Amanda loves Jonathan:::

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Jonathan learns that Amanda's feelings for him are deeper than he realized.
Colby and Sydney compete for Sean's attention.
JR "semi-apologizes" to Josh.

Amanda loves Jonathan::: image

Jonathan knows his "friends with benefits" relationship with Amanda has to end.

Del thinks Jonathan is a loser, but Amanda insists that he's changedand her past also includes a lot of things she isn't proud of. She announces to Del that she "loves Jonathan"and a shocked Jonathan overhears.

Jonathan asks if she really means that. Didn't they agree to be "friends with benefits?" Amanda pretends to have just been joking about being in love, and claims it was just a way to get rid of Del. Jonathan reminds her that he still loves Lily.

Later, Amanda angrily tells Del to stay out of her sight. She's upset, and leaves a message for Babe, saying they need to talk. She begins to cry, and Jonathan walks in and sees that. He hugs her, and she tells him not to comfort herbut he tells her he doesn't want it to be over. But it has to be overbecause he can't continue with their FWB relationshipand break her heart. She says it's too late for that.

Zach comes over to see Kendall, and he tells her about his interaction with Erica. She lets him know that she tossed all his wine, Cuban cigars and gourmet food when she was angry at him.

Kendall admits that she still doesn't feel comfortable around Zach; he takes her out to dinner. He brings her to the boatthe exact location where he rescued her from Madden, and where they made love for the first time. And where she forgave him. Zach wants to know if they can recapture that special time. Kendall doesn't know. She wants it back, but she's scared.

They spend a special evening together, and Kendall seems to realize how much she loves this man.

Sean comes over to the Chandler manse to see Colby, and to "start over." She's behind in writing English class term paper, and he offers her some downloaded papers "for inspiration", warning her not to copy them. She complains about all her pressure to combine school and a social life.

Sydney comes home and sees the two of them together. Colby sarcastically suggests she go do some housework, and then ignores her. Colby overhears Sydney trashing her and Sean defending her, and asking her not to put down Colby. Later the two of them compete for Sean's attention. When Sydney's not watching, Colby slips something into her backpack.

At the inn, JR invites Josh to have lunch with him and Babe. Josh tells JR to "go away"; JR offers him a job. Josh is shocked, the sarcastic. JR admits that it's a "semi-apology" and that he knows that Josh's business skills are outstanding. Josh says no, at the same time Marian Chandler walks in and starts talking about all the properties she's found for them.

While they're seated at lunch, Babe and Josh keep stealing glances at each other. Marian leaves to make a call, and while JR and Babe are deep in conversation, Josh comes up and asks if it's not too late to join them for lunchor that job. Babe steps away and they discuss Josh's possible new job. David happens by, and implies there's a relationship between Babe and Josh.


David spills the beans to JR.
Dixie and Annie argue about Emma.

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