Drunken Turkeys!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Madison plots, JR and Marissa make matching confessions, and Adam has more flashbacks!

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The dance marathon is in full swing at Fusion with Jesse and Angie doing a spanking dance and people like Colby and Annie waving crazily into the cameras! Tad, the MC, goes on camera to reiterate the rules, and to introduce footage that Erica brought back with her from Africa. Angie asks Jesse if Natalia is going to be on 'Annie' duty all night? He says a replacement will arrive later - the last time Annie was at an event like this she stabbed Erica! Jake chats with Natalia, then tells Tad he needs a favor. Jake then cuts in on Brot and Taylor, who is just telling Brot she's glad they can still be friends. Brot makes his way over to keep Natalia company, and David is irked when he sees Jake suddenly on the dance floor beside him and Amanda. He dances over to Tad to file a complaint, but is stymied when Tad tells him there is a fifteen minute grace period to join in!


Kendall watches the dance marathon on TV from her secret room, drawing Ian's attention to the bad woman dancing with daddy! She watches as Tad interviews Zach, saying he's surprised that he's there considering his wife's legal problems. He also asks Liza if she's there representing Kendall in some way? Liza says that they are there to help feed hungry children. Kendall scoffs! As Liza and Zach begin doing a sultry dance, Kendall says she hopes they both break their ankles!


In ConFusion, JR holds up numbers and asks Marissa if she wants to join the dance marathon. She laughs, agrees, and they go off together as Scott watches.


As the dance marathon continues, Jesse and Angie discuss Madison - he assumes she's going to show up there. Madison is lurking, and calls from her cellphone to pledge $12,000 for Frankie! On the dance floor, Colby is irritated when Petey says he needs to use the washroom, and JR questions Marissa - did she really leave the cabin the other night because of David - or was it due to Scott? Tad interrupts to state that everyone has to do the 'drunken turkey' dance! As everyone complies, Erica manages to find an opportunity to bug Zach about coming there with Liza. Liza tells Erica to flap her wings - maybe she'll take off and fly away!


When Adam and Annie get an opportunity to leave the dance floor, Adam tells Petey to keep his hands up higher on Colby's waist as he passes by. Colby puts Petey's hand back where it was - much to his delight! Natalia, who is dancing with Brot, asks if she should follow Annie, but Jesse says he has people down at ConFusion. As Scott peers out at the dance floor, Marissa realizes that JR saw her hugging Scott the other day - she accuses him of spying on her!


In ConFusion, Adam and Annie take a rest, and Madison ducks out of sight. Erica and Ryan confront Adam and Annie. Erica and Annie trade barbs, and then Ryan says he knows that they came to try and make Annie look good, but it's not going to work - they won't get Emma and he won't let her grow up to be like her! Annie goes to slap him, but he grabs her wrist. Adam tells Annie he enjoyed that, but Erica warns Adam to keep her in line! Adam tells Ryan that he's just upset because people are seeing the real Annie - even his good buddy Zach! Ryan asks what that means, but Adam just laughs and walks away!


Trying to find a moment alone in ConFusion, Annie tells the policewoman to keep her distance a bit. Scott appears and asks what she is really doing there - he thinks she's hiding something. Annie says even if she was, she wouldn't tell him about it. Zach and Liza come down for a break, and Ryan confronts Zach, accusing him of arranging for Annie and Emma to get together. He wonders if it's revenge! Zach narrows his eyes and says, "Yeah. That's exactly what this is about." He tells him if he's so concerned, he should spend more time with Emma at home. As Ryan is about to deliver a warning, Erica drags him back to the dance floor. Zach goes to the men's room, leaving his jacket, and his cell phone rings. Liza answers - it's Kendall demanding to speak to her husband! Kendall accuses her of wanting her husband, but Liza says she is sorry Kendall has to go through this - she and Zach are trying to prove her innocence. Zach returns and takes the phone. When Kendall says that he's not even watching Annie, it's just an excuse to be with Liza, Zach hangs up on her!


As Frankie and Randi are told by Tad that they've earned a break (they bank it because they're enjoying the song), Madison spies from the side of the crowd. JR and Marissa tell one another that they don't want to let each other go. He still wonders why she left the cabin. She says it wasn't about Scott, or his cancer - she was scared because she's falling in love with him. JR says he's falling in love with her too. As they kiss deeply, Scott sees, and so does David. Amanda stops him from intervening. Jake, dancing with Taylor, watches as Amanda drags David over to dance by Trevor. Natalia and Brot chat about 'twittering' up a few donations. Annie and Adam dance and kiss, and Adam gets a flashback to the night of the murder. Nearby, Ryan tells Erica that he thinks Zach may be helping Annie see Emma. Erica apologizes for allowing Adam and Annie to stay, and says he should go home to Emma. Ryan says if he leaves, they win. Erica looks over at Adam and hatches a plan. She pretends to hurt her ankle, then whispers to Ryan to go over to Annie and get close to her - then crush her!


Tad and Ryan help Erica to the side of the dance floor, where Tad tells Ryan he only has thirty seconds to find another partner. Adam, stunned from the flashback, also sits down. Ryan asks Annie to dance with him. She agrees. Zach and Liza watch with concern. Zach says that if Ryan got over there so quickly there has to be a reason! Adam sits with Scott beside the dance floor and says he's having flashbacks. They realize that everyone is looking at Annie. Scott says they all think she killed his father. Adam says he's not so sure what happened anymore. On the dance floor, Annie tells Ryan if he's hoping to get a confession from her, it's not going to happen!


When Frankie and Randi go to ConFusion looking for water, the bartender tells them someone went to get more. Madison heads into the ladies room in ConFusion and pours something into a bottle of water from a vial. JR drags Marissa to a quieter spot to be alone - they kiss some more. David and Amanda watch them leave. Amanda asks David what is so bad about Marissa and JR being together? David says JR is poison!

Next on All My Children:

Randi falls victim to Madison’s revenge plot.

Adam begins to have doubts about Kendall’s guilt.

Frankie and Jesse find an unconscious Taylor.

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