Annie's Great Escape!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Annie escapes Oak Haven, Aidan and Ryan worry what will happen since Annie confessed, Angie and Krystal make up and Kendall makes Bianca a strange proposition.

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At Oak Haven Annie imagines Greenlee and Ryan vowing their love to one another. She takes the wedding announcement and stares at it. Aidan tries to talk to her through the vent but she doesn't respond. An orderly comes in; Aidan demands to see Sinclair immediately. Aidan is shown to Sinclair's office; she says Annie admitted everything and now the D.A. will take on the case. Aidan asks about Annie's motives and Sinclair says it was because of Annie's fake pregnancy. Aidan can't believe it. Aidan tells her there is still a long way to go to convince a judge and jury that she is guilty but Sinclair has Annie's confession on tape! Aidan leaves a number where he can be reached and turns to go, but then he convinces Sinclair to let him see Annie one more time. He quickly reaches Annie's room and tells her he can't help her anymore because of her admission! He leaves. Sinclair comes in and accuses Annie of being the twisted sibling. Annie insists Richie was the evil one. Annie yells at her to leave. "I hope Richie haunts you every day of your miserable life," Sinclair says and leaves. Annie realizes the door didn't latch and leaves! Sinclair returns a while later but the room is empty.


At the penthouse Ryan and Tad go over their plans. Tad says he is bringing in a prison guard to try to figure out if Sinclair was Richie's shrink. Greenlee comes in, hears them and asks what they are going. She can't believe they are trying to help Annie; Ryan insists this is about Sinclair. The bridal consultant arrives; Ryan whispers to Tad that Greenlee doesn't need to know anything about the investigation. Greenlee is checking out the dress when Aidan walks in! He asks for Ryan but he has already left with Tad. Aidan asks about Richie's Chicago connection, worrying Greenlee. She is confused so Aidan tells her everything. She can't believe him and rages about how he and Ryan have been helping 'crazy Annie' behind her back! Ryan returns and Greenlee runs from the room because she is still wearing the dress. Aidan apologizes, saying he didn't know that Greens was in the dark; he tells Ryan about Annie's confession and says they are in trouble. Ryan tells Aidan about the guard, who told them Sinclair was Richie's therapist. Greenlee hears them talking. Aidan says he'll handle things and leaves. Ryan says he didn't want to bother Greenlee with what was going on because of her wedding hang-ups. He gives her flowers and she says flowers won't fix this. "Keeping secrets is no way to start a marriage," she says. He promises to be 100% honest in the future. Greenlee is very worried.

Erica is watching over David as he examines Kendall. With Erica distracted Kendall asks David to give her a medical excuse not to attend the wedding. Zach arrives, meeting Erica at the door. She reminds him of his toasting duties and leaves. David tells Zach that Kendall isn't well enough to travel and leaves, too. Zach asks why she put David up to it; she says she doesn't want to go. He wants details. Kendall says she just doesn't care about the weddings but tells Zach to go without her. "You're acting like a child," he says. Kendall insists she is being honest. Zach refuses to go without her.


Bianca returns to the suite as Reese is working on her wedding vows. She chases Reese around the room, trying to get her to listen to the vows but Reese won't listen. Finally Reese figures out that Bianca is reciting parts of the Constitution and they laugh. They kiss and then Reese pushes Bianca away because she has come up with an idea for her vows. Erica arrives and is upset to see that the women aren't packed. Binks says they have plenty of time. Zach arrives and says Kendall is refusing to attend the wedding; Bianca goes to talk to her and Erica takes control of the trip preparations. Alone with Reese, Zach vents his frustration at Kendall and at himself for causing all of the problems. Reese says he can't regret his actions because it gave them Gabby! Zach says the point is that she and Bianca have to get on with their life without him being part of it! Reese refuses to leave.


Natalia is ready for her first ride-along but Jesse tries to convince her to take some time off because of Rebecca's death. She refuses, saying Rebecca wouldn't want that. She leaves the apartment. Angie is worried about her, too, but says they all need to deal with the grief of Rebecca's death. Angie leaves for work. Natalia returns a few minutes later because Jesse cancelled her ride-along! Jesse tells her that she has to allow herself to grieve; Natalia insists she needs to pay tribute to Rebecca by earning her badge.


At the hospital Krystal meets David with coffee. He is very upset and tells Krystal that Angie skipped out on work today. She explains about Rebecca's death but David doesn't care. Angie arrives and thanks David for filling in. He grabs her arm and tells her she is walking a tightrope by ignoring her duties as a physician. Annoyed, Angie tells him no one is being cheated by her work ethic. David warns her to watch her step and leaves for the ER. Krystal apologizes for David but Angie won't listen. She tells Krystal to watch out or David will hurt her! She storms off. Krystal chases after Angie, begging her to be friends again. They start talking about Rebecca and Angie admits that she became good friends with Rebecca over the last few months. Krystal wishes she had Angie's strength and talks about how she's lost control of her life since Babe's death. She worries about Tad and about David. Angie says they are still friends; they hug. David watches from the hall. When Angie leaves he asks Krystal if they can talk. David closes the doors to give them privacy and then apologizes for treating Angie badly over the past few weeks. He charms her – again! Then, he gives her a ring that he says she should wear until she decides whether or not to accept his proposal. Krystal is shocked. She takes off her wedding ring and puts on David's ring!


Binks storms into Kendall's home and demands that she attend the wedding. Kendall says she can't go to the wedding because of Gabrielle. "What I'm feeling is not pretty," Kendall says, accusing Binks of lying to her for months. Hurt, Binks says she can't get married without her sister there. Kendall says the only thing she can do to make things right – and have Kendall at the wedding - is to leave town afterward! "Go back to France and leave me in peace," Kendall says. Bianca can't believe what she is hearing. Hurt, Binks pulls away from Kendall and accepts the deal.

Angie returns home to find Jesse and Natalia bonding over one of Rebecca's special dishes. Natalia talks a little about her mom. Jesse hugs both of them.

Annie gets to the Oak Haven exit and runs!

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