Kendall Finds Zach!

Friday, December 18th, 2009

The tables are turned on Aidan, David apologizes to most of Pine Valley and gives them gifts, and Marissa finds out David is dying in the most inappropriate of ways.

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Kat takes Zach to the hiding place when Aidan comes up behind him and conks him on the head with a gun. He’s unconscious on the floor and when he comes to, he is tied up in a chair. Aidan apologizes to him for the bump on the head. He asks Zach why he thinks Kendall wants to be rescued. He tells Zach that when he thought he saw Aidan and Kendall making love, it wasn’t Kendall at all. He says Zach turned his back on her and now she’s with him. Zach reminds Aidan that Kendall will never forgive him for standing between her and her children. Aidan asks if Kendall will forgive this, and holds the gun to Zach’s head. Zach figures that Aidan will make it look like a suicide and be there to console Kendall when Zach is dead. He says it won’t be enough and that Kendall will leave him. He says if he really cares about Kendall that he won’t do this. Zach gets tired of all the talk and shouts to Aidan to kill him and let Kendall go home to her boys. Suddenly Zach pulls free of his ropes, pushes Aidan violently to the floor, grabs the gun and holds it on him.


In another secluded area of the warehouse, Kendall keeps yelling and banging on a door for help. She gets a wire hanger and tries to pick the lock. The door suddenly opens and Kat is standing there.

Later, in the warehouse, Kendall suddenly rushes into the room where Zach is holding the gun on Aidan. She screams, "No," and rushes to Zach. He asks if she is alright and she says she is now.


At the benefit, David tells the group that he’s dying of a rare blood disease and has only six months to live. JR challenges him but he claims it’s true. Marissa storms out of the room. Krystal rips into him for telling his daughter this terrible news at a party. She runs after a very upset Marissa to console her, but JR follows and suggests that maybe it’s not true. Krystal holds Marissa as she cries.

Jesse asks Angie if she knows who planned the event. She tells him it was David and fills him in on David’s announcement about his pending death. Adam suddenly challenges David about faking his demise. Amanda stands up for David. Adam tells Jake to keep his wife on a shorter leash because she tends to stray. Angie tells Tad that she’s going to go check on Marissa. Liza wants a drink but Tad prefers horse tranquillizers as he thinks they’re going to need them.


In another part of the room, as Marissa cries, she complains that David should have told her this news in private. She asks JR to get her out of there. Krystal says that David better be dying or she will do the honors herself.


Back in the main room, Liza tells Adam to back off and demands that Annie take him home. Adam and Annie walk away from her to get another drink. Tad comes up behind Liza, sits her down, and teaches her deep breathing so that she can relax. She asks how he knows this and he admits that Opal brought home a tape of meditation techniques.

David begins to hand out his gifts. The first to receive theirs is Jake and Amanda. Their gift is that he is giving full custody of Trevor to them and asks Liza to draw up the paperwork. Adam objects and says that the next thing is that David will want custody of little A. David says he will never do that. David tells Annie that he has nothing for her as she already has everything she’s ever wanted.


David hands Angie what he says is the control to Pine Valley Hospital. He rambles on for awhile and Jesse tells him to get on with it. He gives her an envelope which he says contains the password to his computer which has information on all the workings nasty and otherwise in the hospital. He says he’s giving that control over to her. Adam and Annie leave. Krystal and Rob discuss this weird party. David saunters over and she introduces David to Rob. He tells Krystal that he’s leaving her the bulk of his estate. She says she doesn’t want it. As Liza goes to leave, David approaches her. She asks him why she’s getting nothing after everything he’s done to her. He gives her an envelope and tells her to open it up in the privacy of her own home. Tad runs into David and says he doesn’t want anything to do with the doomsday giveaway. Tad tells him that he hasn’t changed and David says that he hopes he has enough time to prove that he has.

Later, at a quiet table Jake and Tad talk about David and wonder if anyone else has figured him out as they have. Amanda tells David she is proud of him for putting this affair together and trying to make amends. He says doing the right thing feels good. He suggests that she spend the holidays with Jake and that he’ll send Trevor to be with them too. Jesse and Liza leave while Angie and Tad talk about David. Angie wonders if David is sincere but Tad is sure that David is still a rotten human being. Angie opens the envelope and begins to read the paper inside.


Back at home, JR comforts Marissa. She can’t understand how her dad could do this. JR wonders if he was scared. She says if David loved her at all he would have told her he was dying when he found out. She says she has lost so many people in her life she doesn’t know what she would do without JR. David arrives at Marissa’s door and asks to come in. He says he’s sorry that she found out this way. He says it was stupid and she agrees. He admits he was never a very good father and is sorry for that. He asks her if they can spend what little time he has left together. He wants to make some memories with her. He says JR should understand because he knows JR is sick too. He says he accidentally saw JR's test results. JR shouts that David was going to use that information against him. He angrily asks him what he wants. David asks why they can’t be supportive of each other. Marissa says that JR is in remission now.

At Jake’s, he unveils a very small crazily decorated Christmas tree. He says he thought he would be alone for Christmas this year. They kiss passionately and he carries her away to make love. Afterward, they cuddle and she remarks that this would be David’s last Christmas with his son.

At the mansion, Annie and Adam discuss David’s manipulative ways. Annie says she is manipulative too but she feels for David. Adam tells her that all ends right now. She says that Adam should give David the benefit of the doubt.

Back at Tad’s, he tells Liza they are the only two who didn’t get gifts but Liza shows him her envelope. He tells her to burn it but she opens it and finds photos of Judge Martha Sands in bed with the DA. They realize that if she uses these she could be the next DA.

Next on All My Children:

Zach and Kendall’s nightmare comes to an end.

Liza faces a difficult decision.

JR comes clean with Marissa.

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