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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Kendall and Zach get stuck, Tad and Liza discuss a death, and Madison confronts someone!

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Tad is at home making up a gift basket. He gets a call from Liza, who is at ConFusion, thanking him for talking her into destroying those photos. He says she made the decision - and adds that she can get the D.A. job on her own. They hang up, and Opal comes into the room. She notices that he's making the gift basket for Liza and grins, saying, "That's my boy!" Tad says it's just a way to say Merry Christmas, but Opal says it looks a little more like 'meet me under the mistletoe'! Tad insists they're just friends, and Opal wonders why he has to deny the truth. Tad, in turn, wonders why she just can't go along with what he's saying - just for five minutes! Opal laughs.


Angie and Jesse are at home discussing the fact that Madison is sleeping in their guest room. Angie says that's who they are - the saviors of Pine Valley! They get a call that James Beardsley has been arrested. Madison appears just then and they ask if she thinks she'll be up to testifying? Jesse says he's heading down to the station. Angie tells Madison that this is the hard part, and if she doesn't stand up, it will just keep going on. Madison tells Angie that if they go after her father - he'll destroy the Hubbard family! Angie admits there's a risk, but there really is no choice - her father has to be punished! Angie says she's going out to get them something to eat.


Liza goes to the police station where she finds James Beardsley waiting to speak with her. He tells her if she can get Adam Chandler off on murder charges - she's his girl! They sit down, and he assures Liza that he's innocent, and that he'll be released very soon. Jesse comes in and notes that Beardsley has hired a talented lawyer - he's going to need her! Beardsley scoffs that this is pointless. He warns that a trial could get ugly. Liza wants to see a victim statement. James asks to speak to Jesse alone. Liza steps outside of the room, and James threatens Jesse's job - due to obstruction of justice! Jesse vows to bring him down. Natalia walks up to Liza and tells her that they just found the D.A. - he crashed his car into a barrier - he's dead! Liza calls Tad right away and tells him what happened - she asks, "What if it's not an accident?" He tells her to sit tight. As Jesse leaves, Liza goes in to see Beardsley - she tells him he'll have to spend Christmas in jail. As she walks out, Tad appears.


Jesse gets home from the police station to find Angie coming in with takeout food. She laughs and says it's for her and Madison. They soon realize, however, that Madison is not there! They agree - they hope she isn't doing anything stupid!


Madison walks into the police station and looks around. Natalia greets her and tells her that she might want to make herself scarce - her father is still being processed. Natalia walks away and Madison goes into the room where her father is sitting. She informs him that he will not hurt the Hubbards - he will plead guilty to assaulting her - otherwise, she will reveal a lifetime of secrets!


Erica and Ryan arrive at Zach's house with Christmas gifts. Erica says they are on their way home and Aidan has been arrested. Ryan marvels that Aidan snapped that way. As he prepares to leave, Erica insists he should stay. Ryan doesn't think Zach will want to see him there, but agrees to help her set up. As he holds a wreath in various spots for her perusal, he teases her about using him as a manservant. They pause for a kiss. Just then, Opal comes in!


Zach and Kendall hold hands on the flight home. She needs to know that when this plane touches down they will begin a new life together. Zach says it already started yesterday when he put the ring back on her finger. Just then, the plane lurches. Zach looks around and remarks, "Whoa." The pilot says they have to land at the nearest airport due to a storm. Zach and Kendall exclaim in frustration.


Erica and Opal are chatting about how excited the boys are about Kendall's impending return when the phone rings in the house. It's Kendall - she says they're in Ohio - their plane was diverted due to a storm. Erica listens as Zach conveys that they will rent a car. When Erica hangs up, Opal tells her to call them back - she has a very bad feeling about Kendall and a car - they cannot drive there! Erica and Ryan discuss the situation with Opal, who continues to plead with Erica to call Kendall back to ask them to at least be careful.


At the airport, Kendall encounters a woman with an upset little boy. The lady explains that she was on her way to take her nephew to see his mom for Christmas - she's just gotten home from Iraq - but she couldn't get a rental car. Kendall tells Zach she wants to help them. Zach gets a rental car for the woman and child, and then asks for one for him and Kendall. The man has nothing left that will have the traction to get through the mountains. Zach will take whatever he's got. They head out, and Zach encourages Kendall to sleep while he drives. She tries to call Erica and realizes her battery is dead. Suddenly, Zach swerves and the wheels screech! When the car stops, Zach tells her they'll have to wait until morning and try to flag someone down. They snuggle up and he tells her a Christmas story. Outside, a portly, white-haired man looks at their stranded vehicle!


Erica speaks to Ryan, who is back home with Emma. She tells him that Zach and Kendall are not there yet. Erica hangs up and worries with Opal - she can't get Kendall on the phone. Opal remarks that the storm in Ohio is a doozy!


Tad and Liza wind up at ConFusion, where Liza worries aloud that showing Willis the photos of him and the judge may have caused him to crash his car! Tad argues the point, but Liza feels it's a huge coincidence. Suddenly her phone rings - it's the mayor - he wants her to run for D.A.

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