Annie and Adam Join Forces!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Erica gives Ryan and Kendall advice, Annie moves into the Chandler manse, JR encourages Babe, Kathy is still angry with Krystal and Amanda makes an executive decision about Bella.

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Erica runs into Ryan at the beach club. He tells her about Annie and says he may never have loved her; he says he is still in love with Greenlee. Erica pities Aidan and says that Ryan is a great man and could win Greens back if he wanted. Ryan isn't sure what he wants but is obviously torn up about how he has treated Annie.

Randi excitedly tells Amanda about the party plans coming together. Amanda is nervous since she is betting her entire fortune on the plan. Kendall arrives and tells them again what a terrible idea this is and basically poo-poos any positive energy they try to build. Babe arrives. Kendall wonders where Annie is and Babe tells her. Babe gets angry when she sees the new ad copy - one featuring Amanda and one featuring Babe! Erica arrives and offers her advice. After learning the fragrance is a "cheap and easy" perfume, she says they should go with Babe's ad. Kendall disagrees and says the men will prefer Amanda's sexed up ad. They leave. Amanda tells Babe they need to figure this out for themselves. Babe grabs her purse, tells Amanda to do what she wants and leaves. Amanda chooses her ad!


Kendall and Erica have lunch at ConFusion. Erica applauds Kendall's attempts at keeping Babe and Amanda in line by not helping with the project. Kendall is still upset about Zach and the issues with her friends. Erica tells her not to dismiss Zach's feelings when she says he'll get over her leaving him at the hotel. She says Kendall could wind up finding Zach in bed with Carmen, too! She tells Kendall everything. Kendall advises her to be honest with Jack because he won't wait for her fling with Sam to end! Erica brings up Adam and says he is the thorn in her side lately. She wonders what he is up to and so does Kendall. She tells Erica to propose to Adam!


At the Chandler manse, Annie tells Babe that she doesn't know how long she'll be staying there. She also says she won't be at work. Babe tells Annie to take her time and leaves. Adam and Annie are nervous around one another for a moment or two and then Adam brings up their plans and says this is the perfect cover for their destruction of Fusion! Carmen overhears them talking. Adam leaves and Richie appears, telling Annie that she was dumb to leave Ryan this way. Petey arrives to see Colby. She tells him to leave but he ignores her and asks about the Fusion party. Adam sees him and welcomes him over. Colby isn't sure what is going on but says she isn't going anywhere with Petey after Adam suggests they attend the party together. Annie eavesdrops. Petey tries to make Adam make Colby attend with him but she won't listen and goes back upstairs. When she is gone, Adam sends Petey away. Seconds later, Ryan arrives! In the sitting room, Annie listens as Richie tells her she may still have pull with Ryan after all. Annie agrees to see Ryan but is very cold to him. She tells him to go but before he can leave Emma runs in. Carmen follows and apologizes to Annie. They sit Emma down and tell her Ryan is moving out. Emma asks if he loves Annie and Ryan can't answer. He says all that matters is that they both love her. He leaves. Adam returns and tells Annie how sorry he is that she - and Emma - are going through this. She brings up Fusion and asks how the plans are going. Adam says all she needs to know is that things are moving forward.


JR and Adam talk in JR's office. JR tells Adam about Babe's new fragrance and says that is their best option in gaining control because the retailers will back Babe and turn away from Kendall and Greenlee. JR is surprised that Adam agrees with him. Babe returns home very upset because of Amanda's ad decision. She tells JR how upset she is and he tries to calm her down by reminding her that her idea is the big deal - not the ad. He kisses her and they make love as he chants, "Bella, Bella, Bella," to her.


Krystal and Kathy are working on a project at the house when Tad walks in and plays along with them. Angie arrives and distracts Krystal with her family problems while Tad and Kathy play with the dollhouse. Kathy says she lost the mommy doll when Tad asks where it is. Angie and Krystal return downstairs. Angie tells her how strange Jesse has been about the past. She wonders if she should push him to tell her and decides if she doesn't know there will always be space in their relationship. Krystal advises her to give Jesse time. They make lunch but Kathy hates the way Krystal cut her favorite sandwich and storms off. Angie leaves a few minutes later; Tad walks her out. On the porch, Angie tells Tad that Kathy will come around. She leaves and Tad finds the mommy doll in the bushes with its head cut off! Back inside, Krystal hangs a drop cloth to begin painting. Kathy sees her and pushes the ladder!

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