Kendall Defies Zach!

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Josh turns to Erica, Annie gives Petey dating advice, Kendall refuses to go along with Zach, Angie tries to convince Frankie not to redeploy and Taylor has a war flashback.

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Jesse arrives at the hospital as Angie and Frankie are arguing about his return to Iraq. Frankie refuses to listen to Angie and leaves to check on a patient. Jesse tries to keep Angie calm, telling her that they will have time to adjust and that they have to trust Frankie. She refuses. She says she is through waiting for another soldier to tell her that her son is dead. Crying, she says this is Jesse's fault because he returned to police work! She storms out. A while later, they bump into one another and Jesse offers his shoulder. She is much calmer now but still doesn't want Frankie to redeploy. She asks where he has been all day; Jesse thinks about the phone call he made and says they have to talk.

Frankie barges in on Taylor and scares her. When he tells her about the redeployment she is overjoyed for him. Taylor doesn't understand why Frankie doesn't want to redeploy. Frankie says he has a life in Pine Valley; Taylor can't believe him. He leaves. Taylor flashes back to the attack when Brot was injured.


At Erica's, Josh says Zach is off the deep end. He says Zach wants to kill him because of his relationship with Hannah and the fact that Greg Madden raised him. Erica is shocked and doesn't believe him at first but the more Josh talks, the more she doubts Zach. Josh drops the bomb: that Zach is framing him for embezzlement. She asks if he took any money. Calling her mom, Josh swears he is innocent. Erica decides to go to see Zach; Josh tries to stop her but she insists on going. Josh says he just needs to get out of town so Zach can calm down; he asks for money. Erica refuses; Josh begs her, saying that he can't stay. She leaves but tells him to stay. Josh waits for a moment and then tries to break into her safe!


At Cambias, Kendall tells Zach how wrong he is to go after Josh this way. She says Josh is messed up because of Greg and he should be given some leeway. Zach says Josh being raised by Greg doesn't make it right for him to steal from them. Kendall says he is family; she doesn't understand why he can forgive Hannah but he can't forgive Josh. Zach says he accepted Josh as his brother but that stealing $20 million is something that can't be forgiven. Kendall realizes that Josh has broken Zach's trust - and his heart! Zach starts making business calls about Josh as Kendall keeps harping on him to forgive Josh and let him off the hook. Zach says he isn't a Kane. This angers Kendall, who says he forgave Greenlee and Ryan and everyone has forgiven her for her misdeeds. Zach tells her forgiveness isn't enough this time and tells her to go home. She won't. He says more talking isn't going to solve this. "It's done!" he yells. She walks out, slamming the door. One of the goons reports in that they haven't found Josh. Erica arrives and asks what is really going on. Zach says Josh embezzled money and he'll pay for it. Erica can't believe he is going to take on the entire Kane family. He says he can't leave Josh in his job - or in Pine Valley - after he stole from the company and the family. He says this is no different than when Erica wanted Josh out of the picture after he tried to ruin her at New Beginnings. She begs him not to do anything against the family. Zach says Josh is no longer his family. Erica begs him to reconsider getting rid of Josh. Zach tells her to stop feeling guilty about Josh and using that guilt to overprotect him. She says he is going to destroy is relationship with Kendall. Zach refuses to listen to her any longer.


Kendall walks into Erica's suite as Josh takes an envelope of cash from the safe. She tells him to trust her to take care of things and keep Zach in line. Josh says Zach is crazy and turns on her, telling her that being her babysitter wasn't enough of a family connection for him. She nearly calls him a mistake but stops; Josh knows what she was going to say, though, and says he is the only family he needs. "The guy who shouldn't exist just wanted to go somewhere that no one knew him," Josh says. He says he stopped being a person and started being an accessory for the Kane's as soon as they found out about the un-abortion. He asks what she is going to do. She calls Ryan, who is about to go for a motorcycle ride, and asks for help. When he arrives, Kendall asks Ryan to help Josh disappear! Josh tells her to stop but she won't give in. Ryan says he can't do it and Josh goes off on a tangent about Kendall using Ryan to slow Josh down. Ryan says he needs help from Tad; Josh refuses. Kendall suggests Aidan and when Josh tells her she isn't helping she says she could just leave him hanging in the wind.


Annie goes to her room, upset because of Ryan. Richie appears and starts teasing her about how she is going to try to kill Greenlee. Annie tells him to shut up but Richie won't stop talking. He suggests poisoning but she turns that down. He suggests hiring a hit man but she doesn't like that either. He suggests "accidental" electrocution but Annie doesn't like that thought either. She decides to stage a burglary and make it look like Greenlee was killed by an intruder. Richie says she can't overpower Aidan and asks about her alibi. Annie says she'll handle it.


Petey tosses rocks at Colby's window but she doesn't come down. Annie comes to the terrace and he hides from her again. Annie takes off her robe and stands naked for a few minutes before jumping in the pool. When Annie exits the pool, she spots Petey who tries to make it seem natural for him to be hanging around the bushes. She tells him to stop explaining and just talk. Petey is certain that Colby could fall for him if she would just forget about is geekiness. Annie knows how he feels and advises Petey to keep fighting for Colby! She gives him a mini-makeover, starting with losing his glasses. He says he can't see anything without them and can't wear contacts. Annie says no glasses makes all the difference and goes inside.

Ryan and Kendall arrive at Zach's. Erica is still there. They say Josh is safe but Zach will never find him. Zach says they are making a huge mistake.

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