What's Going On Here?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Bianca questions Reese, Aidan shows up at Oak Haven, Krystal leans on David and Rebecca wakes up!

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At Zach's Reese tells Bianca everything is fine; Binks doesn't believe her. She pretends to read Reese's mind and says Reese really wants to take a romantic walk. Reese kisses her and says she is right. They hug and Binks wonders what is really going on.

Zach sits with Kendall in her room. Reese calls and says Bianca knows something is going on and she can't keep lying. Zach says she has to stick with their decision and promises to handle Binks! He turns around and Bianca asks what he needs to handle! Zach says Reese believes Bianca is mad at her because of the night at the cabin. Zach says Reese did lie to Binks because he broke down at the cabin and didn't want anyone to know. "I'm still getting that vibe, now from you," Binks says. Zach says that's all that happened and says there is no change in Kendall's condition. She kisses him and sits with Kendall.


Annie is confused when Emma calls her mom. Emma asks her to come home but Ryan says she has to go to another hospital. Annie hugs Emma, tells her she looks pretty and says she misses her. "It's okay, Mommy," Emma says and Annie says she has to go to school. Ryan hands Emma off to Greenlee and then Annie, still calling him Daddy, asks him to take her to school. She asks if Emma is in her class. Ryan says she'll see Emma again as the orderlies wheel Annie away. Ryan finds Greenlee and Emma; he gives Emma a book and then turns on Greenlee, asking how she could let Emma get away like that. She apologizes and says it just happened. She tells him to go to Oak Haven. Ryan says goodbye to Emma, who calls Greens her best friend.

After a hospital board meeting, JR asks Joe about David's absence. Joe isn't sure why David skipped the meeting but says he is glad they didn't have to deal with him! "Maybe he's stuck in a snowbank," JR says hopefully. Joe is worried about what David might be up to and JR agrees that they have to keep an eye on him.


After making Krystal milk, David settles on the sofa with her. Kathy comes downstairs and asks him to play a game with her. Krystal suggests they read a book instead and Kathy goes to get the book. Krystal thanks him for being so nice. David brings up Tad and Krystal says Tad understands what is going on with her. David doesn't believe her; she asks for more milk. David questions her more but Krystal won't budge. He realizes she lied to Tad; she says Tad wouldn't understand. David suggests that Tad is a jerk for not understanding her needs. Kathy returns, tells David she likes him and hugs him. Krystal sends Kathy upstairs to get ready for bed and David turns to stare into the fire. "I have to go," he says when she invites him to stay a while longer.


Natalia accuses Angie of wanting Rebecca dead and Frankie rushes into the room. Angie leaves and Natalia says her mother is breathing. Frankie says the machines are breathing for her. Angie tells Jesse she has made things worse; Jesse says she's done all she could. Zach watches them from the admissions desk. Angie says she can't be the one who turns off Rebecca's machines because Natalia will never forgive her; Jesse says he'll help. Natalia tells Frankie how Rebecca has always been around for her. Frankie says Angie gives him the same kind of support; she asks to be alone so Frankie joins Angie and Jesse in the hall. Randi brings coffee for everyone; he kisses her. Angie asks Randi to stay and calls her family. Natalia comes into the hall and says she is ready; she asks the family to go inside with her. Jesse thanks Rebecca for saving him and giving him Natalia. Angie thanks Rebecca for giving Jesse back to her. Natalia cries and promises to make Rebecca proud. She kisses her hand; Jesse holds her. Angie removes the tube from Rebecca's mouth and turns off the machines as Natalia cries. Rebecca begins to cough! She asks what happened.

At Oak Haven Annie keeps calling Ryan 'Daddy' and tells him all about her first day of school. An orderly takes Annie into her room and Ryan tries to follow but the doctor won't let him in. Ryan asks if he can say goodbye and is allowed to go inside. Annie is looking for the other kids; Ryan says she'll be fine. She promises to get all gold stars and asks where her desk is. Ryan hugs her and Annie pulls away, saying he is hugging too hard. He asks her to do her best and then leaves the room. Later, Annie freaks out and calls for her father over and over. She repeats the words, "No doctors," over and over and then Aidan walks in! "I'm here to help you," he says.


David returns to Wildwind and stares at pictures of Babe. He plays "What Child Is This" on the piano and then slams his hands against the keys. Krystal arrives and says she was worried about him. He says she shouldn't be there; she says he is in trouble and she wants to help. He says he doesn't want to talk. She mentions his lack of holiday decorations; he tells her to go home. "Why do you hate Christmas so much?" she asks. David says decorations don't mean anything but then tells her that anyone he would want to spend the holiday with are gone. Krystal says she understands and they kiss. She pulls away, feeling dizzy. David says she needs to go home and rest. He insists on driving her.

Bianca returns home with Zach to finish decorating the tree. Miranda gives Zach a Red Wings ornament and he hangs it on the tree. Bianca talks about Kendall and Zach changes the subject to cookies; he tells Reese things are fine when Bianca isn't paying attention. Reese asks Binks to help her hang the mistletoe. Bianca wishes Kendall could be here and then asks why Reese called Zach. Reese says she thought Zach could make her feel better. Bianca reminds Reese that she has lied before, making Reese feel bad. Zach returns and they light the tree. Miranda takes some pictures.

JR arrives at Tad's to find Krystal gone. The nanny says she'll be back soon and JR says they will wait. Krystal and David arrive, surprising JR!

Ryan returns home and hugs Emma. He looks at the drawings that Greens and Emma have made as Greenlee prepares to leave. Emma asks her to stay.

Next on All My Children:

JR finds Krystal with David and lashes out at her.

Reese's father, Forrest, arrives in Pine Valley.

Zach orders David to fix Kendall!

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