Spy Games!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Annie tries to influence Babe and Amanda, Kendall and Greenlee start spying again, Annie decides to join Adam's plot, Jake and Amanda have their date and Carmen gives Adam much-needed ammunition.

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At BJ's, Frankie dodges Randi's questions about her friend. Jesse walks in and Frankie says this is a great opportunity. Randi doesn't want to talk to Jesse about her new start but Frankie insists. When he sits down, Frankie tells him what great strides Randi is making; Jesse says this is a great opportunity to get to know the real Randi and offers to buy them dinner. As they eat, they talk about Randi's job. Jesse is very interested when she says Annie just quit. He leaves a little while later. Randi asks Frankie what this dinner meeting was really about. He says he was just trying to help. She brings up Fusion and her insecurities about the job because of Kendall and the modeling ideas. He says she'll be fine.


Amanda meets Jake at ConFusion dressed in the pirate costume. She has added a talking toy parrot to the get-up, which makes Jake laugh. He goes to get drinks and Annie sits down. She tells Amanda that they should all mutiny and start their own cosmetics company since they're doing all of Kendall and Greenlee's work anyway! Amanda tells Annie she is on a date and doesn't want to talk business but Annie pushes the matter. Amanda makes the parrot tell Annie to back off. Jake returns and Annie leaves; he asks about her and Amanda tells him about the day. He says Annie's weirdness is understandable considering the stress her brother put her under. They chat about childhood foibles and laugh a lot. Jake says he's rusty at dating but he's having a good time; Amanda says she is having a great time, too. She asks him to stick around for some dancing but Jake has to go look at a new apartment. He says they'll do this again soon. They leave together.


In the bathroom, Annie splashes her face with water and Richie appears. He tells her she has to take action before someone else does. Annie tells him to go away but Richie keeps pressing her to take action. Annie returns to the bar but doesn't notice Jesse watching her. When she leaves, he follows.

Kendall is at ConFusion when a waiter stops by and sees the key. He says it looks like a post office box key, which gives her an idea.


Greenlee and Aidan are sharing a workout at the health club when Ryan arrives. Aidan invites Ryan to join them. Kendall walks in and takes Greenlee aside. She shows her the key and says she did a little investigative work and found that there are only a couple of shipping places that have keys like this. Greenlee doesn't want to but Kendall convinces her to help investigate and they leave the club. Aidan and Ryan continue their workout. He questions Aidan about future plans and Aidan says they are concentrating on the moment and he is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his work life. Ryan starts talking about his life, wondering what to do about Annie. He leaves.

Kendall and Greenlee finally get to the last packaging store and Kendall finds a locker with the same number the key has. She opens it and finds an envelope.


After making love, JR and Babe are enjoying the afterglow when Adam barges in and tells JR they have to get to work. JR tells him to get out and he doesn't have a chance to tell Babe about their plans. When he is gone, JR and Babe talk about their future. They sneak out of the mansion, barely avoiding Adam who is talking to Barry about his plans. Carmen begins vacuuming, annoying Adam. When she finishes she starts sneezing. She realizes that Adam's new cologne - which Colby purchased from Fusion - is making Carmen ill. "This is it!" he exclaims. Carmen goes to take some medication and then asks for the rest of the night off. Adam accuses her of corporate espionage and demands to know where she is going. She says she is seeing Jack, which interests Adam a lot. He gives her a wad of cash, tells her to buy a few new things and have fun. When Carmen questions his generosity, Adam says the money is really because her allergy helped him with a big problem. Carmen leaves.

JR and Babe arrive at ConFusion for dinner. She asks what Adam was babbling about at the mansion. JR covers. Annie stops by. She says she just reached her limit with Kendall and asks Babe if they can talk. Babe offers to do lunch but Annie plunges ahead. She says Kendall and Greenlee are out of control. JR interrupts and says this is a conversation for later. Annie sadly leaves. Before Babe can question JR further, Adam calls. JR tries to get rid of him but Adam keep pushing him to talk until JR hangs up on him. Babe is even more concerned and asks if this is about Fusion! JR admits it is. She says Adam could ruin everything but won't commit to the plan. Babe goes to the bathroom. Adam calls back and tells JR to listen or lose out! As they talk, Annie stops and listens. She wonders what is going on with the Chandler's and leaves. Babe comes back to the table and says she has made her decision - and she is going to take over Fusion. She says they have to follow her plan, though, not Adam's!

Dre and Cassandra go to the Hubbard apartment to pack. He has decided to go along but only packs a lamp. She says her parents have no idea what they have planned.

At the hospital, Frankie considers stealing the drugs for Fletcher but then turns away from the locker.

Annie arrives at the Chandler Manse and offers to help Adam!

Ryan gets out of the shower and finds Kendall and Greenlee at his door, with the letter from Annie's PO Box.

Next on All My Children:

Ryan is stunned to read the letter - which is proof that Annie knew about the botched vasectomy all along!

Kendall tells Greenlee Ryan still loves her.

Ryan makes a big decision.

Annie wants in on Adam's takeover plot.

Adam invites Erica to dinner to see if she is bother by Jack and Carmen's date.

Cassandra and Dre make plans to run away.

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