Truth telling

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Babe and Kendall discuss their shared attraction to "bad boys."

Tad sees the genetic testing results for Emma.

Ryan finds Annie, and she finally tells him the truth.

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Tad's managed to access his and Emma DNA test results.

Kendall and Babe discuss Josh. Kendall tells Babe that she's stupid to choose JR over Josha man who truly loves her. They both agree that they're attracted to bad boys.

Babe tells her that JR's changed and is devoted to Little Adam.

Kendall replies all they can do is love their menuntil something else happens. She doesn't give second chancesexcept to Zach.

An irritated Simone tells Kendall about Josh leaving Fusion. They both blame Babe.

Bianca goes to see Josh, and finds him combing through mass of research he promises to use to "destroy the Chandlers."

She tells him that she's spoken to Babe, unsuccessfullyand that destroying JR won't bring Babe any closer to him. He has to wait and let Babe discover JR's evilness on her own.

Josh is still angry and wants to reveal that his father was the father of all the children born due to his fertility clinic treatments. Bianca says that would be cruel to the families who only trusted Greg, and wanted a baby.

He decides not to keep Greg's money but to share it with a mother a childBianca and Miranda.

At the hospital, David taunts Tad with news of Krystal's pregnancy. Their conversation turns ugly and old grievances are aired. David insists Joe Martin killed his daughter. Now they have that in commonand he regrets helping Tad find Kate.

Tad sees them, they talk briefly, and then he asks Julia for help in searching the DNA database and comparing his markers to Emma's. As far as she can see, it's a match. Of course, that's based on the genetic material tested being genuine.

David sweet talks a nurse and gets possession of Krystal's lab results.

Ryan finds Annie at Jonathan's. He begs her to come back to Pine Valley. Jonathan reminds him that he "killed a man" and is agitated, and Ryan asks him to step back and let him take care of this situation. Ryan agrees.

Annie explains to Ryan that protecting Emma is her only priority and she'd die before giving her up. Ryan tells her to come home and he'll make sure nothing bad happens. Is there something she's telling him?

Was anyone else in the room when she delivered Emma? He suggests DNA tests for her and Emma. She says can't do itand he won't understand. Finally, she admits that if she takes the test, her DNA won't match Emma's.

Adam and Krystal see the baby's ultrasound pictures, and Krystal is admitted to the hospital. She tells Adam that she wants to name their baby "Charlotte" after his sister.

When Adam leaves for a brief errand, Tad comes into her room and asks "is the baby mine?"

Erica walks into Kendall's house and is shocked to see Zach, and refuses to believe the news about the reconciliation. She believes he's broken in and calls 911.

She gives Zach an earful about how much he hurt Kendall, and that he should leave. He tells Erica that he wants to spend the rest of his life making Kendall happy. The police officer arrives, and she explains the mistake. Erica is skeptical of Zach's motives and lets him know. They agree to an uneasy truce.


Tad discovers that Annie had a DNA test run a year ago.
Adam wonders if this is his baby.

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