We Can't Go!

Monday, December 21st, 2009

JR comes clean, Liza makes a choice, and Aidan is taken away.

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At the Martin house, Liza and Tad look at the pictures in the envelope from David of the D.A. and the judge. Tad tells Liza that if she uses them to become D.A. it will be playing dirty! He challenges her to examine how badly she wants Willis's job. Liza sighs - she'd love to be the prosecutor - the bulldog who takes down the bad guy. She says if she'd been the D.A. during Annie's trial, Adam never would have gotten the double jeopardy over on her! Tad marvels at her confidence. Tad warns her about using the photos, though, saying she'd not only destroy the man's job, but his life. He suggests she forget the pictures, or better yet, take them to Willis. Liza thanks him and kisses him on the lips. Tad remarks that he likes how she expresses gratitude!


Jake and Amanda are in bed at home. He tells her that it seems she is more concerned about being with David right now than with him! Amanda denies it. They get up and kiss some more. They discuss gifts and Jake pulls out two huge bags full, saying Santa came early! Amanda squeals with delight. They joke about how things will go on Christmas morning, and Amanda goes into her suitcase to get Jake's gift. She discovers one that she didn't put there - it's for Trevor, from David! Amanda asks Jake to guess what she got him - he jokes some more. Amanda sits back and sighs again. Jake suggests she phone David and invite him over - she's obviously thinking about him - which is exactly why he put the gift in her bag! Amanda argues that David is done manipulating people. Jake throws his hands up and says he doesn't want to fight with her. The baby cries and Amanda leaves the room. As she returns, Jake pretends to have gotten a call from the hospital and takes off! Amanda lets Trevor open David's gift - it's a daddy and baby polar bear set - for his first Christmas! She calls David, and puts it on speakerphone for Trevor as David sings him a lullaby!


Jake comes into the Martin house ranting to Tad about David leaving the gift in Amanda's bag, and how she's defending him - it's driving him crazy! Jake insists that he doesn't know what to do, but Tad tells him he should fight! He urges Jake to give his family the best Christmas ever - David can't compete with real love. Jake murmurs that David is up to something, but Tad feels it doesn't matter.


Jake returns to his house as Amanda is letting Trevor listen to David sing through the phone. She cuts the call short and explains. Jake says it doesn't matter, and kisses her.


Marissa goes to read Little Adam a bedtime story at home, and David confronts JR. He tells him he's seen his latest test results and knows he's not in remission! JR insists that he's ready to beat the cancer. David asks why he's keeping Marissa in the dark if he's so confident?! JR tells David he's just giving her the holidays before she has to start worrying again. David impresses upon JR the fact that he could still die - chemo or no chemo - he has to tell Marissa the truth and make sure she can go on without him! He leaves, and Marissa comes into the room. She tells JR she's just glad she found out about David's condition before it was too late to spend time with him. She wants to stay home for Christmas instead of going up north - so she can be around David - JR agrees. Marissa asks him to open his present early - it's two plane tickets to Rio - they leave on January 2! JR looks panicky! She senses his hesitation, but he doesn't tell her the truth. They make love and after, Marissa talks about what they'll do in Rio. JR gets emotional and tells her they can't go. He cries as he says his cancer is back and he starts chemo in January.


Liza has gone to ConFusion where David sidles up to her. She dismisses him, and Willis comes in and stands beside her. He asks what this meeting is about. As David watches with a smirk, she takes Willis aside and shows him the photos of him sleeping with the judge. He asks, "What do you want?" She says nothing - yet - she's giving him a chance to explain. Willis says it was a short-lived affair, and it never came into the courtroom. Liza scoffs. He tells her to do whatever she wants with the photos - he won't roll over and let her have his job! David smiles and rubs his hands together.


Liza goes back to the Martin house and tells Tad about her meeting with Willis. She's decided to pretend she never saw the photos - who is she to expose them. Tad watches as she puts the photos into the fire and burns them.


At the warehouse, Kendall pleads with Zach not to shoot Aidan - the police will deal with him. Kat sits with Aidan, and explains that she had to save him from himself! Kendall asks Aidan what happened to him - how could he ever have thought this plan would work? Sirens sound outside. Zach tells Kat she'll have to provide a statement to the police. As he's being led out, Aidan, turns to give a heartfelt apology to Kendall. He says she's right - he's not been himself, he's been hurt, so hurt, and whatever happens to him is fine - but he's so sorry. He cries. Zach asks for him to be taken away.


Alone after their ordeal, Kendall tells Zach that she doesn't need to go to the hospital - she just needs him. She asks him to help her forget. He helps her undress and get into a bath, where he kisses her. After, he puts Kendall into bed and cuddles her. He asks if she needs anything? Kendall says other than her boys, all she needs is right here. Zach tells her he made a huge mistake. Kendall assures him he couldn't have known what Aidan was doing. He tells her about thinking he saw her and Aidan together. Kendall believes Aidan took advantage of their weak spot - she insists she wasn't unfaithful. Zach is overcome with guilt - he didn't trust her, and she shouldn't forgive him for that! Kendall says he promised to give her his heart - and that's what he did - he didn't let her down! Zach puts her wedding ring back on her finger and they kiss.

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