Mamma Drama!

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Erica pulls a few surprises out of her hat at Bianca's shower, Kendall opens her eyes, Tad is tired of Krystal, Dr. Sinclair tries to force Annie's hand and Krystal tries to leave David!

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At the penthouse Ryan asks Greenlee why she isn't dressed for the shower; she says she doesn't want to attend! "These things are about friends and my best friend won't be there," she says, wishing Kendall was awake. Greenlee finally goes.

Reese and Bianca are enjoying a quiet morning in bed when Erica arrives and hollers at them that the shower guests will be there soon. Zach arrives and Erica says she has a few surprises in store! She insists the day is about celebration and forgiveness. Bianca and Reese come downstairs and are thrilled at the decorations. Zach makes a quick exit as Amanda and Randi arrive. They offer to help finish setting up. Opal and Colby arrive and the present opening begins. Greenlee arrives and sadly looks at the picture of Kendall. Erica hands her a gift – sexy lingerie! Reese opens another gift as a strange woman arrives – it is Reese's mother, Claire! "Oh, it's just like your last shower," Claire says. Claire joins the party as Erica tells Bianca that this is a good step forward. Binks returns to the party. Greenlee turns to Erica and accuses her of trying to come between Bianca and Reese! Erica calls Greenlee a pot-stirrer and storms off. Bianca offers to introduce Claire to Gabrielle but she declines. More presents are opened as Claire watches the girls judgmentally. One gift is a dress for Gabby; Amanda looks longingly at it. Just then Greenlee's mom, Mary, arrives! Colby wins the first shower game. Seeing Randi and Amanda joking around, Claire asks if they are gay, too! Reese tells Claire that women can be good friends and not be lovers. "Well, excuse me if this lifestyle choice of yours is still confusing for me," Claire says. Reese runs out. Mary asks if she can come to the wedding, informing Greenlee that she is staying in Pine Valley for a while. "Adam's moved on," Erica says snidely but Mary doesn't seem to care. She leaves and soon after Greenlee does. Bianca turns on Claire; Erica tries to play mediator and Bianca says she'll get to her later! She tells Claire to get a grip and get over herself. Reese comes downstairs. Erica pulls Bianca outside so they can talk. "I'm sorry that you don't understand," Reese says. On the terrace Bianca yells at Erica – and then Erica throws snow on her! She says Bianca is getting too hyper. Bianca turns away, saying she has somewhere else to be!


Krystal watches David at Wildwind, holding the divorce papers. She tells him the papers are signed and she is okay with that. "Stop lying," he demands! She apologizes, saying she didn't want to dump her feelings on him; David says all they have is their honesty. Krystal wonders if things would be the same had Babe lived. David tells her to stop looking at the past and start looking toward the future. He wonders if she wants to go back to Tad and Krystal angrily says she doesn't want that. He tells her to figure out what she wants and walks out.


Dr. Sinclair watches Annie rocking on the floor of her room. A nurse reports that Aidan was quiet all night. Tad arrives to say he wants to follow her around for the day. Dr. Sinclair tells him to drop the act because she knows what he wants! She says he won't sway her diagnosis of Annie's psychosis. "She is not insane and I intend to prove it," Dr. Sinclair declares. Tad wonders why she is so adamant; she tells him to back off and brings up Dixie's betrayal and offers to get him in touch with a psychiatrist. Tad walks away. Dr. Sinclair goes into Annie's room and tells her it is time for visualization. She describes the scene the night of Richie's death. Annie hears Aidan's voice reminding her not to tell the doctor anything. Dr. Sinclair tells Annie that she hated her brother and murdered him! She throws a tire iron onto the floor! Annie gets very nervous. Dr. Sinclair tells Annie exactly how she killed Richie but she refuses to admit she did it. Sinclair keeps pushing and accusing until Annie pushes her away – and grabs the tire iron! Annie realizes what she has done and drops the tire iron. Two orderlies come in and drug her! Annie comes around to find Dr. Sinclair sitting on her bed. "I want to help you," the doctor says and brings up the crime scene photos of Richie's murder. Annie tries to turn away but Dr. Sinclair won't let her. She demands that Annie admit she killed Richie. Annie is about to confess when someone sets off the fire alarm!

Tad goes to the penthouse and asks Ryan about Dr. Sinclair's visit. He says they didn't say anything about Tad or his past; he says this is a clear indication that Dr. Sinclair is up to something! Tad says they need more information from Sinclair's past to help Annie. Tad leaves. Greenlee arrives, upset. She tells Ryan about Erica's surprises and her latest dream. Then, without waiting, she grabs her things and leaves!


At the hospital David tells Zach that Kendall's heart and other organs are working well but there is still no indication that she'll wake up. Zach leaves. Brot sees David and tells him that miracles can happen. As David looks over Kendall, Brot asks medical questions. David questions him about the coma he was in; Brot says he remembers the dreams he had. "Waking up, it almost felt like dying," Brot says. David wonders if Kendall wants to wake up. Later on Bianca and Greenlee arrive; both are missing Kendall and wonder if she would have set Erica straight. As they are talking, Kendall's eyes begin to open!

Tad returns home to find Krystal there. She says Winifred asked her to come by because of an emergency. She turns to go and Tad asks when she is going to move her stuff to David's! She hems and haws. Frustrated, Tad tells her to get out and come back when he won't be there!

David returns to Wildwind to find Krystal going through cabinets and cupboards. He pulls the pill bottle out of his pocket and tosses it to her. She starts to take one and then asks if these are the real sedatives or if these are the pills that Angie found. "These are much worse, right?" she says and throws the bottle back in his face. She yells that she hates him and beats on his chest. David takes her in his arms and kisses her until she kisses him back!

Erica returns to the Valley Inn and looks at pictures of her children. She picks up the photo of Josh and imagines he is there with her. His image slowly disappears.


Back inside Zach's house Reese yells at her mother that her life isn't a choice, it is who she is but Claire won't listen. Reese says Claire won't break her spirit the way she broke Forrest's – and Claire slaps her! Zach walks in and sees it.

Next on All My Children:

Reese has feelings for Zach!

Zach and Kendall reunite!

Tad accuses Krystal of destroying their family!

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