Doesn't Anyone Knock?

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Colby catches Adam and Erica in a clinch, Petey eavesdrops on Opal and Erica, Annie tells Kendall she is the crazy one, Zach and Kendall make up and Greenlee tells Ryan to stay away from her!

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Colby opens the door to the sitting room and is shocked to find Adam and Erica kissing! She runs back upstairs. Erica tells Adam she needs a warning that they aren't alone next time. He leans in for another kiss. She pulls away and says the moment is gone. She thanks him for a wonderful date and walks out. Colby returns a few minutes later and asks Adam if he really likes Erica; Adam insists it was just a meaningless kiss. She doesn't believe him. Adam begins to obsess about Carmen's dusting abilities. Colby says it must have been some kiss.


Annie arrives at Kendall and Zach's. Kendall turns on Zach but Annie says this was her idea. Kendall goes on about stability and Annie interrupts, asking if Greenlee is part of Kendall's stability plan. Kendall ignores Annie and tries to influence Zach but Zach says Emma needs her mother. Kendall goes to the kids' room. Annie tells Zach that she feels like someone is watching her but says no one else has seen anything. Kendall returns with Emma. Zach pulls Kendall away so Annie can have space with Emma. She tells Zach that Annie can't be trusted but he says Annie deserves a break. On the sofa, Emma says she wants to go home; Annie says she'll be home soon. Zach takes Emma to bed and promises a bedtime story. Annie turns to Kendall and thanks her for caring for Emma. "Oh, save it, Annie!" Kendall says; she says she did this for Ryan, not Annie! Annie says Kendall is the one who needs help because she can't stop interfering in other people's lives; she says Kendall is using Ryan's problems so she can ignore her own! She leaves. Zach returns and kisses Kendall passionately. He says he only wants to be with her. "But sometimes you're not," she says. Zach says he is always right there with her and kisses her again.

Taylor is shocked that Amanda is wearing Brot's camo jacket. Amanda sees her and apologizes but Taylor goes off on her, telling her that she is disrespecting the military! She leaves. Jake takes a closer look at the jacket and realizes why Taylor exploded; he tells Amanda who is horrified. She wants to go after Taylor but Jake says he should do it. Amanda finally agrees to stay and wait for Taylor to come home. Jake promises they'll finish their celebration later. Amanda kisses him.


Angie arrives at Frankie's just after Randi accepts his roommate proposal. She has a bag of things for Frankie, who implies that he knows how to take care of himself. Angie brings up roommates and Frankie is about to tell her about Randi when Randi interrupts and asks for decorating advice. With Angie distracted, Randi says she can't move in and walks out. Angie returns and asks where she went. Frankie turns on Angie and asks why she didn't call before she stopped by. Angie tells him not to take his issues or Randi's issues out on her! "This is about you," Frankie says! Angie admits she still sees him as her baby and apologizes for not giving him space. She says she'll try to do better if he tries to understand that she only wants what is best for him.


Greenlee and Aidan arrive at ConFusion and see Ryan. He invites them to join him for a drink; they tell him that Annie dropped the divorce bombshell. He thanks Greens for bailing him out and then looks guiltily at Aidan, who says he already knows everything because Greens doesn't keep secrets from him. Ryan wishes Annie was the same way but says he is thankful for good friends. Greenlee cuts him off. She says Aidan was right and she can't be friends with him any longer! "You pushed me away and I'm staying away," she says. Ryan objects but she remains firm. She says Ryan should turn to Jack with his legal issues or talk to Tad or Kendall when he needs a friend and stay away from her. Ryan pays for his drinks and leaves. Aidan says she didn't have to do that for him; she says she did it for them.


Erica arrives at Opal's to find her still out of sorts because of the Tarot reading for Babe and Krystal. She tells Erica about it and then says the reading wasn't just about those women - it was about the whole town. Petey returns home and eavesdrops. Erica says she can feel the change and that must be why she kissed Adam! Opal can't believe it; Erica tells her not to worry because she is really just spying on Adam! She insists she is in complete control but Opal doesn't believe her. Petey knocks over a glass and then meows so Opal won't be suspicious. She tries to find the cat but can't and when she returns to the sitting room, realizes that Erica is daydreaming about kissing Adam!


Randi runs into Carmen at ConFusion and tells her about Frankie's invitation. She admits she is afraid of intimacy with Frankie. Carmen blames herself for Randi's prostitution. Randi says it is all in the past but admits that because of the past she isn't sure how to move forward with Frankie. Carmen tells Randi not to be afraid of falling in love; Randi says distance is better than getting her heart stomped on. "Everybody leaves," Randi says but Carmen disagrees with her and says Frankie is one of those rare people who stick around.

Petey goes to the Chandler mansion and sees Colby. He asks about Adam and Colby wonders why Petey wants to see her dad. He tells her what he overheard at Opal's and they discuss the kiss. Petey says kissing is a very intimate thing and always means something. Colby says kisses aren't that important - and kisses him! She pulls back, sighs and asks what she was thinking with that kiss. Petey says she was trying to make a point but wound up being surprised at how much she liked kissing him. Colby pretends he is wrong. Adam returns and Petey tells him about what he overheard. He leaves. Adam goes to the terrace and stars at the sky. He touches his fingers to his mouth.


Jake finds Taylor at the cabin. She says she likes the not-completely-silent-quietness of it and apologizes for flipping out at the yacht. He says he explained and she feels awful about what happened. Jake apologizes for not noticing the name on the jacket; Taylor says it wasn't his fault. Taylor starts to get anxious and talks about the therapist. Jake says the therapist might be able to help her work through the issues she has so she can be a better soldier. Taylor says the war doesn't cause her anxiety - losing Brot and missing Brot does! Jake reaches out to her.

Randi returns to the apartment and tells Frankie she wants to move in.

Annie arrives at the Chandler mansion and thinks she hears a noise in the sitting room. She goes to investigate and someone sneaks up behind her!

Next on All My Children:

Babe and JR wonder if Annie is losing it.

Opal warns Krystal and Erica to be very careful.

Ryan and Greenlee can't stop thinking of one another.

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