A Summary Dismissal.

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Annie is set free, Madison confesses the truth, and Zach changes his mind about Kendall.

A Summary Dismissal. image

As he walks into his house, Zach gets a call from Los Angeles, but doesn't hear anyone on the other end. Opal comes to the door and tells him she keeps dreaming about Kendall and a ringing phone, just as Zach's phone goes off. A bound and gagged Kendall sits on a bed and looks at her phone as it calls Zach. Zach answers and tells Kendall not to come back home because it's too late. After he hangs up he tells Opal Kendall didn't say anything or even ask about the boys. Opal says they don’t have all the facts, but she knows how much he's hurting.


Outside the courtroom, Ryan gets a call and Kendall tries to yell out to him, but her screams are muffled. Aidan comes in her room and hangs up the phone. He takes her gag off and she asks to be home with Zach and her boys. Aidan doesn't think Zach will want her anymore, but Kendall insists Zach knows he is the only man she loves because of all her emails. Aidan laughs and tells her he intercepted them. She thinks Zach can forgive her and reminds Aidan that she will never love him. She wonders how long he will keep doing this and Aidan gets out the chloroform. She tells him to go ahead and do it, but she will only dream of Zach, as he puts the cloth over her face.


In the courtroom, Adam says he knew he killed his brother and hid behind the lie that he couldn't remember. He's the one who hid the truth and Annie is innocent of all charges. The courtroom erupts and the judge asks Annie what she'd like to do. Annie says she'd like him removed from court. The judge says she can either put him on the stand or rest her case. The prosecutor calls for a recess and the judge grants it.


Adam leaves the courtroom and JR rails at him for choosing Annie over his family. Adam defends himself and they have words. JR walks off and Marissa follows him. Liza walks up to Adam and thinks he's brilliant for hiding behind double jeopardy to protect Annie. Adam realized how much Annie truly loves him and he's never loved anyone nearly as much as he loves her. Across the way, Ryan finds Jessie and asks him to trace the number he just got a call from. Jessie agrees and then walks away. Ryan enters the court, which has gone back in session and Adam takes the stand. Annie questions Adam about the night Stuart died and he details what happened, saying he remembered all along that he killed Stuart, but didn't tell anyone. In the process he professes his love, much to Annie's delight. The prosecution gets up and asks if Adam is telling the whole truth, reminding him he is under oath. Adam says Annie has done nothing wrong and is not an accessory – he acted on his own. The prosecutor questions all this new information and basically threatens him. The judge prompts Annie to ask for a summary dismissal and when she does, he dismisses the case.


JR and Marissa go to Confusion and she consoles him. She's just happy his cancer is behind them and then apologizes because she pushed him into this. He assures her he wanted it as much as she did. Colby joins them and says she's staying at the house because there's no way she's letting Annie push her out and she will put this family back together again.


Erica stands up to Madison's father in the motel room and tells Madison she has to find the courage to walk away from a man who beats her, as Frankie, Brot and Natalia look on. Madison admits he hit her and he's done it before. Madison's father wants her to come with him, but Natalia lets him know he can leave, but Madison is coming to the station with them.

At the station house, Erica consoles Madison and Frankie talks with Randi. Jesse walks up and then Erica tells them she wants to take Madison to the Miranda center. Jesse wants her stay with him and Angie instead and Erica thinks she'll be safe there.

Erica comes to the courthouse and learns from Ryan that Annie is free because Adam lied for her. He then tells her he might have heard from Kendall and explains the call. She is worried for her daughter and thinks Zach needs to know about this. After Erica has left, Annie and Adam exit the court and smugly tell Ryan they have some celebrating to do. Annie says, "Give Emma a kiss from me. Tell her I'll be seeing her real soon." Ryan goes in the courtroom and Liza says Adam and Annie are both free and clear. She adds that he has a battle ahead of him when it comes to Emma.


Annie, Adam and Scott return home and celebrate. Scott questions Adam about lying on the stand and he says he was simply returning a favor to Annie. Scott goes to bed leaving Adam and Annie to toast their good fortune. Adam suggests they get married again.

Jesse goes to Zach's house and tells him about Ryan's call from Kendall and that he traced the call. He has the LAPD on it, but Zach just gets angry and asks him and Opal to leave it alone. Once his visitors have left, Erica comes to see Zach and they talk about the call both he and Ryan received. She thinks maybe Kendall was reaching out, but Zach can't meet her halfway. Erica knows there are still feelings there, but Zach says they went away when she chose Aidan. Erica urges him to put his emotions aside and wonders if he thinks she was crying out for help. Zach is reluctant, but Erica pleads with him to really think about his recent interactions with Kendall. Zach remembers them making promises to each other and Erica doesn’t think Kendall would break that vow and wonders if he's breaking his. Zach calls Aidan and tells him he wants his wife and if he hurts her, he'll kill him.

Jesse returns to the police station and questions Madison about the abuse. She tells him it's always been her father's way and she married Henry to escape. She told her husband about it, but he didn’t care. When he wanted a divorce, she knew she couldn’t go back to her father, so when she saw him lying on the floor in his room, she just wanted it all to go away and she left him to die. Jesse goes out to talk with Frankie and Randi and tells them what Madison said. Jesse will put out a warrant for her father's arrest.

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