Who Wants to Pop the Cork?!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

JR learns of Adam's plans, Kendall insists on doing things her way, and Natalia confronts Jesse!

Who Wants to Pop the Cork?! image

Annie gleefully accepts Adam's marriage proposal at the Chandler Mansion. Scott comes in and they share their news. Annie goes to round up some champagne. Adam tells Scott he wants to build his family around him and Annie - he even says that he's revised his thinking about Scott's mission statement for the company! Annie then reappears, asking, "Who wants to pop the cork?!"


In her jail cell, Kendall hollers that she's guilty as Jesse and Ryan look on, stunned! Jesse goes upstairs, and Ryan tries to calm her, telling her not to say that - she needs to fight and get through this - she has to let Liza do her job! Kendall tells him about seeing Stuart's ghost - he helped her remember what happened that night! Ryan says none of this is her fault, but she won't be swayed. She demands that Ryan get someone down there to take her confession!


Upstairs in the police station, Natalia asks Jesse what's going on. He doesn't respond, but goes into his office to make a phone call. Another officer tells Natalia that Kendall Hart was losing it!


At home, Zach continues to press Liza to stay on as Kendall's lawyer. Liza says this one is too tough - even for her. Zach talks about how he'll go to any length to get Kendall off - she's innocent. Liza says she has to go, but he stops her, saying Kendall needs to be with her kids - he appeals to Liza as a mother - Kendall needs one more shot! Liza sighs, and agrees to stay on the case. Zach gives her a quick hug. The phone rings - it's Jesse, telling Zach to get down there - Kendall's telling the whole world she's guilty!


Marissa talks to JR down at the docks. He is upset about his confrontation with David at Confusion, and that his father asked Scott to move in. He rants about what a genuinely great person Scott is - his father just doesn't look at him the same way. Marissa comforts him, and asks if he's been drinking. He says he wanted to, but he didn't. Marissa says he needs his family, and suggests that if Scott moves into the mansion JR not give him a hard time about it.


Laying on the sofa at home, Randi has a nightmare about Henry North, Jesse, the cover up, and losing the baby. Frankie comes in and wakes her up. He asks her to talk to him. She says she feels guilty! Frankie tries to reassure her that losing the baby isn't because of anything either of them has done.


In the police station, Natalia confronts Jesse, saying that she heard Kendall confessing to the murder of Stuart Chandler - and he's covering it up. She says she knows he called Zach Slater - are they working together? Jesse angrily takes her aside and warns that she's about to have the shortest law enforcement career on record, but she doesn't back down, telling her father that he has no business playing God! Jesse says there's gray area - and he thinks Kendall's innocent. Natalia continues to question him. He finally says he's protecting others too - including members of their family. Jesse wants her to trust him, but she goes off, saying that she looked up to him, but now she knows what he's really like! When she leaves, Jesse meets with Liza and Ryan while Zach heads downstairs to see Kendall. Liza says they should ignore anything Kendall is saying - she's obviously not in her right mind. Ryan says it should be about what Kendall wants for her life.


Zach gets to Kendall's jail cell and is let inside. They embrace. She tells him that inside her heart she believes that confessing is the right thing to do - she's not irrational. She asks him not to try to stop her. Zach asks what about the kids? She says she wouldn't be any good to them drowning in guilt and tortured! Zach heads back upstairs, where he spots Ryan. He informs him that he's not letting him tell him how to handle things with his wife!


Natalia shows up at Frankie's house complaining about Jesse - she says ever since the DA died he's been acting really strange. She tells him that he's covering things up. Randi listens intently as Frankie says that whatever Jesse's doing he must have a reason. Frankie says she needs to carve out her own identity on the force - not worry about what her father's doing. Frankie says he didn't concern himself with Angie at the hospital. Randi continues to listen, and sighs. After Natalia leaves, Frankie suggests to Randi that they make another baby. Randi is taken aback - she's not ready!


JR and Marissa arrive at the Chandler Mansion and find out about the recent engagement. As Scott looks on skeptically, JR asks Annie if he should call her 'mom', and even gives her a hug. He then proposes a toast! Adam tells him that his approval is important - he intends to rebuild this family. JR mentions going to get Little Adam, pointing out that, soon, he will be calling Annie 'Grandma'! Marissa and JR leave. Outside the door he hisses that Adam can't really marry that psycho!


Liza is in the jail cell with Kendall where she gives a taped confession to Jesse. She talks about how she thought Ian was dead, and that you go to places you never thought you'd go to protect your children. Jesse and Liza nod. Kendall then tells them that she wants to apologize to Marian and Scott. Jesse and Liza go upstairs, where Liza tells Ryan there will be no trial - only a sentencing! In her cell, Kendall sees Stuart again. He tells her that she's going to be fine - everything is fine for him - he's going to a better place!


Adam heads up to bed, leaving Scott and Annie alone in the Chandler living room. Annie tells Scott she's glad he's decided to move in. She admits that she didn't buy JR's congratulations for a second - he hates her. She says having Scott in the house full-time feels right. Scott smirks as she heads upstairs.

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