The truth comes out

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

JR learns the truth about the trial.
Adam and Krystal are at the hospital for her tests.

  • Bianca and Babe have a heart-to-heart.
The truth comes out image

Adam is thrilled about impending fatherhood.

Bianca asks Babe who else she's messing with. Babe says she cares about Josh and would never hurt him. Bianca says she knows that they're having an affair. "Past tense," reminds Babe. It's over and she wants her marriage to work.

She tells Bianca how much Josh helped her when JR was cut off from her, and how she's made a mess of everything. Bianca tells her that she knows they love each other. Maybe JR is on his best behavior nowbut when will that change?

Babe is convinced JR has really changed, and that if she left JR, it would kill him. She will stay with him. But, Bianca asks, what if that choice destroys Josh? Babe is certain that Josh has the Kane survival genes, and will be fine. But will she be fine? Bianca wonders if she'll be able to forget about Josh. Babe urges Bianca to be there for Josh, who's going to be hurting.

Aiden and Di come over to Tad's, and she sees Kate's birth certificate. They ask if she can help them find Annie and what else she knows. Di admits that she never saw Annie pregnant, and that she said Terry was not Emma's father. Tad shows how tortured he is by being unable to find his daughter, and Aiden vows not to give up until they find her.

JR shows up at Tad's, wanting to know what's going on. He's angry, and thinks Tad's assertions about Kate are an attempt to hurt his mother. Jamie comes in, and the truth about the trial is revealed. He's completely surprised, now sorry for the way he acted. He asks if Tad knows the identity of the real killer of Madden. Is it who he thinks it is?

Tad goes over to the hospital to see if David has any more of Emma's DNA material. David says he doesn'tand then spills the beans about Krystal's pregnancy.

At the Chandler manse, David tells JR to stop messing with Babeand says Babe's happiness may be due to Josh, not JR. And he mentions that he's found Katebut JR definitely doesn't want to hear anything more about his sister.

Krystal having second thoughts about genetic testing, saying she loves her babyno matter what. Would Adam? He goes off to talke a walk and think.

Jamie runs into her and is shocked to hear about Kate. Krystal suggests he ask Tad for details.

Adam returns with a stuffed animal and admits he didn't know how to respond to her question. On his walk, he remembers how pure and special Stuart isand if their child is special, he will love him or her with all his heart.

David comes around, asking snide questions about whether Tad is aware of Krystal's pregnancy. When their obstetrician comes over, they announce their decision not to take the test. He thinks it's a bad idea, since they could identify and treat problems early. She decides to take the tests.

Tad goes over to the hospital to see if David has any more of Emma's DNA material. David says he doesn'tand then spills the beans about Krystal's pregnancy.

Jamie observes Josh kissing Julia at the beach. Josh is in a bad mood, and they bicker about who the special woman in his life is. He says it's over, but she can tell it's not and he's still in love. He comes back at her asking about Jamie. They both agree that healing will be difficult.


Josh tells Bianca he's not giving up.
Babe and Kendall have it out.

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