The Town That Kills Everyone!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Krystal questions JR, David threatens Amanda, Zach tries to reach Kendall, Bianca believes she has been betrayed, Annie faces Sinclair alone and the search for Greenlee continues.

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Aidan sneaks Annie back into Oak Haven only to find Sinclair waiting in Annie's room. She threatens that Annie will never be free again. Aidan follows her into the hall, telling Sinclair that Annie was never in danger of hurting anyone. Dr. Sinclair shows him the morning headlines about Greenlee's crash; she swears that Annie is behind the accident! Aidan walks away. Sinclair returns to Annie and gloats that Annie will soon be behind bars for the rest of her life. Then, she asks how Annie killed Greenlee! Annie believes this is another plot of Sinclair's, especially when she pushes her with news of the wedding. Annie says she only went to the wedding to see Emma. Sinclair says Ryan won't forgive her. Sinclair grabs Annie and says she is on her own!


Zach visits Kendall at the hospital; he reports that Greens is still missing, which worries Kendall. Zach is confident that she will be found; Kendall can only blame herself. He reminds her of their lie which makes Kendall even angrier. Her anger spikes the heart monitor and David races in, telling Kendall and Zach that she has to stay calm. He accuses Zach of trying to kill Kendall! Reese arrives and Zach tells her about Kendall's setback. David comes out and keeps accusing Zach of intentionally hurting Greenlee; Reese backs up Zach but David keeps pushing him, saying if Zach would have let Kendall stay home none of this would have happened. He walks away and Reese keeps Zach from going after him. He tells her to leave. "We've done enough," he says and returns to Kendall. She asks again if he slept with Reese and he, again, says he didn't. Kendall finally believes him but says the connection he has with Reese is too much for her. Zach admits that he can't stop loving the baby; she asks why he has bonded to Reese and not Binks! He says they are just friends but that only makes Kendall angrier. "You were slipping away, dying right in front of me," he says emotionally. She throws Aidan in his face and says they'd be even if he had just slept with the other woman. She angrily says if he hadn't kissed Reese she wouldn't have killed her best friend.

Zach goes for coffee and runs into Reese, who tries to support him again. Zach tells her about Kendall and Bianca's deal; he says it was as much about Gabby as Reese. Reese says again that the kiss was just a bad mistake; Zach says he wanted to do it and everyone knows. He tells her about Ryan and Reese gets worried. Zach blames himself for everything because he moved Binks and Reese into his house. He says their friendship is over – forever! – and walks out.


At the inn Erica tries to keep Bianca calm. The search crews return; Jesse, JR and Jack are with them. There is still no news. Erica asks Amanda to bring blankets. Ryan storms in and orders them to get back to the search. Jesse says they have to scale back and another officer says the mission is no longer a rescue – it's a body recovery mission! Ryan flips out. Erica tries to help Jack because he is blaming himself. He believes if he had checked on Greenlee she would never have been on the road. Jake talks to Tad, wondering why Greenlee didn't get her happy ending. Meanwhile Ryan demands that they keep the full search going. The officer says Ryan has to face reality – that the area has been searched and no trace of Greenlee has been found. Jesse pulls Ryan away and tries to calm him. Ryan begs him to get the search reinstated. Jesse agrees to talk to the local cops for him. Randi and Amanda wonder if they could help; Frankie says Greenlee is already dead because of the cold and the water. Bianca goes to Ryan and tries to comfort him. She asks why Greens was going to the chapel when she had already called off the wedding. Ryan admits he lied – and they cancelled their part of the wedding because Reese is having an affair with Zach! Bianca is stunned. "I walked in on them," Ryan says! He insists that Greenlee was going to the church to confront Zach. Bianca stands by Reese at first but Ryan keeps pushing her, telling her that if she had really tested Reese none of this would have happened! Freaked, Binks tells Erica that Reese cheated on her with Zach and hurries away. Ryan checks in with Jesse, who says the water is too rough and they are calling off the search until the weather clears. Jesse turns to the gathering and tells them to go home. Jesse turns back to Ryan and sadly tells him that Greens is dead. Ryan swears he won't give up. Aidan walks in and says he'll help Ryan search. Jack grabs his coat and heads for the door. Erica begs him to stop and think about his health. Jack angrily says he is going to bring his daughter back. Erica hugs him and begs him to talk. Jack breaks down a little, wondering how to help his little girl. Erica reminds him that Greens is a fighter. He kisses her hard and hurries out.

At the hospital, David orders a nurse around until she is frazzled. Krystal walks in and asks what is wrong; he says it was a bad day. She tells him about Greenlee's accident and David says it wasn't an accident at all! He says, just as Adam is responsible for Babe's death, Zach's machinations are responsible for Greenlee's death! Jake and Tad arrive; Tad watches Krystal and David who goes on and on about the deaths of Babe and Leo. "Everyone I've ever cared about has been taken away," he whines. Krystal hugs him. Tad and Jake watch closely.


Back in Pine Valley JR and Amanda visit Babe's grave. Both are solemn, thinking about their losses. JR sympathizes with Ryan, saying Little A saved him. Both are glad Ryan has Emma and Spike to help him through. JR thanks Amanda for being his friend. David and Krystal arrive; David sends a veiled message that JR will get her killed, just like Babe! Amanda refuses to be bullied; JR points out that they had no choice except to return. David brings up the pregnancy but before he can really get going he is called back to PVH. Krystal stays at the cemetery and asks JR to wait so they can talk. Amanda leaves. JR can't believe what he is hearing when Krystal says she is proud of how he has rebuilt his life. She asks if he loves Amanda; he says they are having a baby and she reminds him that her marriage of convenience didn't work. JR believes Krystal is worried that David will seduce Amanda and leave Krystal alone!


At the ravine, Ryan orders Jesse around. Jesse refuses to allow him to go out on a boat because of the weather. He asks Ryan to go over the events again. Ryan says Zach ran Greens off the road; Jesse stands by Zach, saying it was just a terrible accident. Ryan angrily tells Jesse that Zach is having an on-going affair with Reese and that he caused the accident. Aidan asks Jesse about the bike, wondering if there was some kind of mechanical failure or if the bike was tampered with. A searcher returns with Greenlee's hankie! Aidan angrily says he warned Greens this would happen and turns on Ryan for not protecting her!


Bianca gets to Kendall's hospital room and tries to talk to her. Kendall isn't interested and suggests that Greenlee's accident is all the reason Binks needs to go back on her promise! Bianca realizes this is why Kendall ran out on the wedding. Kendall angrily asks why everyone thinks they have to lie to her. Bianca brings up Greenlee; Kendall blames Binks for the kiss, too, because of Bianca's doubts from the beginning. "What is wrong with you?" she demands. Hurt, Bianca says Reese loved her; Kendall says Reese is a liar. Kendall falls asleep and dreams that Greenlee is there, saying goodbye. She begs Greens to hang on. She admits the accident was her fault. Greenlee tells Kendall to hang on to Zach's love and then disappears. Kendall wakes but no one is there.

In the hall Jake tries to keep Zach out of Kendall's room, saying she needs rest and doesn't want to see him!

Amanda catches up with David and demands to know why he keeps hounding her. She swears JR is the father but David refuses to believe her. He says DNA will prove he's the daddy and then tells her to get Little A for him or he'll tell JR everything! He walks away.

Reese is at the Slater home when Bianca walks in. She asks about Greenlee and tries to hug Binks. "Don't you dare touch me!" Bianca says!

Next on All My Children:

Ryan threatens Zach.

Annie pushes Dr. Sinclair.

Binks confronts Reese about the kiss with Zach.

Bianca believes Reese and Zach are in love!

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