Please, One More Try?

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Reese finally talks to Bianca, Ryan is stunned by Alexander, Erica flip-flops with Adam and JR flips out at the news about Dixie.

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Tad and Ryan wonder who might have killed Dixie. Ryan decides to go to Alexander, upsetting Tad. They argue. Tad insists that Alexander is just messing with their minds again but Ryan won't listen. Tad makes him promise not to tell JR any of this.

At the mansion Erica tells Adam she has no more to give him. Adam insists that he can't trust anyone else with his health problems. She mentions Stuart, JR, Colby and Scott but Adam insists that none of them can help him pull himself – and the company – back together! Erica insists that with Fusion, the girls and her television show she has nothing left. JR and Scott arrive, still arguing about who is the better Chandler. Adam listens and tries to cement his case. Erica tells him to take control, trust his family and tell them everything. Adam refuses to talk to the boys so Erica goes to the foyer, bangs some toys together and tells them to shut up and listen to Adam. He finally comes in and tells JR to locate Colby and get her home. Erica tells Adam not to waste this opportunity. When Colby arrives Adam rambles about standing together. The maid interrupts when Tad arrives and insists on talking to Adam. He tells Adam about Alexander's claims, worried that Alexander will contact JR. In the parlor the kids wonder what is going on. Adam and Tad form a united front to keep this from JR. JR hears them and demands to know what is going on. Tad reluctantly tells him about the book and Alexander's claims. JR can't believe it.


In the park Zach and Kendall give Bianca and Reese space to talk. Reese rambles about missing her and how beautiful Bianca is. Binks says she is only here for a friend's wedding. Reese gives her flowers and Bianca realizes Reese is wearing their wedding bands. Reese explains that when she was blind she could finally see things clearly – that no one else's feelings mattered because she wants a life with Bianca. She asks Bianca to take a chance on them. Bianca worries that Reese will turn away from her again. Reese apologizes for turning to Zach. "I will never, ever love anyone the way I love you," Reese says. Bianca admits she wants to trust Reese but says she can't do it. Reese says they can take small steps but Bianca insists that she can't risk the girls' emotional health. She insists that Reese is so used to keeping secrets she can never trust her. Reese says, "I know who I am now and I will never be whole without you."

Across the park Kendall tells Zach that she wants Bianca and Reese to find happiness. He doesn't believe her. She insists she is ready to forget the past and move on. Angry, she asks why he keeps doubting her and Zach says it is because she blamed a baby for the problems in her life. Sadly she says she knows she waited too long and slowly walks away.


Ryan gets to the psych ward and finds that Alexander can talk! He asks why Alexander is doing this and Alexander insists he is trying to right a wrong by finding Dixie's real killer. Alexander suggests that Babe's and Greenlee's deaths completed the Fusion deaths. He warns Ryan that Dixie's killer will strike again – and it will be Ryan's fault if he doesn't solve the mystery of Dixie's death!


Kendall gets home and Erica immediately confronts her about Bianca and the girls. Kendall insists she was going to tell Erica and that she has come to terms with Bianca. Bianca arrives and tells them that she still can't trust Reese. Erica stands by Reese, saying that Reese never wanted to hurt Bianca. She was only trying to figure herself out. She warns Bianca that forgiveness is part of all relationships. Things calm down and talk moves to Erica's renewed relationship with Adam. Binks and Kendall ask what is going on; Erica insists they are friends and business associates.

Reese meets Zach at the casino and over drinks thanks him for trying to help her win back Bianca. She says they can't go back to what they were and wonders where they go from here. She worries about Gabrielle and Miranda. Reese plays with her wedding band, thinking about the vows they made to each other. Bianca calls.

Erica returns to the mansion. Adam says he didn't tell the kids and Erica says he can't tell them –ever!

Tad and Ryan meet back at the penthouse, worried about what will happen when the news really breaks.

Kendall returns to the park. Zach runs into her.

Reese hurries to the Slater home to see the kids. She holds Gabrielle and plays with her.

Next on All My Children:

Binks and Reese take a step forward.

Kendall decides Ryan is her man and tells him so.

Adam challenges Scott and JR.

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