A Birthday Surprise!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Angie pulls off a birthday surprise for Jesse, Krystal and Tad talk settlement, Annie admits she killed Richie and Ryan believes he has a clue to Sinclair's past.

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At the hospital Taylor calls Jake over to congratulate him about the job news. Brot is there; all of them say how much the hospital has helped them heal. Jake continues down the hall and runs into Angie with Randi and Frankie at the admit desk. He tells them to meet him back there in an hour for the rest of the plan. David comes to the desk and angrily confronts Frankie about what is going on with Jake and Angie. He vows to beat them at their game; Frankie says he is paranoid and walks away.

Tad and Krystal are talking over the custody and divorce settlement issues with their lawyers. Livia and the other lawyer can't agree on much so Tad and Krystal take matters into their own hands. He says Krystal can have The Comeback if he can have the house and then, frustrated, calls an end to the meetings. The lawyers leave. Krystal starts to clean up but Tad stops her, saying she doesn't have to do that. She thanks him for not bringing up their run-in at Wildwind; he asks why she hasn't told David he was there. Krystal says David was wrong in firing Angie but then grabs her coat, feeling that they can't talk about the situation calmly. Tad follows her and hands over the blueprints for the café they talked about building at The Comeback. He wishes her luck. She leaves. Jake stops by and tells Tad to get off the couch and start living again. He tries giving Tad dating advice but Tad won't listen.


At Oak Haven Dr. Sinclair leads Ryan to her office. She questions him about Richie, saying they need to delve deeper into Annie's past. She covertly tapes Ryan as he says Annie made up all of the stories about Richie. He says he believes Annie killed Richie. Sinclair turns off the tape recorder. Ryan sees his wedding announcement on the desk and 'accidentally' knocks a coffee mug off the desk, breaking it. "You idiot!" Sinclair screams. Ryan apologizes and promises to replace it but Sinclair, trying to cover, says it is no big deal. She calls for an orderly to show Ryan out. When he is gone Sinclair picks up the pieces of the mug and kisses them.

Ryan bribes the orderly to leave him alone and then meets up with Aidan. He tells Aidan about Sinclair's office visit and the broken coffee mug. Since the mug advertised Chicago he thinks this is a clue because Richie was imprisoned in Chicago. Aidan agrees.

David meets Krystal back at Wildwind. She tells him that Tad gave her The Comeback. David sarcastically says giving her the place where their child started to die was certainly nice but Krystal tells him to shut up. She goes upstairs. David takes the plans and burns them!


After talking to Aidan through the vent Annie looks out the door and sees Ryan. She screams for him to rescue her but he doesn't hear her. Aidan calms her down, promising to protect her. Then, he says she has to let Ryan go. He tells her to be strong and imagine he is still with her when she feels insecure. "Everything is going to be okay," she repeats. Aidan closes the vent. Sinclair walks in! She brings up Ryan and shows Annie the wedding announcement, saying just how happy Ryan is with Greenlee. Then, she plays the tape from the office! Annie thinks Sinclair is making all of this up but Sinclair keeps pushing her to admit that she killed Richie. Annie can't take it! She says she killed Richie because he tortured her! Sinclair says Annie is free of the past now and leaves. Annie angrily picks up the newspaper clipping, wondering how Ryan could hurt her this way.

From Sinclair's office, Aidan hacks into the computer and finds a letter from Richie's warden to Sinclair – telling her to resign because of her 'indiscretion'. He calls Ryan; they believe this is the break they were looking for.


Jesse meets Natalia at ConFusion to celebrate his birthday. She gives him a coffee mug and then says the real gift is that she and Rebecca are going to move out of his home so that he and Angie can have time alone. Jesse is touched. She gives him a card from Rebecca – a silly, limerick card. Natalia asks about Angie's gift and is disappointed for him because Angie seems to have forgotten his birthday. She starts to call Angie but Jesse stops her, saying he is fine. She tries to light his birthday cupcake but Jesse doesn't want that kind of attention. She kisses him instead. After a while Natalia asks about David and Krystal but Jesse changes the subject. Natalia keeps questioning him so Jesse leaves the table. Taylor and Brot arrive for dinner. He talks about how great he feels since taking on the hospital job. Angie, Frankie, Randi and Jake walk in with a huge cake – Tad is hiding inside! They sing 'For He's A Jolly Good Fellow', embarrassing Jesse. Tad, wearing a silly cop uniform, starts to dance to stripper music! The crowd hoots and hollers, especially when Angie joins in! Then, Tad crawls across the bar and kisses Taylor! David and Krystal arrive but leave just as quickly when they see the party. Angie is thrilled that they pulled off the surprise. Rebecca's doctor calls – and reports that Rebecca has suddenly passed away! Jesse is shocked. He tries to lead Natalia away but she won't go. "I'm sorry, Baby, but she's gone," he says. Natalia is stunned and runs away. Jesse reports that Rebecca stopped her treatments and then follows Natalia. Jake and Tad come over; Angie gives them the news. Tad follows Jesse as Angie tries to figure out what could have happened. Frankie tells her about Rebecca's request. "I had no idea it would happen so soon," he says. Angie can't believe she didn't catch on.

Jake and Tad return to Tad's home, still talking about Natalia. Tad changes the subject to Jake's support system – Taylor! Jake says he is over Taylor and concentrating on work but Tad doesn't buy it. He tells Jake to move out of David's old cabin and move into Tad's house. "Seriously, I could use the help," Tad says. They joke about rules for the arrangement including not calling one another 'bro' and Tad's nightly dance routines.


David and Krystal return to Wildwind. She realizes the plans are gone and David says he burned them. He says Krystal needs to move on – or create a plan with him instead of Tad! He offers to help build her dream of a coffeehouse, making Krystal laugh. He kisses her.


Jesse finds Natalia at the apartment crying. He sits with her, trying to comfort her. She shows him a note from Rebecca that arrived in the mail. Jesse reads it. It is a love letter from Rebecca to Natalia, telling her to go after the things she loves and hold on to life. Natalia cries even harder. Rebecca says she left town to protect Natalia from her death. "I'm at peace now," Jesse reads. "Embrace your new life. I will love you forever." Natalia takes and letter, asks Jesse to leave her alone and walks out.

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