An Engagement Oops!

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Erica tries to help Kendall, JR and Babe's engagement party gets underway, Greenlee says something she shouldn't have and Ryan tries to find peace with Emma.

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Ryan is sitting near the tree when Emma hurries over with Corrinna. Ryan and Emma walk around the park for a while and he tells her about butterflies. Emma runs off to catch one; Ryan shows her how to pick up a butterfly without hurting it. They let the butterfly go.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie takes a family photo from a frame and replaces it with a picture of Emma alone. Ryan brings Emma in. He apologizes for barging in on a party day; she says it is no big deal. She tells him not to be so nice to her when he says she looks great. Emma changes and asks if Ryan will stay. Annie gives her permission.

In the sitting room, Krystal and Colby are helping the staff get ready for the engagement part. Krystal tells Adam not to interfere and he asks why she keeps coming up with new reasons to see him. He walks out. Carmen comes over and tells Krystal she can see that Krystal is finally over Adam. Krystal leaves. JR comes in and demands to know what Adam is up to; Adam plays dumb and says he wants the best for his family. Babe arrives and Adam tells her that he couldn't have picked a better woman for JR!

Erica listens as Kendall gets snippy with Zach about Spike's schedule. She walks out. Erica asks Zach what is going on. "You two are so much alike it's scary," he says and walks out. Kendall returns and after Erica fills her in on Adam, accuses her of falling for him again! Erica says she has everything under control and tries to talk to Kendall about Zach but she won't talk about her husband. Instead, Kendall tells Erica to focus on Adam. Adam calls and asks Erica to be the hostess for the engagement party. Kendall tells her to do it but Erica refuses.


Greenlee and Aidan are settling in to their honeymoon suite when a strange woman knocks on the door. Greenlee is thrilled to see her! The woman gives Greenlee a quick makeover and then leaves. Greenlee lies down on the bed and asks him to read a sonnet to her. "I'm fresh out," Aidan says. Greenlee takes off the robe - she has a sonnet written all over her body! Aidan reaches out and touches her. He tells her how much he loves her. Greenlee decides to use makeup remover to get the ink off her body. In her bag she finds the bottle of Bella has spilled all over everything. Aidan says they'll make do. They are making love when Greenlee's skin begins to burn! She runs for the bathroom. Aidan helps her get the ink off but she still feels weird and says she might be pregnant! She laughs and says, "I want your baby, Ryan!"

At the police station, Angie tells Jesse that if they can get Frankie married with a baby he might not have to go to Iraq. Jesse says that won't work. They argue and his phone rings. Angie tells him to answer it but he won't. He says she has nothing to worry about, kisses her, and she leaves.

Krystal and Tad meet. She tells him about the party plans. Tad says he fears Jesse may be having an affair! She says there is no way but Tad says they can both attest to the fact that you can be married to one person and still love another!


The party gets underway. Tad questions Jake about his new relationship with Amanda. Jake calls her a kid; Tad says Amanda has been through a lot. Amanda, meanwhile, fawns over Babe's ring. Babe says it is her old one and asks if it’s a bad sign. JR spots Zach; he asks what JR is up to but JR won't say. Ryan walks in with Emma and sees Kendall. She is short with him and returns to Zach. "All that meddling and the world is still turning," she says smartly. Frankie arrives with Randi. Carmen opens the door for them and Randi tells Frankie that Carmen was her foster sister. Angie arrives and takes Frankie aside. Tad sees her arrive alone and comments on it to Krystal. They stop talking when Angie walks over and wishes them luck. When Angie walks away, Tad decides he has to do something. Jake sees Frankie and asks why he didn't say anything about going back to war but Frankie doesn't want to talk about it. Jake spots Amanda, who tells Petey where Colby just ran off to, and asks if he should be jealous. Kendall sees Annie come in and gets antsy. Annie watches Ryan play with Emma, who leads him off to see her new doll. Randi takes Carmen aside and tells her that Frankie is in love with her. Carmen thinks this is great but sees how nervous Randi is - and asks if she is a virgin!

Petey finds Adam in the drawing room and tells him Greenlee has a tainted bottle; Adam says it doesn't matter as Erica walks in. Petey makes an excuse about going to the wrong room and leaves. Adam thanks Erica for coming; she asks why he was talking about Greenlee. Adam says Greenlee has taken a shine to him; Erica walks away.

Petey finds Colby on the terrace and tells her to stop fighting her feelings! He says he can't help his geekiness, thanks to Opal and Palmer's influence, but they could still fall for each other! Petey kisses her and leaves. Colby smiles.


Back in the main room, Adam offers a toast to the happy couple. JR interrupts and makes his own toast, telling Babe how much he loves her. Frankie goes to Randi's side and puts his arm around her. Zach and Kendall watch as JR gets down on one knee and grabs a new ring box from little A - it's empty! JR isn't sure what is going on. He and Babe leave to find the ring. Jake convinces Amanda to leave with him. Carmen tells Randi not to be afraid of sex; Randi says she isn't afraid of sex because she was once a hooker! Angie and Frankie watch the women. Angie says Randi is a lovely woman. JR and Babe return but they can't find the ring. Little A begins to choke!

Tad goes to the police department to find Jesse but he isn't there!

Ryan takes Emma upstairs to find her doll. Instead of the doll, though, Ryan finds Annie's gun!

Next on All My Children:

Ryan demands to know why Annie has a gun!

Jesse opens up to Angie.

Aidan is thrown by Greenlee's revelations.

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