Jack wants his wife back:::

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

  • Jack visits Erica and asks her to come home.
  • JR tells Babe it's time for them to get their own home.
  • Krystal goes to see David.
Jack wants his wife back::: image

Jack admits to Bianca that he wants Erica home.

Bianca asks Jack how he feels about living like a bachelor. He hates it and misses Erica. She urges him to tell her his feelings, and that she's been gone long enough. Show her that he loves her.

Jack sends a lavish flower arrangement to Erica, and goes to the inn to see her, and express his love and desire for her to return. He directly asks her if there is something wrong with their marriage. She assures him that she loves him, but needs an escape from the chaos of their home. "We're much more than fine," says Erica.

Jack leaves happy, until he see who is living across the hall: Dr. Jeff Martin!

Sean returns home, playing hooky, and is discovered by Bianca. He needs her advice regarding his hookup with Colby, and promises never to do that again. He asks her for advice on dealing with women, and she reminds him that she's in Pine Valley and Maggie is thousands of miles away, in Paris.

Erica and her publicist are meeting to go over plans for the New Beginnings launch party. She has a hissy fit when she sees what the publicist has planned.

Josh walks by and she asks him to help. She thinks every one of his ideas are "perfect", and asks him to help plan the sweeps party. He reacts angrily, accusing her of pitying him and tells her to leave him alone. Jeff overhears the conversation and tells him not to ever speak to his mother in that way.

Erica leaves and Jeff demands that Josh talk to him. He insists Erica is reaching out to Joshand that the least he can do is show Erica respect. Jeff lets him know that he knows about Babe. Jeff says he knows how much Josh is hurting,

Amanda and Jonathan are supposed to be working on the conFusion booksbut their minds are on another subject. As they kiss, Harvey, the delivery man bursts in with news of a serious problem. Apparently, they owe him for another delivery. Amanda comes right back at him with info about his affair, and suddenly the tables are turned.

Jonathan is impressed by Amanda's toughness, and says she should be running the place.

They begin kissing again, and Del walks in on them. When Jonathan leaves, he asks her why she's getting involved with a "loser."

Babe can't get Josh out of her mindand JR walks in as she's dreaming of her lover. He has Babe spin the globe and choose a destination for their next trip.

Colby comes in and reminds Babe that this is her familynot Babe's and that she wants her and her mother gone. Colby reminds her that she knows about Babe and Josh, and is challenging her when an angry JR returns. "Do you want me to make Colby disappear?" he asks. Colby yells at him for taking JR's side.

After Colby leaves, JR broaches the subject of them finding their own home, while Colby eavesdrops. They get on the phone, scheduling appointment with realtors.

Krystal confronts David about his threats to her family. She admits she had a horrible dream about him attempting to destroy them. She asks him what kind of hell he's planning to raise. People choose their own hell, responds an unrepentant David. How can she allow their daughter to stay married to a man who threatened her life?

Krystal insists that David is simply motivated by hate for Adam, and that Colby is a liar. She's sure he's planning something heinous against her family. David says he's satisfied to live in a dark place. As Krystal leaves, a fax arrives with the DNA test results.


Zach and Kendall examine their relationship.

JR offers Josh a job.

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