You're Helping Her!

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Aidan and Ryan come to an understanding, Erica asks Greenlee for help, Kendall gets angry and Reese fights with Bianca about her family.

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In the Oak Haven hall Aidan welcomes Ryan to his cell! Aidan tells Ryan what he has been doing over the past few months. He says he felt guilty about Annie's illness at first but now he realizes that Dr. Sinclair is trying to hurt Annie by locking her up for life. "Somehow she is connected to Richie," Aidan says, worrying Ryan. Aidan tells Ryan to keep Sinclair far away from Annie because the doctor is abusing Annie. Ryan isn't sure he can trust Aidan.


Meanwhile Dr. Sinclair apologizes for hitting Annie and says she wants to be friends. Annie doesn't buy her act! Sinclair won't leave Annie alone. She keeps pushing her to admit she killed Richie. Finally, Annie can't take it and says she remembers everything! She sits down and says Dr. Sinclair is exactly like Richie. "He can't push me around and neither can you," Annie says. Sinclair storms out and goes straight into Aidan's room. She orders him to get to Annie as Ryan hides behind the door. Sinclair rants about Annie's manipulation and then says, "She is everything he said she is." Aidan asks who she is talking about; she says it is Ryan but Aidan knows she is lying. Ryan can't believe what he is hearing. Sinclair leaves. Aidan tells Ryan he is working Sinclair to protect Annie. She bangs on the vent and proudly tells Aidan how she fended off the doctor; Ryan listens but doesn't say a word. Aidan closes the vent. Ryan can't believe how good Annie sounds and thanks Aidan for believing in her. Ryan tells Aidan what Tad has learned; Aidan tells him to hold Tad off because he is about to break the case.


Greenlee suggests to Erica that they drink to their newfound friendship. Then, she sarcastically reminds Erica of her drinking problem. Petey watches them closely. Erica says Greens shouldn't be drinking, either, since she's two steps from the wedding aisle and needs to fit into a dress. Greens grabs her things to storm out but Erica stops her, saying she needs her help! Erica says there has been something off about Kendall since the moment she woke up. Greens agrees. They both wonder what to do about Kendall's changes. Erica asks Greenlee to get to the bottom of the problem by making Kendall trust her again; Greens happily agrees. She leaves. A while later Erica leaves Petey in charge and leaves, too. He tries to catch nuts in his mouth but some land on his eye – and his contacts pop out! Colby arrives and helps him look for the lenses. They don't find them, which upsets Petey because of his new look. Colby says she liked the old look better anyway. Petey finally finds one lens. Colby says she has missed him; he says the same thing. She tells him to go back to the glasses, comparing him to Clark Kent. "Clark Kent may not get the girls, but Superman does," she says sweetly.


Zach refuses to let Kendall brush him off. He tells her to talk to him. Kendall angrily talks about her three-month coma, all of the things she has missed – especially Josh. "It's hard to process," she says. "I'm here on this couch but this is someone else's life. I'm just looking in." Zach insists they can work all of this out. Kendall smiles at him, reminding him of how many times she said the same thing to him – and every time he shut her out. He begs her to let him help her come to grips with all of the events; she says all she needs is time. He leaves for work to give her space. Greenlee arrives with a bridesmaid gown for Kendall and won't listen when Kendall says she is tired. Greens orders her to try it on so Kendall slowly gets up and leaves to change. The dress is perfect for Kendall and Greenlee jokes that she'll outshine the bride. "You're the only sister I've got," she says and asks about Zach. Kendall gets quiet and changes the subject back to the dress. Greens pushes her to open up. Frustrated, Kendall tells Greenlee just how frustrated she is with everything that has gone on in the past three months. Kendall lets loose, wondering why Bianca didn't go to a sperm bank; Greens is understanding.


Bianca turns on Reese after she says Kendall shouldn't have woken up and tells her she has no clue what Kendall has gone through. Bianca tells Reese just how horrible Kendall's life has been but Reese says the past is no excuse for how Kendall is acting now. She tells Reese to give Kendall some space; this annoys Reese, who asks why she is being cast as the bad guy. She insists Bianca misunderstood what she was getting at but when Bianca tells her to finish her train of thought Reese won't. "You are choosing your sister over me!" she says angrily, comparing the Kane women to a cult. She insists that Erica and Kendall are trying to ruin their relationship but Bianca refuses to consider that. Bianca says their real problem comes from the way she convinced Zach to be their sperm donor. Reese angrily walks out, saying their life would be perfect if Binks would stop listening to her mom and sister. Erica arrives to go over the seating chart for the wedding but Binks can't concentrate on the plans. Erica pushes until Bianca breaks down and tells her about the fight with Reese. Erica convinces Binks to fight for Reese. Bianca realizes the seating chart has Greenlee behind a pillar. She says if Erica fixes the chart, she'll fix things with Reese.


Reese plays the slots in the casino. Zach finds her and gives her a few tokens. She loses some more money. Frustrated, Reese asks Zach how to deal with all of the Kane women without losing her sanity. She blames herself for not pushing Bianca to tell the family about her pregnancy sooner. Zach insists this isn't her fault and says he wanted to be their donor. He says he'll take care of Kendall. Reese slowly walks back upstairs. She apologizes to Bianca; Binks apologizes, too. She asks if Bianca blames her for all of this; Bianca says there is no blame to be placed. They hug.

On his way out of Oak Haven Ryan is caught by Dr. Sinclair!

Zach returns home and finds Greenlee. He asks if Kendall acted strangely. Greens says Kendall is Kendall – and he isn't off the hook! Zach stares into the fire until Kendall comes back downstairs. He asks how long she is going to punish him and she insists she isn't punishing him. She admits she is angry, though, because he went behind her back. He says none of this is worth anything if he loses her.

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