DNA doesn't lie:::

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

The relationship between Dixie and JR is renewed.
Julia shares Annie's complete medical records with Tadthere's a bombshell inside.
Annie tells Ryan the complete story of her pregnancy.

DNA doesn't lie::: image

Why is Julia sharing confidential medical records?

David brings Krystal's lab specimen to the lab and instructs the tech to do a DNA test on it, ASAP.

Annie "guarantees" Ryan that Emma is her daughter; he's skeptical but wants to believe her.

Annie tells Ryan that she and Terry were desperate for a child, and consulted Madden, who did various things to guarantee she'd have a girl. After Terry went bad, she fled to Pine Valley for Madden's helpbut she's sure he never switched babies.

Ryan promises to never let anyone take Emma away, but warns her they have a fight on their handsespecially if Tad gets his hands on the DNA information.

Dixie bursts into Jonathan's, along with JR, who demands he tell them where Annie and "Kate" are.

They leave angrily, but Dixie tells JR that they have a connection that can never be brokena "magnetic connection" she felt the first time she saw himand the first time she saw Emma. JR assures Dixie that Aiden and Tad will get the answers she needsbut to not do anything illegal or wrong.

JR tells Dixie he's sorry for everything he said to Dixie.

Julia show Tad's all of Annie's medical records, and they see that the DNA doesn't match Annie. It's very possible that Emma is his daughter!

Julia points out that it doesn't make sense for Annie to order a second DNA test. After Tad leaves, David comes over, and Julia shows him the test info. He walks away, surprised.

Aidan and Di argue about the possibility of Emma being Kate. Jonathan goes to see Aidan and tells him to get his friends to back off Annie. Di explains to him that there's a real chance that the little girl is Tad and Dixie's.

You cannot tear them apart, insists Jonathan. Aiden says he's doing it for Tad. If so, says, Jonathan, their friendship is over.

Krystal hugs Tad when he visits her in the hospital to find out if the baby is his. "The baby is Adam's," she tells him. She knows how disappointed he must be.

Adam's at BJ's, buying a snack for Krystal. He sees Sean, grabs and threatens him with legal action if Sean gets anywhere near Colby. Bianca intercedes and tells Adam to back off.

Adam sadly returns to Krystal's room and says he knows this little girl is not his baby. Krystal is speechless for a moment, but is relieved when Adam says that he's talking about Colby. Krystal tells him that he has to deal with the fact that Colby's no angel. He's shocked and has trouble figuring out how to deal with it. Krystal tells him he has to communicate with Colby and not give up until she understands that her father loves her. Krystal says she understands Colby because she was once the same sort of personand didn't have a father to love her.

Bianca talks to Sean about the source of all the problems he's having, and offers to help. He suggests he go back to France with her, but she says she plans to stay in Pine Valley for a while.

Colby approaches them, and insults Bianca before realizing who she is. Sean asks her what's happening, and tells her about his fight with Adam.


Julia realizes she may have set Tad up for a fall.
Dixie wants to talk to Kendall.

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