Can You Give Me A Chance?

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Bianca drinks David's drugged milk, David and Krystal grow closer, Zach worries about Kendall, Jake has it out with Brot and Rebecca believes she will die before Christmas.

Can You Give Me A Chance? image

At Wildwind Krystal tells David she feels uneasy about the day before and asks if anything happened between them. David thinks about her asking him to make love to her but doesn't tell her about it; instead, he says she must just be tired. He makes some more milk for her and drugs it. They talk about Babe and Leora. Bianca arrives, having crashed her car in the snow. Krystal takes the baby so Binks can find a bottle. David offers a warm drink and before he can intervene, Bianca drinks Krystal's drugged milk! Bianca begins to relax because of the drugs and rambles about Reese and Kendall and Paris. She feels bad about rambling and apologizes; Krystal says it is fine and then holds the baby. David checks the weather and says they are all stuck there for the night; Bianca is so relaxed she doesn't care. She talks about a vacation she took with Reese and then falls asleep. Krystal starts to cry and David asks if she is okay; she says it's just memories and hugs the baby tightly so she can hear the heartbeat. She cries harder and David offers to take the baby but Krystal won't give her up. David apologizes for not being there when Babe was born; she says they got by but then wonders how different their lives would have been if he had been around. "I would have taken care of you, but you did a wonderful job," he says and holds her hand.


At the apartment, Angie and Jesse are talking about Christmas as the snow begins to fall heavily. Rebecca comes out and says her grandmother said snow like this was God's way of covering over messes. Frankie and Natalia return from a tree picking snowball fight. They argue about who would have won if they had continued and then go back outside to play around some more. Angie turns to Jesse and says they are in a good place now. They decorate the tree and Natalia asks if they can put some of their family ornaments with the Hubbard ornaments. Angie allows it; Jesse and Natalia talk about old times which makes both Rebecca and Angie sad. Rebecca follows Angie into her bedroom and apologizes for what Natalia did; Angie says it is okay because Christmas is about family – their entire family. Rebecca breaks down and says Natalia hung the old ornaments because she is afraid Rebecca won't live until Christmas. She reaches out to Angie and says, "I had Jesse for 20 Christmases but you get to have him for all the rest!" Cassandra calls and apologizes for not coming home for Christmas. Angie is upset because she's never spent a holiday without Cass. "I think she just doesn't want to deal with the drama," Angie says and tells Jesse that she isn't sure she can get through all of this. Jesse tells her to feel however she wants to feel and not try to shut things out. Natalia calls out for help because Rebecca has passed out. They go to her and Angie says there is nothing they can do. "You can't let her die!" Natalia exclaims.


Zach and Reese are hunting for the right Christmas tree in the woods when the snow becomes very bad. They make it to a hunting cabin where Zach builds a fire and Reese searches for edible food and drink. She says Rachael will care for the kids and Binks will soon realize something is wrong and come find them. Zach is worried about Kendall, though. "I should be with her when she dies," he says! Reese makes coffee and asks Zach to tell her about Kendall. He tells her how Kendall saved him and gave him his first taste of happiness. He talks about the boys and how beautiful Kendall is. "She's the partner I never thought I'd have," he says. Reese tells him to have faith; Zach says he isn't giving up but he isn't stupid either. Reese tries to comfort him but Zach won't let her get close; he insists that he has to prepare for Kendall's death for Bianca, Erica and the boys. "After you've prepared for the worst, why not hope for the best?" she says. Zach grabs his coat and leaves. Zach returns, practically frozen, and says he can't get the car to budge. He finally falls asleep and Reese watches over him.


At the hospital Taylor confronts Brot about the ring, saying he wouldn't have purchased it if he didn't love her. She throws the ring at him. He says he never gave it to her but she says that doesn't matter. They argue and he tries to leave. Taylor blocks his way and tells him to look her in the eyes and tell her he doesn't love her. Brot stares at her and then quietly walks out as Taylor cries. Taylor finds the ring on the floor and puts it on her finger. She leaves to find Jake but can't. She calls Frankie but he hasn't heard from Jake, either.


Brot runs into Jake at the elevator and when they are inside, they get stuck because of the weather. Jake uses the phone to call and learns they could be stuck for a while. Brot is nervous and wants out. Jake tells him he has to stay in Pine Valley – for Taylor's sake! Brot wonders what Jake is up to. Jake says he fell for Taylor but he knows that Brot is the right man for her! "I'm not going to compete with you," he says when Brot says he'd win in the looks department. Jake says Brot is the love of Taylor's life and tells him she can see past his scars. He says Taylor needs him as much as he needs her and if he leaves Taylor will follow him. Brot tells Jake about the explosion and sees Taylor during the blast. Jake tells him to stop running. The elevator starts back up.

Brot returns to Taylor's room and says he forgot who he was. "You are Sergeant Brot Monroe," she says but he says this Brot isn't the same Brot from the past. She says she isn't the same Taylor, either. "But I'd like to find out who you've become," she says. He agrees to stick around. Jake listens from the hallway and then walks away.

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