Annie's Got A Gun!

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Ryan finds Annie's gun, Annie saves the day at the engagement party, Kendall finally sees the light, Erica overhears Adam and Annie talking about Fusion, Aidan is shocked at Greenlee's revelation and Jesse tells Angie more about his past.

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JR and Babe come back into the main room as little A starts choking! Annie jumps into action and performs the Heimlich; Kendall screams at Annie to get her hands off of little A. Zach hurries in with Angie just as little A starts breathing again. Frankie checks over little A; Carmen tells Randi she has a good man. Adam returns as the ambulance arrives but JR says it isn't needed because little A is going to be fine. JR thanks everyone for coming and pronounces the kiddo okay. The party resumes. Frankie asks Randi if she is ready to go and then leaves to make a call. Carmen tells Randi to let Frankie sweep her off her feet. Randi is afraid that she can't be the woman Frankie needs. Angie asks Krystal where Tad is; Krystal doesn't know. Petey goes to Colby, who is very upset that she didn't jump into action to save little A. She is worried that she'll freeze again sometime when she is needed. Petey reminds her that she didn't freeze at Jenny's birth. Tad returns to the party, followed by Jesse. Tad asks where he has been and Jesse lies about being at work. Tad questions him and won't let Jesse go into the main room. Jesse sidesteps his questions until Tad accuses him of having an affair! He says he overheard the cell phone conversation. Jesse lies again. Tad says he heard Jesse say, "I love you." He says Jesse has to tell Angie everything - or Tad will! Jesse will only say that he had another life for 20 years but he is committed to Angie. He says things were supposed to be over but the person in his past can't let go. Tad tells him to tell Angie.

Zach and Erica take Kendall into Adam's office and tell her off. Kendall says Annie was just trying to get back into Ryan's good graces. "A little boy was choking and you screamed at the one person who tried to save him!" Erica exclaimed. Zach says this is just another sign that Kendall can't stop herself from wanting Ryan!


Adam follows Annie to the terrace and thanks her for saving little A. She says it was pure luck. Ryan comes to the terrace and confronts Annie about the gun! She swears she doesn't know why the gun was in the room but Ryan doesn't believe her. Kendall, Erica and Zach come out; Kendall jumps on Ryan's side as Zach and Erica try to keep the peace. Ryan asks for the truth and Kendall says Annie isn't capable of telling the truth! Adam says the gun is his and he put it there! The men want to know why the gun wasn't in the safe; Adam says the safe is too hard to get into. He says he put guns all over the house to protect Babe and the rest of his family. He says he must have forgotten that the gun was there. Kendall says leaving guns lying around is stupid when there are kids in the house. Zach gives Adam the gun and he goes back inside. "Satisfied?" Annie asks. Ryan says he wants Emma out of the house! Annie says he can't take Emma. Kendall butts in, saying Ryan has every right to take his daughter. Annie accuses him of blaming her for the miscarriage and punishing her because of it. Kendall keeps butting in. Zach interrupts and tells everyone to cool off and they'll talk about it in the morning. Kendall backs up her husband. Ryan leaves with them.

Back at the party, JR tells Adam to get rid of all the guns - or lose all of them! He and Babe storm off. Krystal catches up with Tad and asks about Jesse. Tad says Jesse is in a tough situation but he is going to tell Angie everything. Adam catches up with Annie and says he knows she put the gun in her room. Annie says Kendall must have done it! Adam doesn't believe her. He says Kendall needs to be distracted for their Fusion plan to work; Erica walks in and asks why they are talking about Fusion. Annie says they were singing Babe's praises. Adam goes on and on about the preliminary numbers from Bella and then tells Erica they should return to their date. Annie walks out. Adam asks how he can make their broken date up to her. She tells him to call her.


Babe and JR are talking on the terrace. Babe can't stop thinking about the choking incident and says she doesn't know what she would do if anything happened to him or their family. JR feels the same way. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him - again! - this time with the ring.


Angie arrives at home to find Jesse on the couch. Jesse tells her to sit down because they have to talk. He tells her how messed up his life was at first after he disappeared. He says he once met a woman who came to mean a lot to him and now the woman is calling him. "She wants me to come back," he says but swears he isn't leaving Angie. He says he ended things with this woman long, long ago and apologizes for not telling her sooner. Angie asks where this woman is but Jesse won't say. Angie says things will be okay and tells him she loves him. He kisses her.

Frankie takes Randi to the Fusion roof, where he has a romantic dinner for two set up. Randi is impressed. They kiss but when Frankie starts caressing her arms, she pulls back. "I can't!" she cries. She says she doesn't know how to make love because she's only had sex for money. Frankie says he doesn't care about her past.


Zach takes Kendall and Ryan home. She grabs the phone to call Jack but Zach stops her. She tells Ryan he has to press charges; Zach argues with Kendall, telling her to back off. Ryan tells her the same thing and goes to see Spike. Zach tries to talk to Kendall. She says he is absolutely right - she can't stop meddling in people's lives and ruining her own! She apologizes. He wonders why Ryan was the only one who could show him that!

Ryan returns to the Chandler mansion and lies down with Emma, promising to keep her safe. He grabs Emma and heads for the door but Annie sees them and screams at him to stop. JR and Babe come in but Ryan won't back down.


Aidan listens as Greenlee goes on and on about having Ryan's baby. She even calls him Ryan! Aidan tells her who he is and where they are; she says she feels sick. A doctor comes and says she is having a reaction to shellfish from the plane and gives her some medication. When he is gone, Greenlee asks what she said but Aidan won't say. He turns off the lights and then stares into the night. Greenlee dreams that Aidan finally comes to bed and says he knows she doesn't love him like she loves Ryan. "I'm sorry," she says as Aidan says this is all his fault. He kisses her, says goodbye and walks out! Next, she wakes and goes to him, asking what she can do. He says she has to get Ryan out of her head. She says her dream now is to live with him in their big house with enough kids for a soccer team. Aidan comes back to the bed and accuses her of not loving him. She swears Ryan is just a friend but Aidan doesn't believe her any more. He calls her a liar! Greenlee finally wakes and finds Aidan sitting in the chair, staring outside. She goes to him and hugs him. She says saying Ryan's name was Kendall's fault because Kendall has been pushing her toward Ryan again. She swears she is in love with him and is done playing Kendall's games. Aidan brings up her history with Ryan and says he doesn't want her to forget about the past because it made her into the woman he loves. She kisses him.

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Annie is determined to get Emma back.

Greenlee can't take Annie's actions.

Babe grows suspicious of Petey and Adam.

Frankie's redeployment is postponed because of the DUI arrest.

Taylor asks Frankie for a favor.

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