman of his dreams there - Angela. Angie talks about the miracle of reconnecting with Jesse after 20 years - in Pine Valley. JR ran, but found that everything he needed was in Pine Valley after all. Brot adopted Pine Valley.


Opal appears in the documentary saying she loves the locals in Pine Valley, and Palmer chuckles saying Opal can deny it all she wants - she loves him too! David remarks that the residents of Pine Valley haven't embraced him - but he'll stay until he takes his last breath! Jake describes how he's come and gone from Pine Valley, and Joe Martin concurs - there have been bad times and good times. Zach wonders if Pine Valley changed him - he's not sure. Erica remembers Mona.


Marriage is addressed next on the documentary - Erica and Adam are into double-digits! Zach and Kendall discuss getting married again, and Opal crows about the beautiful weddings held in Pine Valley. Jackson recalls Greenlee interrupting his marriage to Erica. Marissa and JR describe their love and wedding, and Scott says to the camera, "Nope. Not married. Not even dating." Jesse and Angie giggle that Pine Valley should be the love capital of America. Frankie and Randi are shown kissing, and Natalie and Brot skirt the issue of finding the right person, as do Tad and Liza. Adam tries to name his wives in order. Amanda shows off her funky, light-up wedding ring, and she and Jake describe how they fell in love. Erica rhymes off all of her last names in the right order!


Families are discussed next. Mateo and Maria Santos weigh in on growing up in a big family. Ryan and Emma appear on camera, and Annie says her daughter will be with her very soon. Adam calls family the most important thing in his life. JR introduces Little Adam and talks about how he hasn't had it easy - losing his mom and having him for a father. Erica, Kendall, and Bianca talk about being Kane women. The Martins all reflect on their family members. David says his children will never really know how much he's done for them. The Hubbard family discusses being apart for 20 years. Randi and Natalia feel they belong to that family now. Scott is sticking with the Chandlers even though Stuart is gone.


Loss is discussed next in the documentary. Erica remembers Mona and Myrtle - she likes to think they're driving around together in a convertible. Tad muses that he still speaks to Dixie all the time. Palmer also remembers his beautiful Dixie. Opal and Greg talk about losing Jenny. Brooke shares the loss of her daughter Laura. Krystal and JR talk about Babe passing away. David thinks everyone would miss him if he was gone. Ryan is asked about Greenlee's death, and Mateo and Maria remember Julia. Adam pays tribute to Stuart, but becomes overwhelmed.


Brooke and Palmer say no one leaves Pine Valley for good. Lily lists off the times that the buses leave town. Brooke says she'd come back, but someone would have to warn Erica. Maria, Lily, Jackson, and Brooke all say they still call Pine Valley 'home'. Jake, Jesse, and Angie describe the tornado. Krystal thinks about her losses due to the storm, and David laments not getting to the hospital before Babe died. Tad boasts how the residents rebuilt. Adam claims he kept Erica alive in the tunnels - she owes him her life! Erica remembers Kendall being in a coma, and Bianca giving birth. Bianca thinks her daughter, Gabriella, might grow up to be the strongest Kane woman of them all!


Hayley tells viewers that she thinks Pine Valley deserves the title of Best Town in America. Numerous residents weigh-in on living in Pine Valley today and in the future.

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