Bianca's Wedding - Part II!

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Bianca and Reese exchange vows, Ryan blames Zach for Greenlee's accident and Annie asks Aidan for a favor.

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Bianca and Reese finish their vows and Miranda brings the rings to them. "I give you this ring and with it, all that I have," Bianca says. They light the unity candle. Erica watches them closely. The minister announces they are married and they kiss as the crowd claps for them. The reception begins. Erica toasts the couple. Erica makes excuses about Zach and Kendall; Jack makes illness excuses for Greenlee. Opal says Greenlee didn't seem sick to her. Erica tries to reach Kendall by phone but can't. Jack congratulates the happy couple and tells Binks how happy Travis would be for her. Erica listens to Tad and Jake banter for a bit and then Tad congratulates her. She says how sorry she is that his marriage has ended and leaves. Jake asks if he can do anything; Tad asks about David instead of answering. Frankie overhears and asks about David. Tad and Jake keep their mouths closed. Across the room Amanda thanks Randi for helping her with the sonogram. They notice JR watching. Erica returns to Binks and Reese, handing them a card. "When you find the perfect property, I'd like to buy it for you," Erica says, surprising them. Binks hugs her. Music starts as Binks and Reese begin dancing. They invite Miranda to join them and then more couples take the floor. Jack asks Erica to dance; JR leads Amanda to the dance floor. As they dance Randi tells Frankie how much her life has changed because of him. JR asks Amanda if everything is okay with Randi and Frankie; she says the discomfort in their friendship is because she is living at the mansion. She says she has no regrets, though. Amanda sees something and hurries from the room. She looks out a window but nothing is there. Jake follows and she says she saw David outside! Jake says David is nowhere around and she needs to relax.


Greenlee goes over the cliff and lands near a waterfall. Zach searches and finds her veil. He calls out but no one answers. Kendall follows him and sees the veil. He tries to get rid of her but she won't go. Zach calls 9-1-1 and then keeps looking as Kendall freaks out. Zach tells her to make up a story that he was driving. Ryan arrives! Zach says they swerved to miss an oncoming vehicle. Ryan spots the veil. He and Zach keep searching. Ryan spots one of Greens' tires near the waterfall! The emergency crews arrive. Ryan strips and jumps in the water to search. One officer questions Kendall but she can't concentrate on anything but Greenlee. The emergency crews drag Ryan out of the water and Zach keeps him from going back in. Zach returns to Kendall and says they've found the bike but not Greens. The sheriff questions Zach. Zach makes up a story that he was driving and swerved to miss Greenlee but that she went over the side. Another EMT checks out Kendall, who is fine. The sheriff returns to Zach and says his skid marks indicate that he was on the wrong side of the road. Ryan overhears and says Zach drove Greens off the road! He yells at Zach; Kendall hears and says they were arguing about Reese. "So, Greenlee might be dead because Zach slept with Reese!" Ryan says! Kendall is shocked. Zach says again that he didn't sleep with Reese; Ryan goes on about how he told Greenlee exactly what Zach did with Reese. Kendall isn't sure what to think. Ryan returns to the search. She demands to know what Ryan saw. Zach says it was only a kiss. "She was sad, she was drunk, I don't know why," he says. Ryan follows the searchers as they walk the banks.


Aidan takes Annie back to her room. She finally realizes that Ryan is out of her life for good. She sadly tells Aidan that this was supposed to be a fairytale. She wants to blame Greenlee but realizes that for Ryan the fairytale was Greenlee. She asks if he still loves Greenlee and Aidan nods. He says he has to take her back to Oak Haven so she can get real help and she hugs him. Aidan calls the hospital to report that they are coming back. When he hangs up she says she needs to see Emma first! Aidan takes Annie outside so she can 'talk' to Emma through a pane of glass. The kiddo doesn't even know she is there as Annie promises to be better from now on. She kisses her fingers and places them on the glass.


Zach and Kendall walk into the reception and announce that Greenlee is missing! Zach sticks with his story that he was driving and says Greenlee went into a ravine. Tad and Jake lead Jack out. Zach follows. Erica tries to comfort Kendall. Reese tells Bianca that all of this is her fault because she was arguing with Kendall and Zach tried to stop it. Erica questions Kendall, who says she promised to come to the wedding only if Binks and Reese would leave town and that she left because she knew they were staying. She tells them about Greenlee looking for Zach. "Greenlee is gone and you can blame your new daughter-in-law," Kendall says! Erica asks why Greenlee was looking for Zach. Kendall looks at Reese and falls to the floor.


The search teams pull back because the water is too rough. Ryan orders them to do more but they can't. Jack, Tad and Jake arrive; Ryan says they can't find her. Tad and Jake join the search; Frankie and JR are right behind them. Zach returns, too. "If we don't find her…" Ryan threatens Zach.

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