Kendall Takes Aim!

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Kendall lets Reese know how she feels, Annie arrives at the wedding location, Zach tries to make Kendall see reason and Greenlee gets ready for her wedding.

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Greenlee and Ryan make love. Afterward, Greenlee says she always wants to be like this with him.

Aidan arrives at Oak Haven as Sinclair is searching Annie's room for clues. There is nothing there. She wonders how Annie escaped and Aidan says the door must not have locked. Sinclair vows to have the orderly who left the door open fired – and doesn't say anything about her last visit to Annie. They go to her office; Sinclair wants to call in the police but Aidan asks for 24 hours to bring Annie in on his own. Sinclair won't hear of it so Aidan threatens her – he says if she doesn't give him 24 hours he'll tell everyone about her real relationship with Richie and her plans for Annie! Sinclair admits to the relationship but says that doesn't matter because Annie is still guilty. He points out that Annie will just play her kooky card again if Sinclair brings in the cops. She gives in.


Kendall and Zach arrive at the lodge. Erica is thrilled to see them and hurries off. Kendall tells Zach about her deal with Bianca. He says he told Reese the same thing and then tells her to get real and admit her real reasons for sending Binks away – that she is jealous! Kendall admits she is and asks Zach if he loves Ian and Spike as much as he loves Gabby! He says it is different but the boys are his priority. "Good, then the second they leave for France we can start rebuilding our lives," she says. In another room JR tells Amanda that she is making the right decision about the baby. Jake and Tad tease one another about weddings. Reese and Bianca are talking about the wedding when Bianca brings up the future. She says it is time to go home to Paris; Reese quickly agrees. Erica comes in from setting things up with Tad, Opal, JR and Jake; Binks tells her the news. Erica tells Bianca not to leave unless she wants to go back to Paris. Reese returns. Ryan, Greenlee and Emma get to the rehearsal location. Jack says Binks and Reese are at the church already. Opal, Jake and Tad come in with Miranda. Erica walks in, making fun of Greenlee's biker-chic outfit. She goes to change. Aidan arrives to talk to Ryan but the group has already left.


Annie gets to the chapel and walks around. She looks into the reception area. The minister arrives and mistakes Annie for Greenlee! Annie corrects her and pretends to be a bride in need of a chapel. She leaves. Reese and Bianca arrive; Reese asks if Bianca is really ready for this step. She thinks Reese is having second thoughts but they quickly realize they are both just nervous. They talk about skipping the whole wedding ordeal but Bianca decides they have to stick this out or their problems will follow them back to Paris. The rest of the crew arrives. Erica announces that the planner is sick but there will be no other hiccups. The minister comes back in. No one notices Annie watching from outside. The rehearsals begin and Greenlee walks to Ryan. Miranda is distracted from her flower girl duties by a crying Gabrielle. Zach tries to calm the baby, which annoys Kendall greatly. Seeing this Reese suggests that they take the baby to Rachael in the atrium. Reese and Bianca come down the aisle next. The minister gives them instructions; Greens and Ryan can't stop kissing one another. The group goes in for dinner but Greenlee stays in the chapel with Kendall. Kendall swears she is fine and wishes Greenlee the best. Greenlee won't drop the subject; Kendall says this will all be over soon.


At dinner Reese tries to smooth things over with Erica about the return to France. Jack makes the first wedding toast as Aidan arrives. He stays in the hall – and Annie smacks him with a shovel, knocking him down! Kendall stands to make a toast. She cattily says Reese has made an impression with all of them and has transformed Binks so much that she is unrecognizable. "And my husband Zach. We all know how you've transformed him," she says. The crowd can do nothing but stare as Kendall calls the wedding a good ending! Bianca and Reese walk out. Erica gets dinner started and then whispers to Kendall that she did a good thing! In the hall Reese tells Binks how cold both Erica and Kendall are being to her but Binks keeps defending her family. She swears she'll fix it, upsetting Reese even more. Later Zach finds Reese, who is tipsy and upset. She cries that she doesn't know what to do and is tired of fighting everyone. Zach tries to comfort her – and they wind up kissing! Ryan returns and sees them! He leaves. Zach pulls away from Reese and says this never happened. Reese says the same thing and insists she loves Binks.


Everyone returns to the inn. Bianca tells Kendall and Erica, who insists that Reese is overly emotional, to butt out of her life! She says returning to Paris was a joint decision. Erica sends everyone off to bed. Greenlee warns Kendall not to act too happy or this could all backfire on her! Ryan is watching the doors when Zach arrives with Reese. Reese hurries to her room and then Ryan confronts Zach, asking how long his affair has been going on! Zach insists nothing happened and swears Ryan to secrecy. He walks off.

Zach goes to his suite where Kendall is sleeping. He watches her for a long moment and then goes into the bathroom. Kendall opens her eyes.

Annie watches Greenlee through her suite window. Aidan sneaks up behind her and grabs her!

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