A Storm Is Brewing!

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Palmer grounds Petey, Tad asks Aidan for help, Ryan declares his feelings, Zach makes demands of Kendall and Erica is frightened by a storm.

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Kendall tries to skirt Zach's question by bringing up Greenlee and says he went behind her back but Zach won't bite. He asks over and over if their marriage is enough for her. Kendall says she loves him, the boys and their home. Zach says he wants an answer to his question; she asks why he doubts her but still doesn't answer. Zach asks why she doesn't want to spend time with him, alone, and why she doesn't want to talk to him about their life. Kendall turns on him. "Why don't you take your questions and accusations to Greenlee," she says, accusing him of inventing these problems. Zach quietly asks what is wrong. Kendall says the only thing wrong is that he is telling their friends about her problems. Zach says he can't reach her any other way and she defends herself, saying she isn't a Stepford wife. Zach says he didn't go to Greenlee, Greenlee came to him and is just as worried. Kendall finally sits down and says she is happy in their marriage. Zach doesn't believe her and she storms out. She hesitates at the door and thinks about going back inside but doesn't.


Opal meets Erica at the Yacht Club and promises that she'll keep Petey in line and away from Colby - and Adam! She asks about Erica's love life and is surprised to learn of Erica's impending date with Adam. Opal asks her to cancel but she won't. Erica says Adam is a great verbal sparring opponent. Adam arrives and tells Erica she is beautiful. Opal can't believe the two of them as Adam and Erica spar over jewels. She finally says something and Adam says it is amazing that Petey is normal since Palmer is a fossil and she is a fruitcake! Opal turns to go but stops at the door as Erica tells Adam she hopes he drops dead - and then smiles at him. "The apocalypse has arrived," she says sarcastically and leaves.


Ryan pulls away from Greenlee and apologizes. He blames his lapse on too much to drink. Greenlee hurries away; Ryan watches her go. He catches up to her at the door and emotionally tells her there is a void in his life without her. She tries to stop him but Ryan can't. "I am in love with you," he confesses and stops her when she tries to leave. Ryan says he has tried to stop but he always comes back to loving her. She smacks him and tells him to stop! She says she can't take this from him and she won't love him again. "I. Love. Aidan," she says and tells him to find comfort somewhere else and with someone else. Ryan turns to go; she follows him but he leaves. Kendall arrives. She asks why Greenlee is talking to Zach about Kendall's happiness. Greenlee tells her to stop pushing Ryan toward her because she doesn't want to deal with Ryan's unhappiness. "I'm married, do you get that?" Greenlee asks and says if Kendall were also happily married, she would be with Zach right now! Kendall turns on her, saying if Greenlee were really happy she would be with Aidan. Greenlee doesn't take the bait. She tells Kendall to stop pushing Ryan toward her because she wants to be with Aidan. Kendall asks why she is denying that she loves Ryan. Greens says she knows what she wants - Aidan! "You're putting Ryan's marriage ahead of your own!" Greenlee exclaims and tells Kendall to stop pushing or their friendship will end. Kendall storms off.


At the mansion, Babe and JR begin making wedding plans. He holds her and says this time their love will last. JR says he has to find the perfect diamond. A brewing storm cuts the power. JR goes to the basement to check the fuse box. Babe lights a candle - and sees someone at the window! It's just Annie. She apologizes for frightening Babe, who says her fear of the dark stems from Richie. She says she can still feel Richie around her and sometimes hears his voice. Annie tells Babe that this is part of Richie's ability to manipulate. Just then the window rattles and they see another figure outside! It's just JR; he says the power is out for a while and then tells Annie the wedding news. She watches them kiss. Babe leads JR upstairs. Wind blows out a candle as Annie watches. She hears Richie's voice telling her to stop acting like the victim. She runs outside and screams at Richie to leave her alone. She returns inside; someone watches her.


Tad brings bags of food to Aidan's and asks him to steal Jesse's phone records! Aidan doesn't want to do it. Tad tells him about Jesse's weird actions and the strange phone calls lately. "It's like he's seeing ghosts," Tad says. Aidan agrees to help him. He suggests that Jesse is having an affair, which sets Tad off. He says Jesse wouldn't do that and insists that Jesse's weird actions must be related to Frankie and Iraq. He leaves. Greenlee arrives home and finds Aidan surrounded by candles. She sits with him and tries to put Ryan out of her mind. They make love.


Over dinner, Adam questions Erica's food choices and she questions his taste in wives. He asks about Kendall and then Josh but Erica dodges his questions. She decides on the salad as a storm brews. She asks about Babe; Adam says Babe could learn a lot from Erica. Thunder cracks and Erica grabs her wrap. Adam offers to have their table moved inside; Erica turns him down. He says they could be cozied up inside before a fire. Erica talks about the salmon. Finally, she can't take the storm any longer and runs inside! Adam follows her. She admits her fear of storms. Adam says he has some irrational fears, too, like a fear of being alone.


Opal finds Palmer and Petey at home. Palmer sings Petey's praises until Opal tells him about Petey's obsession with Colby. Palmer grounds him! Petey runs upstairs. Opal worries that grounding Petey won't stop his romantic inclinations. Petey sneaks back downstairs after Palmer leaves. He watches Opal and then leaves the house. Opal brings out her Tarot cards and does a reading. She gets worried and tries to find Petey but he is gone!

Petey sneaks onto Fusion's loading docks again, cuts open one of the boxes and spikes the perfume with Blast. The storm worsens but Petey keeps working until the whole shipment is tainted. He grabs a metal pole - just as lightening strikes it!


Kendall returns home long enough to gather Spike and pack a few clothes so he can stay with Ryan. Zach asks why she is doing this. She tells him to listen for Ian and walks out. Ian cries and Zach holds him, promising that Kendall will be home soon.

Ryan arrives at the penthouse and falls asleep on the couch. Kendall walks in and settles Spike next to him. She gets them a blanket.

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Zach and Kendall talk about their marriage.

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