Let's Be Honest!

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Erica questions Reese about Simon, Adam insinuates that David is manipulating Krystal, Reese and Zach are honest with Bianca and Brot tries to outrun the MP's!

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Jake and Taylor get rid of the MP's but by the time they do Brot has disappeared as well. Taylor worries about him. Jake says Brot will be okay and he'll come back but Taylor isn't so sure. She thanks Jake for helping them and says he is a good friend. He leaves.

At the hospital Joe calls David to hand over Chief of Staff duties. Angie sees David who excitedly tells her the news – and then tells her to get Joe's office cleaned out! Jake gets to work; David tells him that he is now in charge and Jake better shape up. Jake tries calling Joe but he is distracted because of the surgery. Jake turns to Angie and they decide David must have something on Joe!


At the apartment Randi and Frankie are kissing. An interview with Erica comes on television and she says they are looking for the next Face of Fusion. Angry, Randi says that was her job, pushes away from Frankie and dresses for work. Brot arrives and asks for Frankie's help to outrun the MP's. Frankie brings up Taylor. Brot says he has to get away before Taylor is hurt again. Frankie says if he has to go, he better go fast because Taylor can't take him coming and going all the time. Brot turns away as Frankie tells him how angry he is that Brot is willing to run out on Taylor once again.

Brot returns to Taylor's and says he is only there to say goodbye. She tells him not to do this. He sets her down and says he can't get past his injuries. "It's over," he says. Taylor offers to find a lawyer for him but he tells her to forget about the MP's because that won't change his mind about leaving. She says she won't let him run away from her! She says if he runs now he will keep on running forever.

The MP's return to the hospital and question Jake. He says he hasn't seen Brot. Just then Brot and Taylor arrive!


In the Chandler parlor, Erica sees how distracted Bianca is; Bianca reluctantly tells her about Reese's past with Simon. Erica says everyone has a past and Bianca should accept it. Randi arrives and demands to know why she has been removed from the Fusion campaign. Erica tells her about the porno pictures that were sent to Greenlee; Randi says she has never shot porn. Erica admits that the films seem to have been shot by hidden cameras but says that doesn't matter. "We can't take another PR nightmare," Erica says. Randi storms out. Adam tells JR about a toy he wanted to buy but says someone already put the gift on hold. JR says it wasn't him and both of them get worried about who it might have been. Amanda arrives. She and JR take Little A outside to build a snowman. Krystal arrives to see Little A. Adam asks how she is doing and Krystal tells him she knows that JR mentioned she has been seeing David and tells him to get everything off his chest! JR looks inside and sees Krystal with Adam. Adam says he understands her connection to David and then says if he were David he would manipulate her into spending time with Little A for him. Krystal angrily goes to the terrace to see Little A. JR comes in and Adam says they now have Krystal exactly where they want her.


At Cambias Reese sees how distracted Zach is because of Kendall and tells him to go to the hospital. He says it won't help. She suggests that he tell her the things he needs to say. Angry, Zach calls her Kendall and says he wished they had more kids and more time and that he could hold her. "I wish I didn't feel so lost right now," he says and breaks down a little. Reese hugs him. Erica walks in and sees them. Zach pulls away and leaves to see the boys. Erica hides and when Reese is alone asks her to take on the condo renovations. Erica segues quickly into Bianca's distraction and brings up Simon. Reese says this isn't Erica's business and calls Simon a mistake from her past! Erica implies that Reese better watch her step. "I will always be around," she says and walks away.


Zach arrives home and Bianca is there. Spike and Miranda are watching DVD's and the babies are napping. He turns to leave again but Bianca stops him and asks about the secrets he has with Reese. He pretends there are no secrets but Bianca won't let it go. She shows him the picture of the three of them and says Reese has a secret. Reese arrives and Bianca says she asked Zach about the secrets they have been holding. Zach grabs his coat but Reese stops him and says they have to tell Bianca. Zach places his hand on Reese's shoulder and finally tells Bianca about Kendall's heart. "She is dying," he says and Bianca breaks down. She can't believe they didn't tell her sooner. Reese holds her as she cries. Erica calls Zach and, crying, tells him that Myrtle has died!

Randi returns home, upset, and tells Frankie everything about the porn pictures. She says her life is over and tells him to dump her. He stands by her. She asks him to spend the night with her but Frankie says he has to go to work.

Krystal goes to David's. He makes drugged eggnog and they sit by the fire. David tells her about the COS position. Krystal is surprised that Joe stepped down and wishes David the best. He goes into another room and brings out a gift for Little A – the motorized car that Adam wanted to buy! – and asks her to deliver it to the boy. She remembers what Adam said about manipulation. David asks Krystal to dance with him and holds her closely. She can't take her eyes off of the car and then David tries to kiss her! She pushes him away and runs from Wildwind! David follows her to the door and watches as she crashes her car!

Next on All My Children:

Myrtle's friends and family remember her; Kitty returns to Pine Valley.

Aggie makes another Pine Valley appearance.

Zach makes plans to ensure that Myrtle will be remembered forever.

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