Who Loves You More?

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Erica presses Jack, Greenlee and Kendall confront Ryan, Annie goes to Adam for help, Dre and Cassandra realize their plan is flawed and Opal isn't sure what to think.

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In her bedroom, Dre tells Cassandra that they can make it on their own. She is excited but scared about their plans because Dre will be skipping out on his bail. Dre says they'll manage and that his father will be fine. Cassandra prepares herself and then goes to talk to Angie and Jesse. She thanks them for being there for her and then says Dre will take her to the airport. Jesse says he'll make sure Dre isn't convicted of Richie's murder. He gives Cassandra a family portrait and hugs her. Angie breaks down. Cass says she won't be gone forever but Angie feels like this goodbye is permanent. They each say, "I love you," and then Cassandra returns to her room. She sees Dre at the window and breaks down. She says she can't leave her family like this but then tries to convince herself that Angie will survive. Dre takes the portrait and says she can't leave her family and he has to trust his father. She says Jesse is on his side, too. They hug.


Carmen has finished her shopping expedition and arrives at the mansion as Annie arrives. She ignores Adam and Annie. Adam asks what Annie really wants. She says she wants to help him destroy Fusion - and Kendall and Greenlee in the process. They go into the sitting room and Annie gives Carmen fashion advice. When she leaves, Annie tells Adam she is pregnant and he laughs at her. She says she got the information about the take-over from JR and hands him a folder of Fusion information. She says she'll keep his secrets! The folder has a lot of Fusion account information, which Annie says is more than enough for Adam to really start undermining the company. Carmen interrupts, asking Adam for his opinion on her outfit. He says she looks great and when she says they'll be at the Yacht Club, offers one of his cars to her. He returns to Annie and asks why she is doing this.


Erica calls Jack. When he stops by, she brings up Carmen. She says she doesn't want Carmen to be hurt by Jack. He turns to go but Erica stops him by bringing up Carmen's past. She insinuates that Carmen dating anyone could badly affect her retrial. Jack says Carmen's romantic past is no more a detriment than Erica's own! He says she isn't being a good friend. Adam calls to ask her to dinner. Erica accepts. Jack asks who called but then backtracks and says it is none of his business - just like him dating Carmen is none of hers. He leaves as Opal arrives. She asks what is going on and Erica says she and Jack are finished. Opal isn't so sure that is true but Erica insists it is. She leaves as Adam arrives. Erica asks where they are going and he says downstairs on the terrace.


Jack escorts Carmen to their table. Opal sees them and says, "What is the world coming to?" and backs away. Jack and Carmen continue their date, not having seen her. She asks about Greenlee and Jack says she is happy. Erica and Adam arrive for their date. He pretends to be surprised to see Jack and Carmen as Erica pretends not to care that they are there together. She says she doesn't care about their date and turns to go, saying she sees through Adam's scam. He grabs her and says if she is really fine she should prove it! Jack sees them. Carmen sees them, too, and decides Jack is using her to make Erica jealous. "Let's make your plan really work," she says and kisses him!


Kendall and Greenlee watch as Ryan reads the letter; it's the vasectomy letter! Ryan realizes Annie knew his vasectomy never happened and that she planned the pregnancy from the beginning! They try to comfort him; Ryan pours a stiff drink. They keep talking badly about Annie and her deceit and how much they love him, even though - according to them! - Annie doesn't love him. Ryan asks why they are doing this to him! They tell him they love him and this is his chance to get rid of nutty Annie and get on with his life. He says he won't leave another wife and child and then says what Annie didn't isn't that different from what both Kendall and Greens have done in the past. He asks how they would have coped if either Zach or Aidan had forgotten them completely. They insist there is no comparison but Ryan won't listen. Frustrated, Kendall leaves. Greens sits down with him and says she is just worried. She says she doesn't understand Kendall but he can't ignore what Annie did. He says he'll be happy again someday; she says he shouldn't have to try to be happy. He says she is keeping him from being happy! She is hurt. He says they are all pressuring him too much by asking him how he's feeling and how he's coping. She says he can have everything he wants but Ryan isn't so sure. She begs him to try. Annie arrives soon after Greenlee leaves and immediately starts in on him. Ryan doesn't take her act and shows her the letter!


At ConFusion, Greenlee confronts Kendall about leaving her alone at the penthouse. She says they have to butt out but Kendall refuses to do so. Greens says Ryan loves his family and Kendall blurts out that Ryan is still in love with her!

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