Blast, C-Man, Blast!

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Carmen is excited about her birthday, Dre tells Colby goodbye, Jack asks Greenlee's advice, Kendall convinces Erica to help save Fusion and Babe tells Amanda that things are going to change!

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At the Chandler mansion, Adam thinks Carmen is losing it because she is sweet-talking the furniture. Carmen says it is her birthday, she has a great guy and she is completely happy. Adam brings her down, telling her that Jack will see through her gold-digging ways. Carmen says she doesn't care about Jack's money; she cares about him.


Jack meets Greenlee at the Yacht Club and asks her advice on Carmen's gift. The conversation turns to Erica. Jack wants to avoid that subject but Greenlee plunges ahead. She says Jack never smiled as much with Erica as he is smiling now with Carmen. They decide on Carmen's gift. Jack brings up Annie. Greenlee tells him about Annie's miscarriage and says it brought back some of her own worries.


Kendall runs to Erica's to tell her about Adam's plot. "Would you please seduce him?" Kendall asks! Erica can't believe her ears. Kendall says the seduction doesn't have to include sex - unless Erica wants that. She says Erica just has to make Adam take her into his confidence so she can bring him down. Erica insists that Adam can't be after Fusion because he doesn't care about small companies. Kendall is still worried. She says Fusion is as important to her as Spike and Ian. Erica brings up her marriage but Kendall ignores that comment. She says Fusion is the most important thing to her; Erica finally decides to help her. Kendall leaves and seconds later Opal arrives with some new dresses for Erica. Opal finds one for herself but worries that Palmer won't like it. Erica says she has to move on from Palmer. She realizes one of the dresses is perfect for Carmen and Opal wonders what she is really up to. Erica loses it and vents that Carmen is sleeping with her husband. She makes fun of Carmen's accent and how she calls Erica "Super Star". She says she is using Carmen and picks out another dress. "Use me a little, I could do with a new ensemble," Opal says. Erica says this dress is hers.


Dre stops by the Chandler mansion to see Colby. They talk about Cassandra in Paris for a while and then Petey walks up. He tries to ingratiate himself with Colby but she is turned off by his geekiness and slams the door shut. She and Dre go to the terrace; Petey follows them. He places a jar of his invention on the foyer table. Hearing Colby tell Dre she is going to miss him when he hits the campaign trail with Samuel, Petey tells Dre that Colby is trying to steal him away from Cassandra. Both of them tell Petey to get lost. "Heck no I won't go," he chants and sits down. Colby storms back into the house, followed by the boys, and finds Adam doctoring a paper cut on Carmen's hand. She tells him to get rid of Petey; Petey reminds him of their agreement. He sees the jar of Blast is open and realizes Adam used it on Carmen's cut! Petey talks in riddles to let Adam know and then Carmen faints. They carry Carmen to the sitting room. Petey says this is his fault because the jar is Opal's concoction to get rid of Adam's bad side. Carmen wakes and starts babbling about birthday candles. Colby and Dre leave. Adam turns on Petey and asks why he left Blast out. Petey says he was busy wooing Colby and then checks on Carmen. Her pulse is racing and she is still babbling about birthdays. Adam says he has ruined everything and Petey leaves. Carmen starts to undress but Adam stops her. She stumbles outside. He catches Petey on the terrace and says he is going to hire his own men to disperse Blast. Petey says they can't understand the correct ratio of Blast to Bella. Adam takes the concoction and calls his men. Petey grabs the bottle off the side table and sneaks away.

Opal spots Jack on her way out of the Yacht Club and tells him to just go after Erica and stop waiting around for Erica to notice him. Jack says he is over Erica and that he likes Carmen a lot. Opal isn't sure she should believe him. Jack says it is time that Erica moved on.


Erica arrives at the manse as Colby is saying goodbye to Dre. Dre thanks Erica for helping his father during the hit-and-run fiasco. Erica asks about Carmen. Colby says she is acting strangely because of a paper cut. Erica goes inside. Colby follows Erica inside and they both see Carmen, soaking wet, in the sitting room with Adam. Carmen says she was burning up and jumped in the pool to cool off. Colby is weirded out and leaves. Erica gives Carmen her birthday present, making her cry. "This is the best day of my life," she cries as Adam walks out, too. Carmen is going on and on about Erica's friendship when Jack arrives and sets her off on another 'life is wonderful' tangent. She tries on the dress, which was supposed to be frumpy but actually looks good, and then Jack gives her another gift. They leave. Erica is sad but then Adam heads inside and she puts her seduction plans in action by bending over. Adam slaps her rear end and she pretends to be offended.


Babe and Amanda go to the loading dock to accept the first Bella shipment. They are both very excited but wonder where Kendall and Greenlee are. Babe decides it doesn't matter because Bella is their baby. They escort the shipment upstairs and Babe says Kendall and Greens are about to get a wake-up call! Kendall and Greenlee finally arrive at work. Babe and Amanda offer them a toast but Kendall is still in her Gloomy Gus mood and says they need to be professionals. Greenlee sticks up for Babe and Amanda again but Amanda and Babe are tired of Kendall's negativity and turn away from the other women. Greenlee turns on Kendall, telling her to be supportive. Kendall says she has done more for Fusion than anyone else! They sit down to work and Kendall gets snippy with Greenlee's quietness. Greenlee says they aren't stepsiblings any longer because Jack has moved on from Erica. Kendall asks why Greenlee isn't raking her over the coals. Greens says everyone deserves a break. She says she talked to Zach and they are both worried about her. Kendall can't believe they were talking about her. Greenlee tells her to stop trying to fix everyone and just be Kendall. She offers to listen. Kendall says she is just trying to make their friends' lives better and that Greenlee and Zach just don't understand her. She asks why Greenlee isn't helping her fix their lives. Greens says she has to let some stuff go. Kendall doesn't like that and walks off. Greenlee gets to work and again Kendall can't stand the quietness. Greenlee says the only talking she wants to hear is an apology from Kendall; Kendall says she won't apologize because Greenlee is the one butting in. Unable to hold it in any longer, she tells Greenlee about Adam's take over plans. She says she saved Fusion all by herself because Greenlee wouldn't answer her phone. They argue and Kendall says Erica is going to fix everything. Greenlee can't believe it and says Erica will ruin everything. Kendall says she is just jealous because she is in love and isn't good at conniving any longer. "Aren't you in love?" Greenlee asks!


Petey goes to Fusion and waits at the loading dock until the workers disappear. Adam calls and asks where Blast is. Petey says he is finishing the job and hangs up on Adam. Adam calls back a second later but Petey turns off his phone. He manages to get one of the boxes open but then Amanda catches him!

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