Dixie has another day in court.

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Josh tells JR he's in love with his wife.
Dixie and Tad petition the court to allow a DNA test.
David shatters his relationship with Babe.

Dixie has another day in court. image

Dixie and Tad's attempt to regain their daughter has failed--for now.

Ryan and Annie beg Dixie and Tad to call off the DNA test, before the hearing begins. Jack is petitioning the court to request a test on behalf of Dixie and Tad. He claims that Dixie was very ill post-delivery, and that Madden took her baby to New York and placed her with Annie. Dixie insists she was conned into giving up her child, and has searched the world looking for her. The DNA test is her only option.

Livia is representing Annie, who angrily insists she gave birth to Emma. Jack gives the judge a copy of the other DNA report. The judge reviews it and sees that it shows that Annie isn't Emma's bio mother. Ryan tries to chime in, but the judge isn't willing to help him.

Annie explains that Emma's father was an anonymous sperm donor, but that she is the mother, and the DNA results must be wrong due to a lab error. Livia calls in a surprise witness, the labor/delivery nurse who was present at Annie's delivery of Emma. She also has a copy of Emma's newborn baby footprints, which match Emma's current footprints.

Tad reminds the judge what a devoted mother Dixie has been, and how she's never stopped looking for Kate. An anguished Annie tells him that Emma's her daughter, and belongs with her.

The judge denies Dixie's petition. As they leave the courthouse, Tad tells her they'll "do what they have to do." When everyone has left his chambers, the judge calls CFS and recommends that they investigate Annie.

Kendall and Zach are on the boat, having a heart to heart talk. A phone call comes in, about Spike. They rush home and find the baby with a high fever and listless. Zach is calm and comforting to Kendall as they care for Spike. His fever slowly comes down. The doorbell rings, and it's Delwith an important question for Zach. How does it feel to get away with murder?

Erin and Jonathan are at Annie's home, discussing the case, and how different their lives would have been if they'd had parents as devoted as Annie.

When Annie and Ryan get home to tell everyone the good news and see Emma, they discover that she's gone.

Josh, JR, Babe, and David are all standing together at the inn.

"The man who's doing your wife," says David to JR, pointing to Josh. He turns to Babe, and says he's doing it for her, to get her away from JR. Everyone knowstell your husband the truth! Get away from JRhe's a thug.

What sort of father does that, asks Babe? Seeing that he's getting no response from Babe, David tells JR that it's not the "Chandler way" to be with a woman who's been with another man. Who's his source, asks JR? David tells him about Colby overhearing Babe's admission while hiding in the tunnels.

JR calls David a sick freak who wants to hurt his family, and tells him he doesn't have a clue. David turns to Josh and asks him to tell JR that he made love to his wife. "It's true," says Josh. "I'm in love with your wifebut I can't tell you I slept with her."

"All you've done is hurt me," says Babe to David. "I wish you would just disappear forever." She walks away, and David asks Josh why he didn't tell JR.

Afterwards, JR tells Babe how much he loves and trusts her. David goes home and as he's sipping a drink, Josh comes out of the shadows and announces that David's just killed himselfand that the drink is his last.

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