I'm a Mess!

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Kendall and Erica come face-to-face, Tad is there for Liza, and David continues to manipulate!

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At ConFusion, Liza meets with Bailey, who tells her she's decided she wants to keep her son - and she is sure! Liza questions her, but Bailey continues to insist that she is ready and certain. Liza tells her she won't stand in her way. Bailey is taken aback at Liza's attitude and invites her to yell at her. Liza says she can't do that - they had a deal. Bailey points out that Liza bonded with the baby and loves him so much. Liza wryly admits that she saw this coming - she saw the connection when Bailey held Stuart in her arms. Bailey keeps worrying about Liza, but Liza tells her that she is acting within her rights, and that she shouldn't feel bad about loving her son. Bailey wishes no one would get hurt. Liza says that's not possible, and brusquely tells her there will be papers to sign. Liza calls Tad and asks him to meet her at Jake's.


David, at Wildwind, tells Amanda that he knows exactly what she and Jake are up to! He says that he knows they're overjoyed that he's going to die - Jake's probably already planning a party. He tells Amanda that he's going to lie down! Amanda checks her phone and hears Jake's message that he wants to be together and will meet her at the stables. She rushes out the door. David appears on the stairs - he heard. He comes downstairs with Trevor and injects himself with something to make himself seem sick, telling the baby he doesn't want mommy to get suspicious!


Tad warns Jake, at home, that he may decide to give Amanda another chance, but he should not underestimate David - this isn't over until he's in a box! Jake insists that David truly appears to be dying. Tad says he'll use every opportunity to mess with Amanda's head and suck her back in before he kicks the bucket! She'll start feeling bad for him! Jake says he just hopes David stays around long enough for him to stick it to him. Jake leaves.


In the Wildwind stables, Amanda and Jake meet up and she apologizes for everything. He says he'd like to put it all behind them. They agree that with David being out of the picture it will be much easier. Jake mentions that Angie confirmed it, explaining that he had to be sure. Amanda wonders if Jake would want her back if David weren't dying - if that's the only reason, then David is still controlling them! Jake insists he came because he loves her. Amanda asks where they stand. Jake says close to getting everything they want thanks to karma. Amanda tells Jake about David saying goodbye to Trevor on DVD. Jake thinks it was manipulative of him to ask her to film it. Amanda's phone rings - it's David - he doesn't have the strength to go back upstairs and Trevor's crying. Amanda rushes off and Jake follows.


Amanda and Jake come into Wildwind to find David sweating on the sofa - he says it's a side effect of the drugs. Amanda goes to check on Trevor and Jake approaches David, who says he doesn't want his help. Jake roots through David's medical bag looking for something to bring his heart rate down. David tells Jake not to ever bad mouth him to Trevor - that's all he asks. Jake comments that he may have Amanda fooled into feeling sorry for him, but he doesn't - he will enjoy watching him suffer a little more each day!


Liza and Tad are at Jake's place. Tad is typing while Liza dictates a legal document relinquishing her rights to Stuart. Tad asks why he's doing this? He pushes her to fight for the boy for all she's worth. Liza tells Tad he knows what that does to kids! She says this is what she has to do!


Back at Liza's house, Bailey tells Stuart that she doesn't have an apartment, money, or even a plan. She says to Stuart, "I guess we'd better call your Dad!" Liza comes in with the legal document, telling her once she signs it, it will be as though the adoption never happened. Bailey wonders what she can do for Liza. Liza tells her to love her son completely and unconditionally - that's what she can do. Liza walks out of the door and collapses in agony. Tad is there to catch her!


Kat and Aidan are in the cab of a truck, in which Kendall is tied up in the back. She can hear them arguing as Kat tells Aidan she put herself in danger by going to Pine Valley and that he should just let Kendall go! Aidan tells Kat that Kendall's not going anywhere - and neither is she! Kendall's eyes grow wide as she then hears gunshots! They pull into an underground parking garage, where Kat tells Aidan that he can't expect to win Kendall over by scaring the heck out of her - she thinks he just shot her! Aidan says, "Whatever it takes." Kat wonders what happened to the nice guy who he used to be. Aidan says his wife died. He tells Kat to go play dead.


Aidan goes to the lobby of a hotel and checks in. As he gets into the elevator, Erica appears. She asks the desk clerk what room number that man in the elevator is in. He says he can't tell her. She asks, "Don't you know who I am?" The clerk finally gives in and says he'll connect her to the room on the house phone.


Upstairs in the hotel room, Kendall struggles with Aidan, and tries to talk through her gag. Aidan tells her he's not afraid to use his gun, mentioning Kat as an example. The phone rings and Aidan answers - it's Erica. She demands to speak to Kendall. Aidan says they want to be alone. Erica wants to hear it from Kendall, and says she'll be waiting in the lobby. Aidan hangs up and tells Kendall to pray that Erica goes quietly! He goes down to the lobby and tells Erica that Kendall is embarrassed so she sent him to talk to her. Erica brings up Zach and the boys. Aidan says she needs time to think things through - then she'll come home. Erica asks Aidan to tell Kendall to come home soon - everyone misses her. Aidan gets back to the elevator. Erica watches to see what floor he stops at.


Back in the room, Kendall is struggling to untie herself when Aidan returns. He tells her he'll remove her gag if she promises not to scream. Kendall asks if her mother is dead. Aidan says she's not, but she will be unless Kendall is a good girl and does just what he tells her! There is a knock at the door and Erica calls out to Kendall. Inside, Kendall tells her to go away, she's not ready to talk, but Erica keeps it up. Aidan opens the door and Erica and Kendall embrace. Kendall watches Aidan carefully. Erica steps back to look at Kendall and asks how she's doing? Erica tells her to come home with her, but Kendall points out that Zach would never take her back, and tells her she's wasting her time. Aidan watches as Erica talks to Kendall about her boys, and Christmas coming. Kendall says she thinks about them all the time, but they're better off without her - she's a mess! Erica insists they can work through anything, but Kendall refuses to go with her. Erica won't give up, and Kendall tells her that she doesn't want the life she has in Pine Valley - this is her life and this is what she wants! Erica cries, and Kendall asks her to just go. Erica says she will never give up on her. Aidan closes the door after she goes. Kendall calls him names and says she doesn't even know who he is anymore. She asks why he's doing this? Aidan tells her that she knows why.

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