There's Proof!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Zach makes a decision, Jake opts out, and JR's health is in question.

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Zach finds Kendall's ring in the envelope outside his door. He goes back inside with it, and Kat watches through the window. She loses sight of him, then turns to find him outside behind her! Zach asks what she's up to? Kat spins a story about having gotten to know Kendall when she stayed at the boardinghouse. She says she thought he might want the wedding ring - and adds that she feels Kendall was very sorry for what she had done to him! Kat tells a tale of a regretful Kendall, who told her she had hurt Zach for the last time. Zach orders Kat to leave. He imagines Kendall and Aidan together in his mind and throws his glass!


At Liza's house, Bailey informs her that she's not staying. Bailey says she needs time alone with her son to figure out what to do. Liza tells her she doesn't have to leave. Colby comes in, hearing the conversation, and asks Liza, "You're not going to let her go, are you?" Bailey tells Liza that she decided to do this after she saw how she treated Damon. Liza declares that he's a walking heartache. Colby calls Bailey ungrateful. Liza tells Bailey that she can stay there with Stuart - she and Colby will move out. Colby disagrees with Liza's offer. They stand aside and argue about it. Liza says she can keep close tabs on Bailey this way - she'll see if they can stay with Jake. She warns Colby not to antagonize Bailey any more. Colby goes to pack. Liza takes Stuart from Bailey, telling him she has to go, and to be a good boy for Bailey. She kisses him and hands him back. Just then, Liza gets a call from Zach - he orders her to get over to his house! Liza tells Bailey she has business and will get her things later.


Kat meets up with Aidan in a car. She tells him that Zach caught her watching him, but she covered. She says Zach has packed up Kendall's things. Kat asks how this is going to go now? Aidan says it's the same plan - Zach will move on and Kendall will fall in love with him! Kat wonders how he will keep Kendall from going home - she's been cleared. Aidan says if he can convince her that it's just the two of them, it will all work out just fine. Kat asks if he'll kill her if it doesn't go as planned. Aidan gets out of the car.


Zach answers the door to Liza, telling her he's a new man. She realizes he's been drinking. Liza asks what he wanted - he says it's easy - a divorce! He wants to file right away. Liza wonders how she is supposed to serve Kendall? She brings up his feelings, but he dismisses all that, saying that if she won't do this, he'll get someone else. Liza thinks he should talk to Kendall first - find proof that what he thinks is going on really is! Zach holds up the wedding ring, saying, "There's proof!" Liza is still unconvinced, telling him he's better than this, but he grabs Liza and kisses her deeply!


Amanda and David are at Wildwind. David tells her there may be something that he can do to make her feel better about all of this - he says he found something out. Trevor cries and Amanda goes to him. Suddenly she shouts at David that something is wrong - he's burning up! David checks him, but wants to get him to the hospital. Amanda can see that he's scared. David admits it could be meningitis. Amanda gasps.


At the Martin house, Jake tells Tad that he keeps going deeper down the rabbit hole in this situation with Amanda. He blurts, "She had sex with him! She had sex with him!" He notes that Trevor will always be David's as well. Tad says that he has to fight for Trevor - he will counterbalance David's influence! Tad advises Jake to give it time. Jake scoffs, but Tad insists that the love they share for Trevor will keep him and Amanda connected. Suddenly, Jake gets a phone call - it's Amanda - telling him that she and David are taking Trevor to the hospital! Jake tells her he'll meet her there.


JR comes over to Tad's house, where they have a heart-to-heart. Tad tells JR he's proud of him - he's a survivor. JR notes that it's difficult when someone is always waiting for you to screw up. They discuss how Christmas will be without Stuart. Marissa and Little Adam come into the room. They're ready to go, but Tad asks them to stay. He calls Krystal and Opal downstairs - he wants to go out and get a tree - as a family! Before long, they drag a tree inside. Tad is concerned when JR starts coughing. Marissa tells JR he was quiet outside, and wonders if he was thinking about Adam. JR admits it's unfortunate that Adam is in jail at this time of year, but he was thinking of Stuart. He coughs some more. Tad and Krystal are decorating the tree, and they lift up the kids to place the star on top. JR has another coughing fit - this time there is blood!


At the hospital, David goes off to do something while Amanda stays in the room with Trevor. Jake comes in and tells her he'll stay with her as long as necessary. They embrace. David sees them from the corridor. The pediatrician appears and asks them all to give him a moment with the baby. Jake steps aside with David, who says there is something they both need to know. Jake interrupts David, though, saying he knows Trevor is only a tool to him - he doesn't really care about him at all! Jake rants at David until he loses his temper. David tells Jake he doesn't deserve Amanda, and that Trevor isn't his son and never will be! Jake disappears, and David apologizes to Amanda. She just wants Trevor to be okay. The pediatrician tells them it's merely an ear infection - Amanda is relieved. She seeks Jake down the hall and tells him the good news. Jake is glad, but says he can't do this anymore - he went through all of this before with Colby, and he just can't go through it again. Jake says he won't raise David's baby - even though he loves Amanda.


In jail, Adam tells Scott that he's not worried about Liza getting them out - it's Annie he's concerned about. Scott tells Adam he'll be going back to Chicago to start his life over. Adam protests, but Scott feels it's best for everyone if he leaves town. Adam understands why Scott might be mad at him, and says he's sorry. He wonders if Scott will reconsider staying on. Scott notes he wasn't just fishing for an apology. Adam asks if he has real feelings for Annie. Scott says this isn't the time to discuss that. Adam feels he practically pushed him and Annie together. Adam appeals to Scott one last time to please stay - his family is disintegrating! Scott agrees to stay. Adam says Stuart would be proud.

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