The Heart And Soul Of Pine Valley!

Friday, December 19th, 2008

The town of Pine Valley gathers to remember Myrtle Fargate.

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Zach picks up the morning paper and sees Myrtle's obituary; he pours a Bloody Mary for both of them and thinks about Myrt. He remembers the time she broke into his casino bar to make the same drink and give him advice about Kendall. That was when Zach realized he had a future with Kendall. A secretary comes in and delivers a package – from Myrtle!

At Zach's Reese brings Bianca a blanket. She is on the terrace looking at Myrtle's obituary. She can't imagine telling Erica the news about Kendall now. Reese hugs her and they both notice a package – from Myrtle!


Zach takes the package to Kendall in the hospital and tells her about Myrtle's passing. He opens the box and finds a photo album inside, inscribed with "It's All Worth It" on the cover. Inside are mementos from his life; Zach remembers the first time he met Myrtle and all of the times she set him straight about things. He places a bracelet from the package on Kendall's wrist and wonders how he can cope without Myrtle around. He realizes Myrtle gave him one last lesson – on patience. He leaves the room and runs into David, who reminds him he has to tell everyone about Kendall's prognosis. Zach says there is always hope. "You just have to be patient," he says.


Opal finds a package from Myrtle on her doorstep. She thinks about the times Myrtle gave her advice and takes the package inside. Petey is waiting inside and tells her to open it but Opal isn't ready to do that. She reluctantly opens it and finds baggage with stickers inside. In the baggage is the crystal ball from Myrtle's carnival days! Opal tells Petey about Myrtle's first days in Pine Valley and then gets quiet – she can see Myrtle's past in the ball! She sees Phoebe and Myrtle!


Erica arrives at the boutique; Jack is already inside and opens the door for her. She can't believe the changes in the store already. She finds a package on the counter – for her from Myrtle! Bianca arrives with her gift; Jack takes a walk. Inside Bianca's package is the music box carousel, very similar to the one from Miranda's shower. They cry and then Erica recalls her time as an addict and how Myrtle helped her through those days. Erica hugs Binks. Binks tells Erica how Myrtle stood by her when she came out. "Thank God for Myrtle," Erica says and tells Bianca they have to think of happier days. Binks brings up her Thanksgiving arrest with Myrt and Opal! Feeling stronger, Erica opens her package and finds the dress she wore at the awards dinner, minus the stain.


Jesse, Angie and Frankie take flowers to Myrtle's boarding house, remembering the times they played there with Jenny. Angie thinks about the times that Myrtle defended Angie to her father. They lay the flowers down and talk about Myrt. Amanda arrives with flowers, too. She remembers Myrtle telling her to work harder on friendships rather than hurting others. Ryan and Greenlee arrive; he thinks about his first days in Pine Valley and how Myrtle called him on his cons. She told him to hold on to love no matter what. He lays down his flowers, thinking about her. Greenlee tells them how distrusting Myrtle was of her at first and everyone laughs. Ryan asks Jesse and Angie about their memories and then Kelly Tyler arrives and says she is lucky for being able to love Myrtle all of her life. Kelly remembers when Myrtle stood up for her and encouraged her to go after what she wanted – a singing career! She places her flowers with the others. "She will be so missed," Kelly says and hugs Angie.


Zach, Jack and Erica meet Bianca and Reese at the casino where workers are setting up carnival areas to pay tribute to Myrtle. Binks reports that they haven't been able to find Skye and Rae is in London, unable to attend. Ryan and Greenlee, the Hubbards, Kelly and Opal arrive. They all gather with carnival folk, as Bianca sings "Once Upon A Time" to them. Aggie appears and blows a kiss to Myrtle's picture. Erica and Opal hug Bianca and then Erica takes the stage. "We are here to celebrate Pine Valley's heart, Myrtle Fargate," she says and talks about Myrt's carnie days. "Myrtle was a giver and a healer and a source of laughter," she says and wonders if Mona and Myrtle are enjoying heaven together. She asks Zach to come to the stage but he is gone. Opal turns to the crowd and says Myrtle is at peace now.


Zach locks himself in the elevator and cries. He pulls himself back together and returns to the gathering. Erica, Bianca and Opal are the only people left. Erica and Bianca leave to be with the kiddos. Zach stares at Myrt's picture for a while and then slowly walks to it, wondering who will lead Pine Valley now. He recites a poem silently, telling Myrtle that she will be with him forever. He slowly walks away and Myrtle whispers, "The angels are on your side."

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