Everybody Needs A Person!

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Jake gets drunk, Brot and Taylor finally speak openly, Bianca learns that Reese was engaged to a man, Amanda pushes JR toward the bottle and Ryan daydreams of Greenlee!

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At the hospital, Zach talks to a nurse about Kendall's condition.

Brot and Taylor are talking on the phone and seem to be making progress but when she asks him to come into the room from the hall he hangs up on her. Frankie comes in. Taylor tells him she thinks they are making progress but Brot won't let go of the past. Frankie says they should let Brot find his own way but Taylor disagrees. She says what happened to him could have happened to either of them and so they have to fight for him. Frankie brings up his redeployment and says he is more nervous than ever because he'll have to leave his family – and Randi! Brot arrives later and asks if Taylor really wants the unvarnished truth of what happened to him; she says she does. "What if I can't take it?" he asks. He tells her that the heat from the explosion was intense and he couldn't hear anything for a while. He says his mind shut down very quickly because he couldn't take the pain. "I heard your voice over the radio, telling me to hang on, so I did," he says. While he was in recovery a nurse brought him a mirror and he saw how disfigured he was. "I was angry. That face wasn't me," he says. Taylor says his face doesn't matter, he matters. Brot says the face is who he is now.


At Zach's Reese tells Bianca she had no right to call her parents. Binks says she was trying to help smooth things over; Reese says it wasn't her place! Bianca says she has to make things right with her family because family is very important. Reese says she can't do this; Binks says she'll do it for her and Reese becomes even angrier. Binks says she can't let her father walk out of her life, grabs her coat and leaves for the hospital. Zach arrives. She asks about the hospital and he says he let his emotions get the best of him. He picks up a picture of Kendall and holds it.


Randi and Natalia are talking about Frankie; Randi mentions they haven't made love. She says that every time they get close to making love alarm bells go off and she has to stop. Natalia says she is thinking too much and needs to let go of the past. Natalia tells Randi that Frankie loves her. Frankie arrives with pizza but the girls are nowhere to be found. She finally calls to him from the bedroom – where she has candles lit and is wearing a sexy negligee! "This is my kind of pizza party," he says and she tells him the apartment is theirs for the night! They make love.

At the bar, JR backs away from Jake and leads Amanda away. They sit down at a table and wine is served. JR sticks with lemon water. Amanda pushes away the bottle of wine after a half glass and says she is trying to be better. After dinner JR offers to drive Amanda home but she has her own car. JR decides to stay at ConFusion but tells Amanda to ignore Jake from now on. When she is gone JR sits down at the table and stares at the half-full wine bottle and then pours a glass! He smells the glass.

Greenlee arrives at ConFusion, sees Jake and asks what happened. He tells her about JR and Amanda; he realizes she is there because of Ryan and they order drinks to drown their sorrows. Jake rambles for a while, telling Greenlee that she has to have 'a person'. He says he has to go. Greenlee starts drinking alone.

Ryan is alone when Jake shows up at the penthouse drunk. He stumbles in through the door and rambles about love conquering all. He tells Ryan to go after Greenlee because she is alone at ConFusion. "You go down there and be with your person," Jake says.

Ryan goes to ConFusion and kisses Greenlee! He sits her on the bar to kiss her more deeply. His daydream ends and he leaves the bar without speaking to Greens!


Bianca goes to Forrest's room at the Valley Inn and declares her love for Reese. He interrupts and says he and his wife don't support Reese's lifestyle; Bianca says if that were true he wouldn't be in Pine Valley. She mentions Gabrielle and says the baby has the right to know all of her family members. He won't listen to her and says Reese started all of this by ending her engagement to Simon! Bianca is stunned. He says Reese called the wedding off two weeks before the big day without any kind of explanation and then disappeared. "It is Reese who turned her back on us first," he says. Binks still believes they should accept Reese's choice.


Bianca returns to Zach's but Reese is busy with the kids. She asks Zach about his connection to Reese and asks if he knew about her past engagement. Zach says he didn't know that. "If she can keep this a secret what else isn't she telling me?" Bianca asks as Reese comes back in the room. Bianca tells her about seeing Forrest and learning of her engagement. Zach leaves to check on the kids as Reese says Bianca had no right to go there. Binks says Reese should have told her everything before her father had the chance. Reese apologizes. Bianca asks if she slept with him and Reese says she did. She says she was living a complete lie and once she broke free she wanted to leave all of that in the past. She also says she didn't want to place any doubt in Bianca's mind about her because of the women in her past. "I love you," Reese cries. "I can live without my parents but I cannot live without you." They kiss.

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