Hit Parade of Lies!

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Amanda urges Tad to make a move, Taylor has a run-in with Krystal, and a plan is hatched to free Kendall!

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David watches, at the hospital, as Jake comforts Amanda. He takes a file from a nurse and says, "Oh my God!" Jake tells Amanda he loves her, and she leaves. David confronts Jake, saying he saw Amanda's test results. He offers sympathy, saying how devastating it must be to find out that Amanda can't have anymore children. Jake hisses that David's only happy when everyone's as miserable as he is!


In a courtroom, Stuart stands up and tells Kendall that she has been found guilty - of his murder! Suddenly Kendall awakens from the dream - she's in a jail cell, and is being told that it's time to go! Jesse tells her not to worry, he's still working the Annie angle. She says today or any other day, they all know what the verdict's going to be! Jesse tells her not to give up. Jesse turns to find Natalia there asking him to go along to observe the transfer. He agrees.


Outside the courtroom, ADA Willis tells Liza and Ryan that Kendall's going to need all the help she can get - especially after his daughter testifies! Willis also says that the judge agreed to let him tape Emma's testimony. Ryan pleads with Liza to stop this! She says she'll see what she can do. Zach appears and she warns them both not to do anything that might make this worse!


As Taylor struggles to discern why the baby is crying, Tad comes into her house and says that's the 'burp me before I explode' face! Tad burps the baby and winds up with a messy shirt. As they work on how to best get the stain out, Amanda comes in. She tells them to go get lunch - she just needs to be with her baby. Suddenly, Amanda's phone rings - it's Jake saying that Hayward bought it. Amanda beams as Jake asks, "You know what this means, right?" She replies, "We're adopting a baby!" Amanda gets off the phone and explains the plan to Taylor and Tad, who muses, "My brother, the boy genius." Taylor suddenly runs out, saying she's going to Confusion. Tad tells Amanda that he has a headache - he can't process this hit parade of lies! He warns Amanda to expect the unexpected - does she know why Taylor ran out just now? She's bonding with the baby! Amanda says Taylor maybe needs something else in her life - a relationship! Amanda grills Tad about 'liking' Taylor. He lists the reasons why it would be awkward for them to get together. Amanda sighs - they both have excuses! Tad demands to know what Taylor said about him. Amanda wants to hear what he likes about Taylor first. He says she's fun, and Amanda admits she saw them kiss. She urges Tad to step up and let himself feel!


Krystal is at Confusion waiting for Marissa. She comes in and tells Krystal that she has to be in court - she's sorry. Krystal says she's proud of her, and Marissa runs off. Suddenly, Taylor appears. Krystal approaches her and says that Tad told her they were dating. Taylor claims that they're just friends, but Krystal assures her that she doesn't need to be uncomfortable - if she's going to be in Tad's life, she's going to be in hers too! Taylor is uncomfortable as Krystal starts revealing secrets about Tad, such as, he wears socks to bed! David wanders in and asks Krystal if she knows where Marissa is. She tells him Marissa is in court and he leaves. Krystal informs Taylor that she could do a lot worse than Tad! Krystal then turns serious, telling Taylor to be good to Tad, he's a good guy. Taylor asks if Krystal still loves Tad. She says she wants what's best for him - and that's not her!


Ryan approaches Jake at the hospital - he's got Ian with him, and says he's watching him so Zach can be at the trial. He asks Jake if he could give Ian a quick check-up so it's not a wasted trip to the hospital. Jake agrees and takes the boy. When a prescription is needed, Jake asks whose name it should be in. He then says that he's not stupid - Zach sent him on purpose, and they're trying to get Kendall out of town!


In the courthouse, everyone is in their seats and the jury selection begins! Liza gives Marissa instructions about the jury selection, and Zach whispers to Kendall to go to the bathroom. The bailiff tells him to back away from the prisoner! Aidan follows Zach out into the hallway and says that juror number eleven is the key - he can work them to bring about a mistrial! Zach wonders what is motivating Aidan. He says he just wants to see justice done. The bailiffs bring Kendall into the hallway, and she protests that she needs to use the restroom. Once inside, the window opens, and Ryan is there, saying, "Let's go!"


Outside the restroom door, Natalia becomes suspicious of how long Kendall is taking and goes in. Pandemonium erupts as Zach lunges toward the door. Natalia hollers that Kendall is missing, and Jesse puts out an APB! Liza shakes her head and tells Zach she asked him not to play hero. He says, "I didn't!" Liza scoffs, saying he begged her to take this case and get her off the hook - and now Kendall's going to be on the run! She urges him to tell her where Kendall is. The bailiff speaks to Liza and Zach disappears! Jesse confronts her, wondering if she's in on this! He tells her that she will likely not win this case now. Once alone, Liza has a temper tantrum and inadvertently clocks David, who has just walked in.


In an alley, Kendall and Ryan meet up with Jake and the boys. Jake says he agreed to help because he believes kids should be with their moms. After he leaves, Ryan tells Kendall she will be meeting Erica, who is waiting for her. Ryan says goodbye to Spike, while Kendall thinks of Zach and the boys. She then says she can't go anywhere! Ryan tells her that she is going - now - or the police will be there! Zach rushes up, and Ryan says she won't go. Kendall says she can't take the boys away from their fathers!


Jake arrives at Taylor's house to enjoy the baby with Amanda. She dreams out loud about all of the things they'll do together once they are out in the open. Jake urges her to be a little more patient.


Taylor is ordering another iced tea at Confusion when Tad comes in. They joke around a bit, and then Tad says they need to get back to the baby. Krystal, passing by, asks, "What baby?!"

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