That's What you Get!

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Aidan confronts Greenlee and Ryan, Natalia makes a suggestion and Annie makes a tough decision.

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Ryan begs Greenlee not to shut him out. She tells him that this can’t happen but he reminds her that it already has. She insists that she is married but Ryan says that she is married to the wrong person. Aidan listens on his Bluetooth as Ryan tells her that he needs to hear her say she loves him. Aidan throws his Bluetooth across the room and rushes out the door. He doesn’t hear Greenlee tell Ryan that she loves Aidan! Ryan says that she can’t possibly love Aidan like she does him. He tells her that they are fighting against fate. She says that she wants her marriage to work, but he reminds her that she was kissing him. They argue back and forth about who was kissing who. Aidan walks in just as Ryan asks her again to admit that she loves him. Aidan tells Ryan to keep his hands off of his wife. He explains to them that the earrings were bugged. Greenlee orders Ryan to leave so that she can handle this with Aidan.

Zach and Kendall take Emma to the courthouse. Emma runs up to her mother when she sees her standing there. They explain to Emma that she can’t go home right now, but hopefully soon after they speak to the judge. Kendall takes Emma off to keep her busy coloring while the hearing takes place. Annie tells Zach that Emma needs her mother and should be with her. Zach stresses to her that Emma needs stability. Annie is insulted and wants to know what that is supposed to mean. He confesses that he was in the doctor’s office and knows that she killed her brother. She accuses him of being like everyone-else and spying on her. He sits her down and tells her that she did the right thing and that the world is better off without her brother in it. He wants to know who else she has told this to. She panics when Zach tells her that the doctor is going to testify against her. He tells her that the only way to prevent it is for her to go and tell the judge that Emma needs to be with Ryan.


Erica stops by to see Adam and is informed by Colby that he has locked himself in the library because Babe and JR moved to San Diego with Little A. Erica finds Adam in Little A's room and tries to console him. She offers to help him get all the stuff packed up so that they can get on with their evening. Erica storms off when Adam implies that she cares about who Jackson is hanging out with. Adam chases her downstairs and she heads for the door. When she opens it up, there is Jackson and Carmen. Adam scolds Carmen for being gone so long and rushes upstairs to change for dinner with Erica. Erica fills Jackson and Carmen in on the latest with JR and Babe moving. Carmen leaves and Jackson demands to know why Erica is having dinner with Adam. She reminds him that it is none of his business what she does. Jackson leaves and Erica tells Adam that it is okay for him to miss JR. While on the subject of children, Adam takes this chance to make certain that Erica knows that Kendall is a wreck right now and will never live up to the beautiful Erica Kane!

Angie bumps into Natalia in the hallway and introduces herself. She jokes around with her about having to wait for a man when she looks like that. Jesse walks up and Angie introduces the two of them. After an awkward moment, Jesse rushes Angie to the elevator. Frankie runs into Natalia as he carries a box upstairs. She asks him if she can use the bathroom while she waits on a locksmith to let her into her apartment. The two shake hands formally introducing themselves to one another. She asks questions about his parents as she looks at a picture of their wedding day. Her phone rings and it is Jesse reminding her that his place is off limits!


Greenlee wants to know how Aidan could do this to her. Aidan tells her that she could never stop thinking about Ryan. He accuses her of still being in love with Ryan and not him. She explains that it was Amanda and Jake who he heard through the earrings. She declares that it is the risk he took when he chose to bug his wife! Aidan tells her that he needed proof that what she was telling him was true. Greenlee reminds him that if anyone should have trust issues, it is her! Greenlee can’t believe that all of this has happened in two short months. Greenlee says that the truth is that she is not sleeping with Ryan. He says that may be, but he now knows that she is really in love with Ryan. She tells him that he is obviously going to believe whatever he wants and walks out.

Jesse and Natlia meet on the pier. She tells him the deal is off. Natlia tells Jesse that her mom is not happy and that she needs her help. She begs him to come home! He insists that it would make everything worse, but she says that it can’t get much worse. She asks her dad to do it for her! She can’t lose her mom after just losing him. Jesse reminds her that her mom is a strong woman. She says that things have changed with her since he left. Natlia tells him that she will not eat or even leave the house. She confesses that she didn’t come here to make things hard, but that they need him. She suggests that he tell Angie the truth and that she will understand if she really loves him. Angie arrives back home and tells Frankie to get going because she has something special planned for Jesse tonight. She changes into something sexy, lights candles and sips on some wine.


It’s time for the hearing to begin. Annie thinks about what Zach has said to do, but fears that she can’t trust him either and has no assurance that he will keep her secret. Annie stands up and announces that she has something to say. She tells the judge that there are things going on in her life right now that will prevent her from providing Emma from having a stable home environment. She cries and says that Emma will be better off living with her father. Doctor Price follows her out of the courtroom and congratulates her for doing the right thing. Ryan and Kendal hang around and can’t believe that she did this. Emma and Ryan have a reunion as Annie looks on. Annie comes over and informs Emma of the new living arrangements. She kisses her daughter goodbye before leaving. Kendall puts it all together that Zach was working on Annie today. Greenlee shows up and congratulates them on how it all worked out. Kendall notices Annie getting upset and tries to make her understand that Ryan will take good care of Emma. Annie rushes over and wants to know if Greenlee is after her daughter now!

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Greenlee tells Kendall her marriage is over!

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